Leah Quinn

Leah Quinn

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Sexy Songstress Sings Cleverly Crafted Tunes. Leah Quinn's songs ring with a jazzy folk twist. Uniquely styled rythms make for a wonderfully trippy and upbeat sound for all to enjoy and make smile.


Told by many, there's a Janice Joplin quality to Leah's sexy and sultry singing voice while her smart and satirical lyrics remind her fans and people of early Dylan or Robert Hunter.

Many of her professional musician friends have labeled Leah's guitar plucking style simply the "LalalaLeah Style" of guitar playing. This initially worried her when she starting playing 10 years ago, but was continually assured not to worry and keep to her frets and to learn that some people try their very best to create their own sound, but end up sounding like everyone else.

She learned guitar on her own while only taking a couple of lessons from friends and asking them to let her know what in the world was she doing on the guitar so she could understand it herself.

And though she writes and plays piano for more than 2 decades, her real gift is on the guitar, unless she's blowing into her harmonica.

She had a harmonica since she was five and would pick it up every few years with no real interest until a friend of hers said, "You should try singing with a guitar." She got the harmonica brace and she still surprises people with the comfort level she seems to show when playing guitar and harmonica simultaneously - easy as if she's just brushing her hair.

What's also great about Leah is that her songs are different from one another, unlike other bands. And though there are love themes in her songs you will also hear many songs showing her concern for America and World Peace such as her song titled" Make Love Not War" or "Freedom Ambassador".

She has many influences young and old to real root music. Her faves though are Hendrix, Dylan, Marley, Joni Mitchell, Led Zep, Young, and Janice Joplin just to name a few.


Make Love Not War

Written By: Leah Quinn

Make love no not war
What are we on this earth created for?
You heard it before and I'll tell you more
Make love not war

So many people just don't get it
The trash, nuclear waste and arms are sitting on the same one planet
People have been preaching for years about peace in Tibet
Sisters and brothers, let's help everyone not forget (- to chorus)

We are really just sharing the same one precious land
Just so many people don't know what they have and when it's gone, what they had.
Really, we really got to reach out and give a hand.
Sisters and brothers, let's help everyone else understand (- to chorus)

We really need to know so much about the animals, trees and seas
We really will be nothing, if we don't even have one of these.
Don't you know its takes more than just asking please?
We won't exist if we don't have any peace. (- to chorus)

Not even consider this thing called war.
Don't you know so many of us of has tried that before?
We are just sharing the same one precious land.
Oh, let me tell you, Peace is what we really should dare. (- to chorus)

Make love no not war
Why are we on this earth created for?
Yes, you've heard it before and I'll tell you more,
Make love, no not war.

Make loveā€¦make love.


Released several CD's on own indie label from Divaliscious Studios since 2002 and ran/streamed songs on Divaliscious Radio at live365.com

Set List

Have enough original material easily for 90 minute sets.
Song List:
Freedom Ambassador
Public Announcement Song
Make Love Not War
The Numbers 222
Learned to Let You Go
Emancipation/Free to Rock and Roll
Rockin' Horse Cafe
I'm Free
Love me Now
Changing my Chi
Set me Free
Secret Sinner
Calloway's Chair
You're not my Romeo
and many more....

Enough covers for an additional 60 minutes.
Covers will include songs by Dylan, Neil Young, Janice Joplin, Rolling Stones, Blondie and Marley to name a few.