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"Tuesday Nights with Leah Siegel"

Leah Siegel is an extremely talented NYC singer/songwriter. With whispered vocals that are very Fiona Apple in cadence and execution, her sound is bolstered by smart lyrics, unique background vocals and subdued guitar. Alternating between rock, blues and pop, she is able to transcend them all, and make each song a unique listening experience. It is small wonder she has her own residency every Tuesday night for the month of September at 9:00 in the Living Room. So, if you find yourself without anything to do for the next couple of Tuesdays, treat yourself to a completely original and sultry candy for the ears. -S. Davis,
http://www.thedelimagazine.com/ - The Deli Magazine

"Vin Scelsa, WFUV"

“The record is powerful…about a month ago producer Kim came in one Saturday and she was just so full of enthusiasm. She had wandered into some bar and you were playing. And she said, "You gotta hear this woman," and she was right! ...And now that I am experiencing you live in the studio, my mouth is hanging open as well…as soon as I heard Little Mule, I looked at Kim and I said, "Yeah you’re absolutely right." And it was goosebump time, because you don’t hear that special thing hitting you over the head immediately all that often. You know? And that’s what you got, and that’s why you’re here tonight. I've been around and I've had a lot of people on the show. Seen a lot, heard a lot – and you sound like the real deal.” - Vin Scelsa, WFUV 90.7FM

"The Weekly Dig"

RELEASE | 12.1.06

Leah Siegel
Little Mule

The approach of NYC’s relatively unknown Leah Siegel is ambitious, with its eccentric breathy melodies, unexpected time changes and unabashed gut-slashing poetry. Although Siegel’s voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Feist, her style is unique. “Sea Dragon” twists a riff from Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren,” and “Lemon” melds Television dissonance with a hint of jazz. In “The Motorcycle Song,” a gentle 3/4 lilt erupts into an epic wave of distortion under the lyric “We dared to catch the bullet of time between our teeth.” Leonard Cohen-esque acoustic songs dance the edge of melodrama, and dim Lynchian imagery haunts every corner.

David Wildman
- The Weekly Dig

"Little Mule is Leah Siegel’s new record."

Little Mule is Leah Siegel’s new record. We’ve been waiting a long time for this one. News of it being in the bag came out back in February/March and at this point the fans are rabid for it.

Little Mule has been worth the wait. This is a fantastic record in every respect. Every song is well-written and seasoned over countless performances by a professional songwriter who takes her craft seriously.

Little Mule is the best sounding local record I’ve heard this year. This is a little unfair because she didn’t exactly put it together in her bedroom. A serious of cards lined up in order to produce this record, ending with a Bob Ludwig mastering job. Every instrument has been miked and mixed with the utmost care. Acoustic guitars don’t sound nicer than this unless you’re playing a Jethro Tull record.

Little Mule showcases Siegel’s awesome band. Steve Elliot has some great guitar lines. When Siegel is strumming, he’s in the trenches laying it out there and when her wonderful finger picking is on display, he backs off. Tim Luntzel and Brian Wolfe are a fantastic rhythm section and professionals in every sense of the word.

Little Mule showcases Leah Siegel’s rock star persona. She’s already done the stripped down record. This record is meant to put her in the alpha-rocker league with Lowry and it succeeds.

Leah Siegel’s voice is in top form. If you are reading this and haven’t heard Siegel before, think of her as the lovechild of Billy Holiday and Jeff Buckley and you’re on the right track.

Little Mule is a road record. Many of the songs reference the road. The album cover has a Midwestern backdrop of open fields (with tornadoes). The arrangements make the drive from New York to Cleveland incredibly enjoyable. Siegel’s thoughtful use of imagery leaves no room for lyrical clichés and the nicest thing about this CD is that it lifts you out of your apartment and drops you down into these motorcycle dairies. New Yorkers need successful escapism like this.

Little Mule will carry Leah Siegel for a while and with any luck break her into the big time. Following it up will be the real test, however. This is an autobiographical record; the most powerful moments come road trips that actually happened and older sisters with PhDs that actually exist. Admittedly, the arachnids will always be there for Siegel. Lou Reed is one of her inspirations, however, and (thankfully) he hasn’t lived through every song he’s written. I think Siegel has what it takes to play with the big leaguers, so I’m not really worried.

Leah Siegel has the wrong picture on her website. From a shallow publicist’s perspective, anyway. I actually love the idea of a rock goddess who confuses people with a hazy-ala-Liz-Taylor press photo that makes her look like a jazz piano diva. But hopefully we’ll see some shots of her and the band soon. I mean, they are some cool looking guys! - www.jezebelmusic.com/ Ben Krieger

"Time Out New York"

"Local singer-songwriter Leah Siegel is developing a serious buzz with her solid songwriting chops, thoughtful lyrics and a voice that sounds a bit like Chan Marshall imagining how Jeff Buckley might interpret Billie Holiday.
Unquestionably one to watch."
November 2007
- Time Out New York

"All Songs Considered"

“Our next CD is by Leah Siegel…and in the spirit if full disclosure, I’ll tell you, I work with her dad. Robert Siegel is the host of All Things Considered, the show I also direct; Robert didn’t give me this CD. He wouldn’t do that. Though, I did know his daughter had made a record. I listen to most of my CD’s fairly blind, putting them in the player, and I fell in love with the opening cut to the CD, and I was surprised to see that it was Leah Siegel.
Leah Siegel is a gifted singer with a voice that can morph from a sweet warble to a harder edged growl. Little Mule is a collection of intimate and elegantly crafted songs that play like an artfully imagined diary.” - Bob Boilen, All Songs Considered, NPR


in my imperfection

I am a womanish girl
I’ve got big hips
I’m a little insecure
I tell you things straight most of the time
Then again, it’s only most of the time

(lyrics by leah siegel)

Lying in the tub, my hair fanned out in the water around me, one leg over the edge of the tub and the other propped up on the faucet, I start taking inventory. The long, pink tipped toes of my right foot still show damage from this summer’s rafting accident (one will never quite be straight), the calloused pads of my feet from wearing heels on the walk to work. I prop myself up on my elbows, sink my feet into the water and think about buying a beauty stone. A girl should have soft feet.

I fixate on my stomach, a curved dome, the silver glint of my navel ring obscured under the water, the three small appendix scars on my white skin. I pinch an inch and shrug, lying back down in the water. Then I lift and re-examine my legs – my calves, the curve of my thigh. I notice they, too are thicker than they used to be. And I remember the way they looked just last year at this time, my stomach taught and my hip bones jutting out just a bit.

I was thin. I miss that a little. But it was all I thought about. And I don't miss that one bit. My acceptance of myself was measured on the bathroom scale, counted in calories and washed down with ephedrine/caffeine cocktails. It was something of an obsession.

I sit up, watching the slight fold of my stomach and step out of the tub. Reaching for a towel, I have to smile. There’s no scale in my bathroom anymore.

I don't miss it.

- Fish Needs a Bicycle, Heather Hunter

"NY Daily News"

Battlefield medical care has improved so much that more soldiers are surviving severe injuries, but with major disabilities. Several indie talents have gotten together to record "Have You Seen My Hero?" - a compilation of wartime songs out later this year - to raise funds for the vets. For now, you can hear the incandescent Jen Chapin, Leah Siegel and producer/guitarist Scott Anderson Sunday night at the Living Room, at 154 Ludlow St., near Stanton St. Just $10, and all of it goes to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2008/01/18/2008-01-18_ben_affleck_made_nancy_pelosi_giggly.html - Rush & Molloy


NYC singer-songwriter Leah Siegel releases a music video on itunes this Monday February 10, a live performance of Elvis's 'Love Me Tender." Siegel teamed up with Grammy nominated producer Mike Caffrey, who conceptualized and directed the project shot on location at Monster Island Studio. The video is available just in time to download or gift to loved ones this Valentine's Day.

Shot live in one take with a handeld camera, the black and white footage of Siegel's rendition captures a timeless love song that can be delivered via email as a video valentine, an idea that came to Caffrey while pondering the dying art of sending a mix tape to the one you love; a modern take on the mix tape, a throwback tune to be played back on an ipod. Using her iconic vintage Epiphone played through a 1960's amplifier, the audio and visual image capture in dimly lit contrast Siegel's much buzzed- about vocal and musical talent, the song and style itself in perfect contrast to a modern day method of sending it along.
The first release from a collection of tunes new and old captured during the shoot at Monster Island, "Love Me Tender" kicks off what Siegel and Caffrey hope to be a series of black and white videos that will be available for download on iTunes.

- News- Leah Siegel Does Elvis


Leah Siegel Presents 2004- EP
Available on itunes

The Lemon EP- 2005 out of print, available for download at emusic & itunes.

Little Mule- Released December 2006. CD's for sale at www.leahsiegel.com, cdbaby.com, downloads available on itunes.

Tracks from Little Mule can be found at: itunes, napster, lastfm.com pandora, rhapsody, virb, myspace, haystack, imeem, purevolume, youtube, facebook and ilike.



There are singers who can play guitar. There are songwriters who can sing. There are guitar players who can write. Then there is Leah Siegel. This New York City singer-songwriter is a seamless powerhouse of contradictions: at once hopelessly raw and yet elegantly composed, bombastic while intimate, contemporary and classic. She is blessed with a voice that whispers in your ear one moment and rips the roof off the next.

Playing frequently in and around NYC for the past five years, Siegel has developed an intense and devoted NYC fan base, drawn in by knockout vocal talent that draws influences from Judy Garland and Billy Holiday, with oft- drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley. Paired with heart- wrenching and dark, yet subtly humorous lyrics and impressive guitar technique, Siegel has earned an unmatched reputation for startling live performances.

Siegel released her first full- length album titled "Little Mule" in December 2006 that drew her away from her folksier roots and into the alt- rock territory she belonged; with the help of producer Geoff Stanfield. If the all- 5 star itunes reviews say anything about the pairing, it was the perfect fit, and the fans agree. Tracked at Studio X in Seattle, "Little Mule" also won a mastering job by the legendary Bob Ludwig, and a new lineup of world –class rock musicians. In the months surrounding the release, critical acclaim for the album earned Siegel an ever- expanding fan base, live radio performances, live television performances, and sold out slots at the '06 and '07 CMJ Music Festival.

Legendary radio DJ Vin Scelsa immediately booked Leah and her band for a live spot on his singular 40-year running "Idiot's Delight" in July 2006 after producer Kim stumbled upon Leah at a live show and included "Little Mule" on his WFUV 'Best Discoveries of 2006' top ten list. An "important tastemaker," Vin is known for giving a voice very early on to artists that go on to greatness (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Madeleine Peyroux, Jeff Buckley.)
Also major tastemakers on the indie scene, NPR's All Songs Considered featured the first track on "Little Mule," " A Day At The River (with you and your lover)" on their April 14, 2007 broadcast and subsequent weekly podcast.

Moving from live radio to live television, Leah and her band were invited to perform live on Good Day New York (Fox 5) in conjunction with Fearless Music TV as part of the “Good Day Press Play” summer concert series on August 24th 2007, that same taping also being featured later on Fearless Music's nighttime nationwide broadcast (Fox TV) in January 2008.

Spring 2008 brings two new music videos, one stop- motion animation piece for the track " A Day At The River" by award winning director Rohitash Rao (Curious Pictures/Ugly Pictures) and another live action piece directed by Mike Caffrey (Monster Island) a cover of Elvis's "Love Me Tender" released Valentine's week, now available on itunes.

Siegel's vocal prowess never overshadowed but illuminated by the genius of her songwriting, the songstress has also earned herself a reputation among the music for advertising industry; turning down an exclusive contract with one studio in 2006 in favor of remaining a free agent proved a wise decision as Leah has become the go- to girl for many composers looking for an original sound- Leah has co- written and performed demos for: Coke, Target, Wachovia Bank, Fancy Feast, Campbells Soup and more and is on the list in many nyc sound design studios. Recently the Wachovia spot (written with and produced by Morgan Visconti at Human New York) was sold for screening in a 2008 film festival.

Leah Siegel's music has been featured on CBS's Cold Case, TJC's Fall 2007 Cable Channel Launch movie promo, WFUV, WERS, Cob'FM in France, Indie Experience on XND Radio in England, Sirius Radio (Vin Scelsa), and XM Radio (The Loft) and was recently licensed to MTV Networks for use on the new series "The Paper" as well as an upcoming Sundance Channel documentary airing January 2009 as past of 'The Green' Series.

Leah also be seen performing regularly in jazz/soul super group lead by bassist Tim Luntzel The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout, who are poised to record a second full- length record in 2008, a follow up to the 2006 debut "Who Burnt The Bacon??"
Paste Magazine writes: "Take the jazzy vibes and world-class singer/songwriters of New York's Living Room scene, mix with he early-'60s retro-cool of Daptone Records... bring to a boil, cover and simmer. The result is an organ-fueled soul-jazz disc--helmed by bassist and scenester sideman Tim Luntzel and featuring a famous guest or two--that, stylewise, calls for your Kennedy Administration best..."

Flurries of label interest have surrounded Siegel in recent months as she finishes writing new tracks for her sophomore effort. New tracks "By The Fire"
"Only The Birds" have started to take on a life of their own during live performances, and the show stopper "Stowaway" only ever heard l