Leah Villanueva

Leah Villanueva



In 2002, her talents were witnessed as she was given her big break toward becoming a star, as Pink on MTV’s “Becoming”. She got the chance to work with celebrities such as, choreographer, Marty and dancer, Kevin Federline, who both worked with music icons such as Pink, N’Sync and Britney Spears. Within that same year, appearing nationally on Ace TV, she was showcased at the House of Blues in Hollywood, where she performed her original work, “Taste of My Love”.

Leah is on her way and with all these experiences under her belt, she is able to work with several independent music producers on getting her music heard. A few of the songwriters and music producers she has worked with include, Marcus Davis in association with NK Productions, Rachid Wehbi from Widelife Productions, Greg Lawson from Invisible Entertainment, Kirv Irving from Kirv and Reel Records, and Jonathan LaCroix and Steve Harriton from Essani Music.

As a performer, she obtains the charisma and energy to stand out, and as a marketable talent, she definitely offers a fresh and unique alternative style. Leah’s will, determination, dedication, and passion for music definitely shines through and is what allows her to “welcome obstacles as opportunities to express herself in ways she did not think possible.” Her main driving force, however, is faith that God is leading her in the right direction and that He is always by her side.