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Leaving for Mars- B Rich remix
Leaving for MArs- Mike Balance remix



"It's been a crazy ride," she says, "but this is only the
Electro-house goddess DJ Lea Luna has been on the up-and-up since
1999, rocking many a crowd from underground to commercial, across the US and abroad. Her white-hot enthusiasm on stage and in the studio reflects
her 9 year career, which has been gaining
exponential momentum since she first stepped up to the decks as a tiny
teen. "I'm taking my music further this year than I ever thought I would
have when I first started spinning records. Its unreal how many
different avenues there are inside electronic music: how many
subcultures, how many diversely beautiful artists, fans and enthusiasts
there are. After having the privilege of exploring this world and the
music in it, I've become a pioneer. I'm writing, collecting, and
spinning styles that don't even have names to them yet. This is truly a
divine epiphany, and it's redirecting my course in life as a
professional musician."
What do white-collared europeans at the Playboy TV International
event in Lisbon, Portugal have in common with 4,000 blinking pink
furry-collared raving teens at Kandifest in San Bernardino, California?
Absolutely nothing, you might think, but last year Lea Luna stood staged
in front of both crowds and illuminated them with a powerful house set,
and from each culture she provoked the same ecstatic positive energy.
Everywhere she goes, they dance. You may have seen her catching the warm
breeze on a island sound stage built right on the Caribbean Ocean at her
set in Cozumel, Mexico, or caught sight of her on television spinning
atop the cold snowy slopes in Breckenridge, CO at the North American
Open ski tournament. Maybe you met her after her set backstage at a
corporate sponsored breast cancer benefit in San Diego, or behind flimsy
caution tape at an underground party inside a closed skate park in Reno.
Whether you see her rocking it on the playa at Burning Man or pool-side
at Wetgrooves WMC, sonic chameleon Lea Luna "fits in the mix"
everywhere. She's played underground tracks alongside artists like
Frankie Bones and Heather Heart. She's dropped commercial rock/reggae
remixes opening for legends Steven Tyler and Chuck Berry. The list goes
on and on. From concert stage, to super-club, to upscale lounge, to
amphitheater, to festival, to warehouse... Lea Luna has sewn together
the seams of a multifarious global vibe with her own inner resonance,
keen track selection, and artistic personality.
"This is what music as the universal language was intended to
imbue. I'm into not only meshing cultures of people, but musical
styles, and forms of art. I especially love the fashion element. Whether
the event calls for a cocktail dress, pink wig, swimsuit, parka, or
spacesuit... I'm there, in my own representation of it. The same goes
for music. When you ask the average guy what kind of music he listens
to, he'll tell you he likes a bit of everything. Doesn't everyone? I'm
becoming the kind of artist who flirts with pop while married to
electro... yes, all of a sudden I feel myself leaning toward
pop-stardom! I've been writing and recording pop hooks, I'm practicing
choreography with 6 professionals that are now my dance team, I'm
collaborating with all kinds of talented recording artists, and I'm
STILL constantly bumping old school underground vinyl in my basement.
You'll hear the underground in the framework of my new music. To those less traveled, this could look like an identity crisis, but I'm piecing
together a hybrid. Its hard to picture how all this branching out would
actually refine me, but let's put it this way: the idea of putting
peanut butter and jelly together may have seemed unconventional at
first, but it was actually a stroke of delicious genius. Right now I'm
in the studio making pop/rock/electro/downtempo sandwiches, and its
exhilarating. Soon my new original style will be coined and polished,
you'll hear me on the radio and know that its unmistakably me."
Lea Luna has very impressive international press. She is featured in a major ad campaign for Tascam, seen in magazines such as EQ, Electronic Musician, and Guitar Center.
She has had numerous solely-featured event ads, interviews, and blurbs hailing her appearance in dozens of US cities, as well as magazine, billboard, tour guide, and television representation overseas.
Her broadcasts include: internet radio Teklab.fm racking up
millions of listeners worldwide, Clearchannel's Denver-based 93.3 FM,
KGNU Boulder, and a past history of college radio at UCLA and Metro
State University in Denver. Her CD is frequent to the speakers in many
high-fashion storefronts, California fashion shows, and even 24 Hour
Fitness spin classes.
Watch out this year for Lea Luna's new release,
including radio edits and electronic remixes co-produced by Mike
Hiratzka (as heard in the sounds of DJ D:Fuse, DJ Rap, and Krist