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Band Alternative Adult Contemporary


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My Yellow Brick Road LP
demo 07 EP
I Try
So What
Winding The Windmill
My Yellow Brick Road
Moving Deep
Every day
Standing Alone
Rodeo Man
Right Now
Come Back From The Rain
Under The Sun
Dear Jesus



Affiliated BMI writer/composer/publisher (MusicMoonk Music). I was born into a family with a strong musical background in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in southwest Virginia. Began singing at four years of age, playing the guitar at six, songwriting, and expressing myself through visual art around ten years of age . Having had roots in the styles of bluegrass, country, classic, and southern rock I soon after developed my own sound and playing style. Branching out from a wide variety of musical styles; rock, folk, grunge, world, new age, classical, jazz, and the blues. In high school I began playing a classical guitar style, thus implementing a more sophisticated sound into my compositions. In the 1990’s I periodically played bass guitar for my family’s bluegrass gospel group around the region, I spent some time in a local rock band in my high school as a lead/rhythm guitarist, songwriter, backup and lead vocalist. In college jazz was one of the major catalysts in my musical and artistic development. Joining the jazz ensemble I gained much experience that helped to boost my playing experience (playing jazz made me ten times the musician I was beforehand). Whilst attending college I joined the Chorus, and had the opportunity of singing behind an major symphony --- twice.
Now with all of that being said let me get to the renaissance of my life, and the soul of the music in which I place the most importance ...

In 1999 I was in a car accident that forever changed my life. Sustaining a severe head injury I was brought back and in a coma for some time. Slept right through my eighteenth birthday until I finally awoke in Atlanta's Sheperds Center hospital (God Bless you). Basically jolted backwards to the mental capacity of a toddler I had to re-learn everything; walking, talking, reading, writing, etc. I, along with a music therapist, had to re-teach myself music. It's been a long, hard road but all thanks be to God and a loving and supportive family I'm back and better than ever! You know if I had the opportunity to change what happened you think I would? Nope. I am a true believer in everything that happens happens for a reason. In all actuality I'm a better musician and artist after the fact. I'm here for a reason and I believe I know that reason. My goals in music and art are such that I am looking not only to continually broaden my creative aesthetic but to also touch people's lives abroad. No matter where life’s train takes me I will make music for I am defined in song. May you listen and take something with you when you go. Every once in awhile do yourself a favor and jump into a river
God Bless.

- LeAnna Mosley