Leanne Darling

Leanne Darling


Leanne Darling is a looping/sampling specialist, creating multilayered solo viola pieces with a soulful edge, mixing modern classical and the blues with a middle eastern flavor.


Leanne Darling creates a powerful new voice for the viola. She draws from her classical technique, her skills in Jazz/Blues, Rock and Arabic music, and her passion for improvisation to break the boundaries of this underused instrument. A versatile performer, composer, and improvisor, Darling has appeared
with virtuoso oudist Simon Shaheen in Carnegie Hall, with poets Robert Bly and Clarissa Pinkola-Estes at the Omega Institute, and with the Cedar Lake Ensemble's premiere performance in Chelsea. Her work earned her the New York Innovative Theater award for best original music in 2007 for the theatrical production "The Landlord".


Spiral, LP (2006) Available on CDBaby

Set List

1 1 hour set or 2 40 minute sets

Typical Set list, with song title followed by genre:
Pollock (minimalist/classical)
Bad Haircut (bluesy)
13 (classical/balkan)
Boom Blues (Jazz/Blues)
Taqsim (Arabic)
Spiral (Jazz/Hip Hop)
Gypsy Dream (Gypsy/Balkan)