Leanne Goose & Co.

Leanne Goose & Co.


Leanne Goose is a multi-nominated singer, songwriter & guest-speaker. Her music is Rock-Soul, describing a sound that is based in Rock but branches into R&B. With live performances that capture her audience & a set of powerful vocals, Leanne is a unique talent not to be missed!


Leanne Goose the sultry, hard rockin singer, emerging songwriter originally from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, made her migration singing her songs in the land of ice and snow to her debut album release, 'ANYWHERE." The Inuvialuit/North Slavey Metis singer/song-writer brings the heat with her collection of songs about her life growing up in Canada's Western Arctic.

She has performed with greats such as Stevie Salas & Matt Sorum, Kinnie Starr, country legend Ray St.Germain, opened for Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd, Doc Walker, Susan Agulkark, Gerry Doucette, and the list goes on.

Anywhere has been nominated for BEST ROCK ALBUM at the 2008 Aboriginal People's Choice Awards AND BEST ROCK ALBUM + ALBUM COVER DESIGN at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Leanne jumped into the spotlight when her father opened his stage to her at the age of 12. Leanne's influences are Janis Joplin, Pure Fe, Nikka Costa, Led Zeppelin, Sheryl Crowe a blend of soul, funk and rock. Her fans have been captivated by her big voice & that cheeky smile.

Arctic rockin-soul singer Leanne Goose is reminiscent of classic artists like Patsy Cline, or old school rock group like Led Zeppelin she is tough as nails; she can take any style and make it her own. Leanne moves comfortably singing to kids in the park, in a soft seat theater, or in a dirty rock club. Leanne is an artist who's known for energetic performances and an exemplary gift for pouring emotion into her already engaging style. Leanne Goose is truely an North Star on the rise. ROCK, METAL, COUNTRY, She is NORTHERN SOUL...


Anywhere 2008
Sounds Like NCI...2006
Midway Lake Music Festival LIVE 1994

Set List

Originals: 40 min set

Covers: 3x60 min