Leanne Hynd

Leanne Hynd


ORIGINALITY . 6 major ingredients . full of integrity, saucy, original and uniquely blended... add a great rhythm, a whole lot of character and mega heart to your day!


Roots rock, original songs, influences from all genres of music. Versatile. Collectively can step into pretty much anything. Got a pocket full of living... passion...passion...passion... must create, play and share music. love to connect with people.


Witness to this World

Written By: Leanne Hynd/Glen Adair

Sun rise
Blue skies
Sacred words
Season of change

A son cries
Man replies
This is life
You must find your way

Child of the universe
Witness to this world
Keeper of the dreams
Innocent birth
You are a messenger
Living here on earth
Witness to this world
Child of the universe

Old souls
Young and wise
Heroes of life


Somewhere In Between

Written By: Leanne Hynd/Glen Adair

You long for arms
To hold you safe
You long for love
To keep you brave
You long for dreams
To fill your space
You long for trust
To show your way

You fear your will
To hold you safe
You fear your heart
To keep you brave
You fear your mind
To fill your space
You fear your soul
To show your way

You took a ride
On a North bound train
It took you home
And back again
Counted your tracks
A distance game
Can you go beyond
The window pane

Between the lines
Of stone and black
On a virgin's bed
White angel's back
Between the truth
Between the lies
Somewhere in between
There's life
Somewhere in between
There's life

Page after page
Your story is told
Word after word
Wishes unfold



2004. Stand On The Edge.full length.14 originals
2004. Legends Live On.single.two versions
single release, Me and This World October 16
2005. Somewhere In Between.Rockin Rod Records release December 1

Set List

Nothing typical...we respond to the job. however on average can accommodate 10 songs per set... 2 to 4 sets... mostly original music... do choiceful covers based on setting.

Leanne & Hynd’s 77 [or Hynd’s 57]
A Sampling of the SONGS….

Me and This World
Sacred Passage
Final Good-byes
Somewhere In Between
Time Is Only Heart
All The Great Walls
Witness To This World
Stand On The Edge
The Road I Came
Takes A Lot of Loving
Feel How Much I Care
Heaven’s Way
Close In My Heart
If She Could Only See
My Life Signature
Pretty Much The Same
I Can Now Believe
Hearts On The Line
Coming Into His Own
Until I’m Strong
Dreams Of A Little Girl
Legends Live On
Turn Life Around
Mystery Man
Hold Me
Dance Floor

Black Velvet, Alannah Myles
Good Mother, Terri Clark [Jann Arden]
Ride, Amanda Marshall
Fly At Night, Chilliwack
Believe In You, Amanda Marshall
Cold Kisses, Michelle Wright
Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics
I Feel Lucky, Mary Chapin-Carpe