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original songs and gentle souls... roots, rock & unusual and distinctive rhythms, a little folk and jazz, a world perspective really, poetically woven honoring the paradoxical, humorous and changing times we live in... from house concerts and coffee houses to events, festivals and outdoor stages..


Singer/songwriter, recording and performing artist, multi-media projects, collaborative musical and personal development activities, writer, producer and coordinator/facilitator with healing arts

As Janis Joplin said, “Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got.”

Invite Leanne Hynd & the Flight for your upcoming gatherings, big or small - dinner or conference entertainment, house concerts, festivals, coffee houses or special request events. Versatility is their middle name.

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Undressing the Past ROD 222


releases under Rockin' Rod Records:
Somewhere in Between, December 2005 ultiMATE PARAdox, September 2006
new 2008-09 CD releases: "Undressing the Past"

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"Where music and vision meet”

With the next CD projects, she is offering a pared down sensual and courageous expose of imperfect perfect life experiences. Still, with her apparently unusual and distinctive rhythms, she writes an eclectic blend, from upbeat inspiring song, "Cartwheels" to the haunting "From the Dust of Her Ashes" to somewhere in between, almost anthem style tune "In It Together"... promising to be bold, creative, and express "unedited love" for life and the world.

Having performed eclectic, primarily original material in combinations as 5-6 piece electric band, 3-4 piece acoustic group, duo or solo, Leanne is an exceptionally versatile and personable performer. She and those she plays with are able to offer workshops, be in close proximity with the audience and be involved in community from a variety of aspects.

Leanne Hynd & the Flight enjoyed an incredible experience in the Canadian North summer 2007, playing the End of the Road Music Festival in Inuvik, NorthWest Territories, almost 4000km away from home! Thank you - to the People of the Land of the Midnight Sun!

Leanne Hynd’s earliest musical memories revolve around rock n’ roll pioneers such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, then later on to master crafters like BTO, Elton John, and Tina Turner. After spending her teen summers in Oregon (training in gymnastics), Leanne went on to live in a variety of locales, including Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver and Salt Lake City, all the while passionate about singing and songwriting, developing her skills and collaborating with others. Throughout the years, she inspired herself with work of “outside the box” gifted souls such as Joni Mitchell, Jeff Healey, Lou Rawls and Jane Siberry.

Over the course of the last several years, Leanne has proven herself capable of producing unique and meaningful compositions. At the same time, she has surrounded herself with fun-loving, brilliant musicians who successfully bring her eclectic ideas to musical fruition. "Real people delivering real music" sums up a Leanne Hynd concert or recording project.

Leanne Hynd celebrated the 2006 Autumnal Equinox by releasing ultimate PARAdox, her follow-up album to 2005's Somewhere In Between, the music project that caught the attention of Rockin’ Rod Records and signed her to the label. Continuing to defy categorization, Leanne offered another soulfully crafted body of work which invited listeners to share a 71-minute musical ride that is poetically woven through roots, rock and imagery.

A performer at heart, Leanne has a vision for co-creative projects that bring together various skills and talents of many people to inspire deeper connection with one another through our musical roots - our common language around the world. Combined with experiences living abroad, this singer-songwriter has found that no matter where she lives or with whom she works, creative expression and passion can soar in song.

Continuing to defy categorization, Leanne and her amazing band offer a soulfully crafted body of work poetically woven through roots, rock and imagery. Leanne's incredibly high, intense energy inspires crowds to new experiences!



Written By: Leanne Hynd

trapped between worlds
birds of the heavens; children of the word
saddened by swords that hang in the air
wondering if anyone
might actually care

timeless circles
someone who loves you; someone who believes
the world's so fine cause your light shines
hands holding wisdom
way beyond your time

cartwheels X 3
that's how you'll know - when the wind blows - free to let go
cartwheels X 3
mandala of the soul

a bridge between worlds
dancing freely; barefoot on the earth
oh minstrel play, your instrument of choice
cartwheels oh cartwheels
love's tender voice


free’d from standing still
oh spirit spin, love’s will; safe to let in


In It Together

Written By: Leanne Hynd

In It Together

All the songs that are written
To inspire us to think
To try and imagine
The place where we are free

I love to talk about Ghandi
Be the change you want to see
In this world for you and me
Remember the dream

Cause I believe
Anything is possible
When we’re in it together

Been dreaming of Sophia
She lives in my soul
A face like my own
Please remember to see


You can count on me
To live with you in peace
X 2

Have a lot of feeling
About how we can be
A world without violence
Safe for you and me


You can count on me
To live with you in peace
X 2


Mess into a Message

Written By: Leanne Hynd

Mess into a Message

think i've heard enough empty words
it's a crying shame for sure
all the promises, all the talk
doesn't add up to much

not so long ago i came to the wall
didn't know how to answer the call
was scared to see, and scared to feel
couldn't figure out what was real

so i went walking and talking
went walking and talking
went walking and talking
learning to walk the talk

recently i heard someone say
turn your mess into a message
so one foot in front of the other
i believe i'm finding a way
i believe i'm finding a way
i believe i'm finding a way

so i kept walking and talking
kept walking and talking
kept walking and talking
learning to walk my talk

i think i've heard enough empty words
i think i've said enough empty words
i think i've heard enough empty words
i think i've said enough empty

walking and talking
walking and talking
walking and talking
i believe i'm finding a way
i believe you're finding a way
i believe we're finding a way

together walking and talking
walking and talking
walking and talking learning to walk our talk

From the Dust of Her Ashes

Written By: Leanne Hynd

From the Dust of Her Ashes

There are stories of mighty strength
Souls of such courage
They were sent away or lost to the trees
Extinguished by the fire

Spirits of substance are not afraid to die
And they can see right through you
She has been patiently calling your name
Awake to the time of her return

From the dust of her ashes X 4

She is everywhere and no where
You can not own her soul
Look to your neighbor, the woman next door
For in her eyes you’ll know

From the dust of her ashes X 2

For all that is black and all that is blue
A new day is coming
Forgiveness whispers from somewhere
Listen quietly to the wind

Rise up in your heart
Rise up to feel her
In your heart feel her
Rise up

From the dust of her ashes X 4


Undressing the Past, ROD 222

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”
– Chinese proverb

Undressing the Past ROD222 – A new release, follows 4 previous full length CD projects, each different and unique in their own way. This album is an artist’s statement. The expression is pared down and sensual and is a personal expose of a perfect imperfect life, a journey of a human spirit finding a way to stand forth through many trials and tribulations. I know you will find at least one song that inspires you.

As Janis Joplin said, “Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got.”

Track 5, “Cartwheels” (and Track 18, “Cartwheels – extended)… is a song that people are responding positively to and I believe is appropriate for air play… as well check out Track 1 “Love Out Loud”, Track 11 “In It Together”, Track 16 “I’m So Glad”… and Track 14 “Mess into a Message”… or another?... well, you choose… thanks for listening!

with gratitude,

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Rockin’ Rod Records
(306) 665-6232
rockrod@shaw.ca leannehynd@sasktel.net

Songwriter/Recording Artist: Leanne Hynd, SOCAN
Recording, engineering and mastering: Del Ryan, Studio Eh
Production: Leanne Hynd, Del Ryan and Charley Edwards

ultiMATE PARAdox, ROD 221 - September 2006 (concept album, 17 tracks – AOR/roots, Adult Alternative Album)
Somewhere In Between, ROD 220 - December 2005 (roots-contemporary-rock CD, 7 originals, 1 cover)
eartheart - December 2005 (world music, 7 originals, 1 cover)
Me and This World - October 2005 (single, original)
Legends Live On - August 2004 (single, original)
Stand On The Edge - March 2004 (contemporary-folk-rock, 14 originals)

Promo Video "Stand On The Edge" by:
4i7 Productions

AIRPLAY TUNES (2005-2009)
Me and This World
Somewhere In Between
All The Great Walls
Witness To This World
Stand On The Edge
ultiMATE PARAdox
mAn Of mYstery
dead or alive
will you FLY
Somebody Else’s Grace

A Seamless Musical Portrait
by: Mike Fedyk

Leanne Hynd’s latest album, ultiMATE PARAdox is her fourth offering in as many years and marks an exciting new direction, while still maintaining the creativity and integrity that characterized Stand On The Edge (2004), Somewhere In Between (2005) and eartheart (2005). Each album is distinct but together they paint a seamless portrait
revealing Hynd’s intensely personal journey and her commitment to making a contribution to a better world. Edge is the most eclectic and draws the smallest circle by focusing on struggles Hynd has experienced or witnessed around her. Somewhere in Between grows out from there. While still anchored in Hynd’s life, it also goes out to the wider world in a reassuring way - affirming that the world is good. While spiritual (but not religious) themes are a subtle undercurrent throughout her work, in eartheart she shares the themes developed through her “Mirrors of Hope” retreats. Like the retreats, the album integrates diverse spiritual traditions to create a work of rare beauty.

In ultiMATE PARAdox, Hynd continues to boldly mine her own experiences but also be-gins casting a more critical eye on the world around her. Hynd’s primary vehicle for developing her critique is by highlighting the paradoxes that characterize so much of life on this planet. With razor sharp lyrics like “Everyday a virgin - Everyday a prostitute” in ultiMATE PARAdox or “damaged goods - instrument finely tuned” in Somebody Else’s Grace, Hynd moves well beyond commentary and wry observations. She points out the contradictions often present in paradox and asks hard questions about relationships between people - on both personal and global scales.

In this sense, the album is very reminiscent of the sixties because the questioning of contradictions was a central aspect of that era’s culture. It is not surprising that the sole cover on the album is Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock. As one of the principal sixties anthems, it perfectly merges with the aggressive edge (musically, lyrically and philosophically) that Hynd presents. At the same time PARAdox is not a nostalgic effort to imitate the past as emphasized by a much more rocked-out version of Woodstock, that is easily distinguished from the more well-known version offered by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. One of the most creative ways that Hynd emphasized her paradox theme was by recording two distinct versions of every song on the album (with the exception of the compellingly disturbing Take Me, which explores suicide). The second version of Ulti-MATE PARAdox most strongly captures the feel of the sixties. The arrangement resem-bles the beat poetry performances of the early sixties that merged with rock music and evolved into the protest song tradition. The song’s biting lyrics, snapping fingers and beat cadence create an undeniable sixties moment.

With seventeen tracks ultiMATE PARAdox offers far more than

Set List

Leanne Hynd & the Flight

Primarily original material with a few covers like Woodstock, Carry On, My Wish

can offer up to 4 - 45 minute sets, 2-hour show or any other variation - electric and acoustic shows possible