The Leaping Lizards

The Leaping Lizards

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

Top 10 AirIt Chart this week! Finalists 2011 QMusic Awards Finalists 2011,Qld Country Music Awards Apr 11, BEST GROUP 2011 VICTORIAN COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS Feb 11, WINNERS & TRIPLE FINALISTS 2011 AUSTRALIAN GOLDEN FIDDLE AWARDS Jan 11, Top 10 finalists 2010 Australian Songwriters Awards Nov 2010.


We play a mix of original folk accoustic music along with rootsy traditional heritage music. We are passionate about keeping Australiana music alive and presenting it in a way that has wide appeal for a whole new generation. We have just released a new album "Shedding My Skin" which has pick up numerous awards incuding "Best National Group" at the 2011 Victorian Country Music Awards and The Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Golden Fiddle Awards!
20/1/2011 The Leaping Lizards have just taken out the top award at the 2011 Golden Fiddle awards by being honoured for more than a quarter century of dedication to Australia's Heritage Roots Music and supporting the careers of numerous fiddle players who have passed through in their band, with the prestigious Golden Fiddle Lifetime Achievment Award. Full story :,
Double finalists in the Victorian Country Music Awards Feb 2011 and two of the tracks off the found thier way to the finalist list for the 2010 Australian Songwriters Awards, open genre Instrumental section, awards night Sydney 11/11/2010 - one made the top 10!! & one made the top 25, We are really pleased, and of course attended and had a great time at the awards (& in Sydney!!)
Along with corporate work, a large part of our performance is grounded firmly in the community. We book halls and stage our own events, we play weddings and parties and if we get half a chance - depending on the event - we can get your group interacting and having fun Bushdancing, Ronnie does the calling - its easy to learn. Great for weddings and parties too. Speaking of weddings, we have a 4 page spread of a wedding we did earlier this year, in the current issue of "Cosmopolitan Bride"! Fantastic pictures of the event and the dancing, it was lovely to be part of.

We have a couple of clips up here on this site, one song, one instrumental, so you can check us out. We have a bushdancing clip on our webiste (Not enough room here).
Its shaping up to ba a busy year playing heaps of festivals, had a break to consolidate and record and now we're back into filling our book with gigs, which is filling fast! You can hear our new stuff here, or buy it by track or album on our website
Thanks so much for reading this far. We love you!

Earlier this year we did a short tour as support band for legendary folk rocker John Schumann (Redgum/Only19) Apr 2010.

Comments from John Schumann
Legendary Australian Folk Rocker
Founder of the band Redgum
Writer of the iconic song “I Was Only 19”

3rd May 2010

I heard about the Leaping Lizards back in the 1980s when touring through the region with Redgum. I was aware of their long history in Queensland and I’d heard they were good but, frankly, I wasn’t too fussed about trying to catch up with them. While I respected the bush-band genre, bands resplendent in vests and corked hats singing songs about sheep, cows and convicts were not exactly my cup of tea.

However, in January 2010 I got to work with them and I was surprised and impressed. This lot are the real deal: they work hard, they play well, they rehearse hard and they take their craft and their material seriously.

The Lizards have a way of singing old and well known songs that bring them to life - effortlessly. Perhaps for the first time I stopped and listened and realised just how important these songs are to our musical heritage.

But why, after all these years, was it that the Leaping Lizards brought me to this awakening? I think it was because they deliver their songs in unselfconscious Australian accents – unforced, non-colonial. I didn’t have to wade through a tonal tide of puke-making, put-on Australian accents and nasal twang. It was a relief and a pleasure.

On the Anzac weekend in 2010, the Leaping Lizards played with my band, the Vagabond Crew, at Gaythorne RSL and Twin Towns RSL. They played brilliantly and were very much appreciated by our audiences. In fact, they were a hard act to follow! The Vagabond Crew members all remarked what good singers and players the Leaping Lizards are– high praise indeed from my mob!

We would work with the Lizards again in a heartbeat. That’s all that needs to be said.

John Schumann.


Beauty & The Bush

Written By: Donna Reynolds


Silver Eyes

Written By: Donna Reynolds

I want to know what you're thinkin over
When you're looking at me with those eyes of silver
Are you thinking thinking the thoughtS that are making me shiver?
Are you thinking
Are you sinking
Are you drowning in me?

I can feel love at my door
And up through the boards in my floor
I'm standing stripped to the core


I wait for your voice at my door
And the sound of your boots on my floor
I can't wait anymore


Shedding My Skin

Written By: Donna Reynolds & Ron Dimmick

Donna Reynolds & Ron Dimmick

Verse 1

Gonna shed my skin be shiny & new
There won't be a trace of you..........under it
Gonna hang my chrysalis way up high
Turn into a butterfly
You can watch me fly
Gonna sing my song way too loud
Play it to a different crowd...........that you won't be in


Gonna shed my skin
Shed my skin
Its worn well and truly thin
Shedding my skin I'm shining through.......
Without you


Gonna dry my wings out in the sun
Unfold them one by my own way
Gonna shine my scales shretch my toes
Steppin out in brand new clothes
The colours will blind you
Gonna sing my song like its never been heard
Different chords same words
You can wonder..........where did that come from?
Where did that come from?
Well.......... just keep wonderin




*2010 - Album - Shedding My Skin - 11 tracks, 7 originals, 2 covers, 2 arrangements of traditional songs. 2 tracks finalistis in the recent Australian Songwriters Awards (Nov 2010) & 2 tracks already picked up on 3 different compilations.

* 2010 - EP - The Leaping Lizards - 5 tracks. 4 originals. We have just released an EP ahead of our new album. The 1st single off that, Lorelleveous, released Sept 2010. You can hear all the tracks here.

* 2007 - There To Here 23 Years - 14 tracks. Celtic/Australiana, all traditional except Clare To Here. South Australia from this album still recieves radio airplay in the country/folk scene and charted well on release. You can hear that track here too.

* 1989 - Smoko - 11 tracks. A mixture of the times. Hear samples on our website.

* 1986 - Leaping Lizards The Original - 10 tracks. Yes 24 years ago! The 80's Australiana Bush Band sound is very evident on this precious recording. Hear samples on our website.

Donna (in a previous solo life) has 2 solo albums and an EP (90% originals), She's also had 3 finalist berths at the CMAA Awards (Australia), numerous songwriting awards including the Australian Human Rights Award and has held No1 position on the country charts several times.

Set List

We are showcasing new material off our upcoming album. Have a listen before you leave this page.We are also passionate about what we call "Australian Historical Roots Music", we believe as a nation we are losing our heritage, we also teach bushdancing when ever we can. Typical songs include South Australia, Ryebuck Shearer, Old Palmer and Swag on My Shoulder performed in a contemporary folk style.