leaping lizards

leaping lizards

 Pittsboro, Indiana, USA

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Shelby Sweet

Written By: John Kennedy

Verse 1:
I'd give anything for just one minute to have you by my side. I'd hold you in my arms and never let you go.
and just to give you one last kiss
and to have you back again
always and forever Shelby Sweet
Shelby Sweet, Shelby Sweet, you make my life complete.
You're my angel sent from up above.
Shelby Sweet, Shelby Sweet with the whole world at your feet.
Without you I have nothing, Shelby Sweet.
Verse 2:
I remember that blue dress, you wore in Georgia, you looked just like an angel with the sunlight on your hair
and to just give you want last kiss, and to have you back again
I'll always love you my darling, Shelby Sweet
(back to chorus)
I'm sorry for the things I did when you were out of sight
but I promise if you'll take me back
I'll work to make things right.
(back to chorus)
repeat last line at the end of chorus..