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"Ambitious pop with more fineness than oompf"

***** (five stars) Leap Over Light is a songwriter team, that now is spreading its wings as a real duo. Basically these are quirky pop songs backed up by machines. But these musicians have a bag of tricks considering genre, effects and production. With relatively little effort they seem to be able to give the songs personality without pandering to any forms or genre demands. It is continuously the melody that is in focus, but not at the expense of the atmosphere, and the result is rather convincing for both radio play and listening at home. Leap Over Light has many colours in their sound, but fewer temperaments. One could hope that they will be more aggressive on a full album. Because even though Julie Aagaard sings well and uses her voice in many creative ways, there still might be missing that one number with hit potential. This is however a very good debut, that gives you an impression of a band with sustainability and I am excited to see what else they have for us.


I would like to resume this blog by introducing a very special Danish band called Leap Over Light. I couldn't imagine better motivation to restart blogging than receiving such a precious e-mail... Huge MANGE TAK to Julie, who helped me a lot in creating this post. It is definitely attention-worthy band, so I collected all the informations with great pleasure and excitement. Their music made me feel like I just melted into it and became a part of exultation. I'm only one of many people who is entranced with it, five star review in the Danish music magazine Gaffa and received title 'demo of the month' seems to confirm it.
'Leap Over Light has worked hard on strengthening their material and taking their expression even further. The four songs that make out Wild Oak, are mastered by Greg Calbi in the Sterling Sound Studios in New York.
An airy female voice lingers above a foundation of crackling noise and metallic decay. A minimalistic guitar joins in with harmonies of dreams and longing. A coy clarinet interrupts the soundscape from time to time, while a sinister cello adds a mournful darkness. Thus, the music is never tempered or in between, but always attempting to conjoin the opposites – whether it being the forceful with the fragile, the earth bound with the ethereal or the ironical with the serious.'
Let yourself fall into those beautiful sounds...


Due to Julie's courtesy I can share with you interesting story behind their bandname
"[...]We wanted it to signal our creative process, which tends to be very playfull and maybe even childish (we toyed around with names of childrens games like leap frog, jumping hoops or hopscotch) But in our process we also often try to incorperate very dark and very light elements. These often clash and in the process of forcing the two together it sometimes seems impossible. Just as impossible as leaping over the light or below the darkness"


Alternative Pop


FiniSh your PlaTe Records

Julie Aagaard
(vocals, keys)
Lennart Rasmussen
(guitars, loops)

"Lennart and I have excisted as a songwriting team for the last 6 years. But we have mostly been writing for other small acts and TV productions. So we have surfed around a lot in different genres and produced everything from mainstream pop to Bossa Nova. But last year we decided to write for our selves - and to write the music that we love, which I guess is a mix of folk, electronic and pop. We are touring right now, but we have also started to write a full album, which should be finished in the spring of next year, if all goes well :-)"


Wild Oak (June 2011)
”Wash me down / I am dirty / I smell like a thousand lies”, is Julie Aagaards plea on the up tempo and energetic first track Thousand Lies. The next three tracks are less agressive. These contain stories of faith in the unfulfilled love (We Hang A Lot), of youthful decadence and self-indulgence (Howl at the Sun) and of the deterioration and dissolve of old age on the title track, Wild Oak.

About "WILD OAK" :


”A fantastic overall sound, that makes sence”


”Music that has several stardusty soundscapes, that give the music an authenticity and a liberating feel, which again shows originality in recognizable sound universes."

Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen

“seducingly beautiful ”


” Dreamy grandeur and detail oriented playfulness”


”within a Danish context it has a depth, which has not been heard before”
- Nordic Music


The duo Leap Over Light has made its mark over the last six months. With the acclaimed debut in april the duo is now ready with a four track EP, that takes the fine rhythms a step further.
Leap Over Light is a duo, with vocal and guitar as the basis, but we are not talking about your typical singer/songwriter music, but rather a more vocal based, dusty pop with detours to more electronic genres. An almost fragile pop music with strong tunes and a refined expression. Its music that has a great deal of “stardusty” soundscapes, which give an authenticity and a liberating feel that demonstrates originality in an otherwise recognizable soundscape.
Leap Over Light uses reverb and effects wisely. The opening number “Thousand Lies” is a fresh upbeat number, which mixes the heavy rythms with the distinct vocals – this marks the abrupt strength of the number
And then the songs become more ethereal and less heavy. This leaves more room for larger soundscapes and the listener has better opportunity to imagines the stories, that are told. The strengths on “We Hang A Lot” and the rest of the numbers on the EP are the vocals, the playful guitar and the tasteful use of effects and creation of mood.
The Duo, consisting og Julie Aagaard and Lennart Rasmussen has already received positive reviews with their debut, and this EP moves them forward. These four numbers shows a duo that has something to say and are very capable of conveying this through their music. We will hear more from Leap Over Light, I am sure, And I hope it will be soon, because there four number leaves me wanting more.
- Lydtapet

"LEAP OVER LIGHT - honest sound, true sound"

Another not trite female vocal from Denmark. Another band which career is just beginning. Indie music, interesting atmosphere, a little bit of unconventional pop, a little bit of around-folk climates and charisma which can be heard in each song. Listen to LEAP OVER LIGHT. You won’t regret it!

Julie Aagaard i Lennart Rasmussen created their new musical project Leap Over Light last year. The duo released an EP „Wild Oak”. It’s hard for me to label their music. It’s not pop, it’s not rock or folk, neither the alternative music. It’s something which is their own.

Sometimes their music is like a movie watched on a slow motion. "We Hang A Lot" moves slowly and takes the listener somewhere in a dreamy dreams. Sometimes Leap Over Light’ sounds are more trembling and slightly hesitating which way to go. During the titled "Wild Oak"stand on a crossroads with the musicians and let the shivery tones infiltrate our body and mind. we can

"Howl At The Sun" reminds me a little bit some compositions of PJ Harvey. But I think it refers to more indie stuff as well. Simple combination of guitar and tambourine mixed up with Julie Aagaard’s bitter-sweet vocal is very hypnotic.

„Wild Oak” EP starts with the more live and vivid Leap Over Light’ song called "Thousand Lies". Interesting bridges from slower to faster rhythms, vocal like from the actor song and thrilling chorus – your leg will dance by itself! A little bit of joy and a little bit of contrariness – all served in a good style.

Denmark is a bit away from Poland but fortunately the Internet makes it closer. If you know German you can read about Leap Over Light here on a blog Four Sheets To The Wind Of Copenhagen. Nordic-music.blogspot.com also posted about Leap Over Light here. You can of course buy the EP „Wild Oak” via iTunes.

Four songs from the EP are not enough. I wait unpatiently for a new stuff from Leap Over Light. And I recommend them to you all – get familiat with their music. It’s beautiful, gentle but it’s not a copy of what was sang and played before.
- Good because its Danish

"Leap Over Light — Wild Oak (EP)"

Leap Over Light consists of Julie Aagaard and Lennart Rasmussen, who have recently released the EP Wild Oak.
The duo plays a sort of alternative pop,that moves in different genres. It alternates between darkness, dreamy grandeur and detailed playfulness. I am especially impressed with Julies vocals which are both strong and very nuanced.
The four numbers on the EP demonstrates a wide range of expressions, which is promising for the coming LP. All four numbers on the EP are strong instrumentally as well as vocally. I have the feeling that Leap Over Light will come even more into its own with a full length album, where one truly can explore the duos soundscape.
- Musik Mig Blidt (Music Me Tenderly)


Still working on that hot first release.



Currently at a loss for words...