Learning Team

Learning Team

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

We are upbeat Indie Rock. Our verses are laced with intricate cello and banjo rhythms, building up to wide open choruses that make you want to dance. We have honest and sincere lyrics, yet flirt to dance with every downbeat.


The sleepy, music-rich bay town of Bellingham, WA has proved the perfect breeding ground for Indie-Rock collective Learning Team. Their eclectic arrangements and everybody-clap-your-hands live shows — which often evolve into full-on dance parties — are less performances and more communal celebrations, with a simple, beautiful pop song at the center. “It’s as if these songs were written to be an open invitation, a sing along and choral experience for band and audience alike.” – What’s Up! Magazine

In less than a year, the band has gone from playing shows in the living rooms of friends to opening for The Cave Singers, Los Campesinos! and Oberhofer, and show no signs of slowing down with their latest release, “Daypack EP.”



Written By: Learning Team

Green, as green as our grass will be. It's half moss and half weed, but still soft under our feet.

You and me, not necessarily meant to be, but your body's like the sea and your waves are swallowing me.
My sails are weak. They can't keep me up to your speed, so let me fall behind you and all that you do, because that's where I belong.

So run away, as fast as you can today, but make sure it's toward a place that won't be hard to find.

I am starting to realize that we're more than four big brown eyes, starring at each other. Cause your eyes hold so much more than color they compliment each other and tell me where to be.

So run away, as fast as you can today, but make sure it's toward a place that won't be hard to find.

I'd buy a house just across the street, just so you could see me, even though you cannot have me, I'm sorry I'm misleading.
But, maybe I'll plant our love here like too young seeds, so when we're old and married we'll go back to where we were buried and we'll smile; our branches will be holding eachother, showing we were never not together.

You and me together, buried here forever, our roots will hold the weather.


6 Shooter
MLK Single
Daypack EP

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