Learn it by Heart

Learn it by Heart


Acoustic Goodness that pierces the heart and boggles the mind. Catchy and Mellow at the same time.


Learn it by Heart was created by the 17 year old Cara Cortese at the beginning of 2006. Throughout highschool she had always written poetry and lyrics in her spare time. When she turned 15 she decided it was time to find a way to put these thoughts and words to good use, so she purchased a guitar. After experimenting and teaching herself this wonderful instrument she began creating songs. Soon followed by the recording and performing of them as well. After her first small solo performance Cara found that she could not achieve the same full sound that she did in her recordings where she layered over her own voice. It was at this time that she approached her twin sister Amanda for help. This is when Learn it by Heart came into effect. As Cara wrote the songs, Amanda added the extra ingredient to live performances and recordings. And although they are still testing the waters and learning what it means to be musicians and songwriters, the journey has only just begun


1. Walk the beaten Path
2. You're No Ghost
3. Downtown
4. The Ides of March
5. Insomniwhat
6. Strange Lovers

Set List

typical set list consists of:
1. Walk the Beaten Path
2. Strange Lovers
3. Insomniwhat
4. You're No Ghost
5. The Ides of March
6. Downtown
*there are often up to 2 covers that are inserted into this list. (Copeland, Rilo Kiley, and Oasis are artists that have been covered in the past)