Pop without the cheese, rock without the stoopid.


Formed in 2001, Leave has been playing clubs in Chicago and beyond and has been gaining attention across the midwest with their catchy songs and strong harmonies. Chicago radio is catching on, as evidenced by the band's airplay on 93.1 FM WXRT's Local Anesthetic, on 94.7 FM WZZN's Local Zone and on 101.1 FM WKQX's Local Music Showcase. Even High School and College radio stations have taken notice.
One of the band's outstanding attributes is the consistent output of quality songs. With Leave, it isn't a case of one or two good tunes and a batch of throwaways, or songs that emulate the flavor of the week; it's simply a great band with well-crafted, refreshing melodies. Each song is approached with the same intensity and individual attention.

Leave live With the release of their debut album Don't Go in early 2003, the band began to gain even greater notoriety both in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Reviews of the CD were nothing but positive and sales were strong both online and in stores throughout Chicagoland.

In late 2005, Leave released their long-awaited second album I'd Rather Not Say. In the two-and-a-half years between their two releases, the members of the band have grown not just as musicians, but also as friends. The endless hours on the road and in the studio have turned Leave into a battle-tested rock 'n' roll combo.

There's a depth to their repertoire, assisted by a constant flow of new ideas. That's hard to find these days. With a fresh sound and a fresh approach to songwriting, Leave may be just what today's music lacks.


Leave - 3 song EP - 2001
Don't Go - 11 song LP - 2003
I'd Rather Not Say - 11 song LP - 2005

Set List

I'd Rather Not Say
Rent To Own
Sleep All Day
You Had It Coming
I Might As Well
And You're Gone
Broken Down
Nothing On Me
Here's Looking At You
I'll Catch Up To You
Any Other Way
Postcard (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Out Of Sight

(45 minutes - 1 hour)