Coral Springs, Florida, USA

A melodic power pop/punk sound with catchy hooks that relate to folks of all ages. Strong influences from Blink-182, Every Avenue, Cartel, Greenday. LEAVE IT TO US has a knack for telling a great story about lost love, betrayal, and having fun!


A talented band out of Coral Springs, Florida, LEAVE IT TO US Us combines a wide range of genres, resulting in something comfortably familiar yet daring and unique. The band came together in late 2009, and has quickly captured the attention of a wide audience. Their music also attracts all ages; it is not just your everyday pop-punk garage band sound. Their LP "Never Turn Back" offers a variety of quality songs and very radio friendly sound.



Written By: Leave it to us

Hey baby, you’re a real good girl
To tell you the truth, even though it might hurt, I’m not worth it
I’m a real scumbag; Just tell me goodbye, it won’t hurt bad

You’re not missing much; let me tell you how I’m fucked up
Lemme tell you how I love you, but it sucks you love me too
These things in my head have no reason, but I will bet
Come tomorrow, a month or two, I’ll be through with you

‘Cause you’re the only thing I can confide everything
Makes me feel like I’m someone, but not the one

And you’ll just sit and wait for me; I wouldn’t do the same for you
Stop wasting your time, your time, your time on me; I’m just a stupid boy at best


Hey baby, you’re a real good girl
To tell you the truth, even though it might hurt, I’m not worth it
I’m a real scumbag; Just tell me goodbye, it won’t hurt bad


Too Little too Late

Written By: Dustin Castella

If I could turn back time, and stop myself then
Whisper your name, and have it mean something
It’d be take two, it’d be only me and you
This time around Cupid will strike me too
Give me one more chance, give me one more night
It’ll take your breath away and open your eyes
We could reach for the stars, I’m done with lonely, if only…

My heart’s still beating, yeah, it’s beating for you
Forget about the past, we can just start anew
Some would call it luck, I think I’d call it fate
Instead all you left me with… “Too little, too late”

Is this, is this the end? Maybe, we can pretend
That that’s what we had, so why did it end so bad?
Let’s try to reinstate, recreate, emotions we held back
Just tell me you feel the same, or I’ll go my own way

Was it wrong for me to want it all back?
Was it right for you to cut it off short?


Whoa, oh oh…

My heart’s still beating, beating for you
Forget about the past, and let’s start anew
We don’t need luck, create our own fate
Instead all you left me with…

Too little too late…


Leave this place

Written By: Leave it to Us

Have I found my way, or am I lost and confused?
Looking for another excuse to run away
Say goodbye to this nothing life,
A bunch of two faced friends who follow all the trends and lies
Will I even miss this town at all?

Give me reason to believe that my decision made was wrong
But by the time you’ve read this, I will be long gone
You can try but fail to find me, because I’ve left without a trace
So that I could run away, run away, and leave this place

Have I lost my way, or am I losing my mind?
Trying to convince myself I’m fine for leaving
I’ll be good here on my own
Stay here until I’ve grown, get used to being here alone
Can’t regret my last decision


To get out of this hell, find my way in this world
And now your words mean nothing at all to me



EP-12 songs CD-" Never Turn Back " released May 2011.
Available on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or directly from a band member.