Leave With Me

Leave With Me


Leave With Me is an up-and-coming rock band from London, Ontario, Canada. As performers, we are energetic and entertaining. As musicians, we are talented, tight, and technically sound. We are easy to work with, dedicated and reliable. We are incredibly stylistically versatile.


Leave With Me is an aspiring pop/punk rock band from London, Ontario. Our style is loosely modeled after modern musical icons Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, however it also emulates the musically sophisticated styling of the 70s rock era. We play with technical control polished by years of musical training on many different instruments and in a diversity of styles. With five contrasting personalities, Leave With Me is a collaboration of many differing opinions and strengths. We have developed a unique and personal sound based on the influence of each of the individual members. By fusing the strengths and talents of all five members, we are able to create and perform award-winning music. In addition to winning numerous battles of the bands, Leave With Me (under the name Exes and Eyes) is the winner of the prestigious Jack Richardson Award for "Best Youth Band of 2007". Leave With Me has been nominated for the London Music Award for "Most Popular Young People Group 2008".

            As a band, one of our priorities is to continuously improve and polish our musical skills. To this end, early in our career, we sought the help of local Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner Kevin Gorman. As a result of our enthusiasm, determination and work ethic, Kevin found after only 6 months of collaboration that we were ready to record our debut full-length EP, Pretty It Up! 

            With the release of Pretty It Up! in August 2007, Leave With Me has gained local recognition and continues to grow as a band. We love to write new material and put on a dynamic live show that leaves a lasting and profound effect on our audience.



Written By: Leave With Me

Envelope cut smoothly open
Saved, so you can see your name
Written down in hasty cursive
The rest is written just the same
It’s not a piece of literature
Crossed out words and blotted ink
Spelling mistakes, awful grammar
You can tell I stopped to think

You’ll read it in your garden
Aloud, to hear the rhyme
Aloud, to hear the rhythm
Hear the meaning, hear my mind
You’ll read it once more over
Repeat your favorite line
Aloud, to hear the rhythm
Hear the meaning, hear my mind

You’ll remember where my heart lies
And you’ll know to read it there
In your garden, during summer
Lovely sun on lovely hair


Pretty It Up! - 2007 (10 Songs)
Leave With Me EP - 2008 (5 Songs)

Set List

Typically we play 1 hour sets, made up of entirely original material

A set list we frequently play is as follows:

Cute When You’re Angry
Alert for Signs Of Danger
I’ve Been Waiting
Going Nowhere
One Hundred More
Sounds Of Summer
Best Wishes
To: Them
The Claudio Technique