Leaving Venus

Leaving Venus

 Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Leaving Venus is a romantic but frantic Indie Love Rock Band from the Charlotte area in North Carolina.
Think the Cars meets Morrissey, meets the Beatles, meets the Strokes and gets hit head on by the Killers.


*These talented musicians know pop positive chord changes. They're like eating one potato chip, impossible to stop with just one. They played for 40 short minutes, but I needed them to play longer. In todays economic depression Leaving Venus insists upon a smile, a kiss from whomever is nesting with you and dance. I wanted to move, to dance, to spin and laugh. Great music! p.s. reminded me a little bit of 80's pop college music.
--Jon Haynes, Jon Haynes Photography
“Hailing from (the) Charlotte, North Carolina (area), and considered by some Indie Rock’s premier ‘underdogs’..., Leaving Venus has quickly become a formidable presence in that genre, picking up a mantle that many critics say couldn’t be picked up again.
With quirky, retro-influenced hooks (like the chorus of the infectious ‘An Angel’s Comedy’), Leaving Venus may be an underdog, but that’s only one of the reasons why we love ‘em.” (from a review by Janice Hawbright)

'DEAD MEN DON'T TELL TALES!', Leaving Venus' DEBUT full-length album was released in June 2010 to an eager audience. The release party was hosted by Lenoir, NC's very own F.Futs.

Leaving Venus is comprised of four somewhat demure indivduals, but whose personalities come together to generate a very unique and exciting refrain.
Formed in late 2008, the group is:
Chris Cornwell- Drums.
Thomas Grell- Bass and Vocals.
Michael Miller- Lead Guitar and Vocals.
David Spurlock- Vocals, Guitar and Synths.

Leaving Venus has taken the label of indie-rock and given it new life and meaning. "Rock-stardom isn't our objective", says Spurlock, "I think we exist because of that fact. We want to keep people on their toes with thoughtful, yet brash rock and roll."


"Dead Men Don't Tell Tales!" (June 2010) - Debut Album

'One Night Only' (January 2009)- E.P.

Featured on DMMS Radio's premier podcast in early 2009.

'Nice To Say' added to Five Gems station on Independent Artist Company Radio.

'Leaving Venus' added to '50 Ways To Leave' IAC station.

'An Angel's Comedy' added to 'The Gabby Station' station (IAC).

"Maria' was featured on the 'Underground Cafe' Radio Show.

Set List

Mostly original material,
but covers include:
*Money / You
Never Give Me Your
Money (The Beatles)
*Hello, I Love You (The
*Someday (The Strokes)
*Last Nite (The Strokes)
*Sweet Dreams (The
*Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
*Walk the Line (Johnny
*Brown Eyed Girl (Van
*Heart of Life (John Mayer)
*Jenny Was A Friend of Mine (The Killers)
*You Never Give me Your
Money reprise/ Eyes
Front reprise/ Handgun
(The Beatles + Original)
*Sea of Love (Cat Power)
*Last Dance With Mary Jane (Tom Petty)
*Cocaine (Eric Clapton)