Leaving A Small Town

Leaving A Small Town


Danes Leaving A Small Town has been described as "Carpenters meetings Raveonettes" - and the duo's blend of delicate melodies, consistent use of the duet as an instrument and edgy rock and dusty roots music as a backing, are indeed inspired by these names, among many others.


Leaving A Small Town consists of guitarist, songwriter and producer Niels Chr Simmelgaard and singer Stinne Tornøe Frederiksen. He has a background in various Danish bands - she is from the singer/songwriter environment and a political science student with a past as a model. Both grew up in small towns which are now abandoned and put behind them, for the dream of something more than what was immediately on the program where they came from.

Leaving A Small Town has just released their debut album - with a bunch of great songs lyrically dealing with lust of life and the many ways of love, and instrumented with the fine combination of light female vocals and dark lord voice, rusty guitars and an atmosphere of wide open spaces and the longing for far and foreign places.
Fall 2009 was The bands first visit to Austin Tx,. where they played two shows (Cactus Cafe And Threadgills Outdoors Scene) and played a lie show on KUT.
Leaving A Small Town is now negotiating with Us Label and management About Us release more info should follow very soon.


Leaving a Small Town released september 4th on PS2.0

First singel "Let's Go Out" got quite alot of airplay on Dr P4 (Largest radio station in denmark)

We have made two videos that has been showed on MeTv in Austin Tx, And The station Kut in Austin Tx. played "Let's go out"

Set List

Usually we play a 75 min. set, but when we tour with other bands it's 50 min set

Let's go out
Slow Down
Leaving A Small Town
A House by the lake
When are you...
The View
By My Side
Its fine by me