Leaving Brightside

Leaving Brightside


Simply put, we are just 5 guys who are influenced by a real life. We are real, We have problems and we don't claim to have all the answers; but our faith gets us through and allows us to write songs that reflect hope and living life to its fullest. it's eay and We just want to make you smile.


Baton rouge based band 'Leaving Brightside' is without a doubt an uncompromisable force to be wreckoned with. Catchy hooks, soaring guitar leads and a strong foundation are setting these young southern boys up for sure success. "We all met, while we were all involved in seperate worship projects at our own church's. Traveling and leading worship a lot of youth groups around the area," said lead singer Dustin West, "we all just connected instantly!" And they definently found their niche quick. They've only been around for 1 year and LB has already honed quite a unique blend of there own, fusing sounds from influences such as: Anberlin to Jimmy Eat World and John Mayer to Switchfoot. In a world that seems so often to get you down, LB's songs have a knact for putting a positive spin on negative situation and are sure to have you smiling in no time. "We are inspired by life," says guitarist Caleb Stevens, "the Lord has blessed us and the songs we write are about real life and having hope and living this life to the fullest." Try to get the melody out of your head....it aint gonna happen. I've been trying for a while now, but it's just like a high school crush that you can't have....You can't get it out of your head and honestly that not such a bad thing. Simply put, these guys are not going anywhere any time soon...get a hold of there music and you'll know why.



Written By: Leaving Brightside

We let our thoughts create a moment, and that moment felt so real. That moment faded to a memory and now it's just a story that we tell. Now it's just a lyric in a song, so let it ring. We let that summer slip away, watched another season change, like the sun will surely fade, it's the turning of a page. We watched that summer slip away. Do you remember? Or better yet baby, how could you forget last december. Oh caroline, do you recall that night we were running in the rain? Now it's just a lyric in a song, so let it ring. Emotions unforgotten inspire the melody we sing.

It's Not the Time, It's Just the Season

Written By: Leaving Brightside

Listen to me baby now don't cry. Everything happens for a reason, no compromise - it's not the time, it's just the season. Let's try and get it right this time, close your eyes and hold on. I'm not the type for conversation, see the silence is my quick fix. Burning down bridges beneath the city lights, i'm a sinner and the saint. Now i'm drowning from the saline in your eyes. If we swim than we might make it-you see the shoreline is not that far from you to me, no one ever said that this would be easy. Listen to me baby now don't cry, everything happens for a reason no compromise. It's not the time it's just the season. let's try and get it right this time, just close your eyes and hold on. I want to be the friend that sticks with you until the very end. I'll give you hope and second chances, when all else has caved in. I want to talk with you for hours, till all your problems are gone. And just in case i'm waiting at the bottom, to catch you when you fall. Hallelujah.


3 Song self titled EP - "Leaving Brightside"

Set List

Typical songlist consist of 10-12 original songs, mixed with various covers. i.e. - Cindy Lauper, Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World, etc. Sets range from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on venue need.

LB Originals include:
It's Not the Time, It's Just the Season
Get Up, Get Up
Always Wait
Ray Boltz
Here's An Anthem
Heaven Is Waiting
Just Like the Movies
Letters In Red
No Place Like Home
Stubborn Hearts
It's a Soundtrack
To the Left, To the Left
It's Just a Phase I'm Going Through
Sad Song
Breaking Hearts