Leaving July

Leaving July


Leaving July is a band of best friends doing what they love to do. In doing so they hope to bring an energetic live performance that leaves the audience wanting more. The music they make is a blend of genres and personal tastes that infuses heart felt lyrics in hopes of reaching the masses.


“An ordinary miracle… or perhaps a Mundane Phenomena? That’s a perplexing oxymoron at best. Speaking of oxymorons, how often do you hear a group of young men playing screamo punk rock with real talent? Although I rarely say any album is a miraculous work, I certainly can’t call Leaving July’s debut release Mundane Phenomena ordinary.” InSite Austin’s Briana Reinersten said it best when describing Leaving July’s debut album. After little less than a year, Leaving July’s debut album has left a mark on the Austin Music Scene. Voted Austinpunkrock.org band of the month for May and rated an (A) by Austin’s own Insite magazine, Leaving July is just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential. Having formed in late 2003, Jason Gonzales and Sherman Smith, guitarist and bassist respectively, founded the band while attending the University of Texas. After months of playing in garages, Stephen Gaydos joined the band. Initially playing guitar Stephen became the singer and Leaving July was born. In early 2004 the band entered the studio and hammered out a 3 song demo, “Persistence is Futile.” The original drummer left the band in late 2004 and was replaced by long-time friend Brian Baucum. With the addition of Brian the band found themselves in a creative whirlwind that led to 11 songs being orchestrated in a three month period. Jeremy Krimmel joined soon thereafter as a guitarist, allowing Stephen to focus on vocals, and on April 8, 2005, Leaving July released their debut full-length titled “Mundane Phenomena.” Stephen left the band in summer of 2005, and Jeremy took over as singer. Within weeks Patrick Hobbie joined the band and added the final piece of the puzzle. Having solidified its lineup Leaving July is determined to bring it’s music to the masses. Infused with heartfelt poetic lyrics and youthful energy Leaving July will have you out of your seat craving more.


Fornication Under Consent of the King
- Mcallen, TX 94.5
- Chattanooga, TN 91.5
Mundane Phenomena EP 2005
Persistence is Futile Demo 2004

Set List

The Greatest Story Never Told
The Reflection
Heavy Hearts and Blurred Visions
Take Me Away
Plastic and Prescriptions
A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
Come Back
Fornication Under Consent of the King