Leaving Miss Blue

Leaving Miss Blue


Leaving Miss Blue is delta blues rock. We take delta blues standards, slop them up, and rock them out. We range anywhere from Prince to Robert Johnson, and we do it using homemade instruments.



Leaving Miss Blue is a blues rock trio that sounds and performs unlike anything on the market today. The band’s diverse influences can be heard in every song it plays. However, in order to comprehend how this band created its unique sound, the band’s story must be told.

During a poorly attended solo acoustic show in a dive bar in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Will Martin was asked by friend and co-worker Travis Clark if he could play an electric washboard on a couple songs. As a last-ditch effort to win over the under-enthusiastic
crowd, Will plugged in and played his cigar-box guitar, a hybrid bass and electric, which he had recently received as a gift. Suddenly, the previously distant crowd was enthralled by such a drastic musical change, and the brainchild that became Leaving Miss Blue was born.

After playing many open-mic sessions around Chattanooga and building a grass roots following, the two came to the realization that they needed a drummer to complete their sound. Josh Couillard was brought on approximately six hours before the first full band performance in Athens, Georgia. Having a repertoire of only six songs, they played for an hour and a half. The crowd wanted more.

While discussing potential band names, the group decided the name should tell their journey of how they came to be; how they had left the Mississippi blues behind them to create their own unique sound. Leaving Miss Blue.


"32/20" single - cover of Robert Johnson's blues classic streaming on HarvestReaper.com


Set List

We can play anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours on this set. In the latter case, we tend to jam a little more, but we know when to keep it short and snappy. Our typical set right now is an hour and 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that although we might "cover" certain songs, we turn them into originals.

The Bowlegged Woman Strut - groovy instrumental jam to set the mood
Bear Trap - original with a catchy guitar hook
Big Truck - original driving blues-rockabily song
Darling Nikki - Prince cover into...
All Night Long - Lionel Richie cover back into...
Darling Nikki - Prince cover
30/20 - southern rock at its best (crowd sing along is likely)
Goin' Out West - Tom Waits/Widespread Panic cover sung by the drummer (Crowd favorite)
"New Song" - untitled original acoustic song
Methadone Boogie - darker delta blues original with a driving groovy beat
Me & The Devil - Robert Johnson cover