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Leaving Shiloh

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Emergenza Round 1 Short Review"

"The alternative band Leaving Shiloh brought to the stage great tunes and melodies and they had a great success with the crowd." - Emergenza.net

"Emergenza Round 3 Short Review"

Leaving Shiloh captured the audience with sweet harmonies and their attention-grabbing stage presence. - Emergenza.net

"Nashville Show Review"

Apparently musically borderless trio Leaving Shiloh is best characterized by the image of a giant melting pot. Their signature is found in each member's artistic influences: Classic rock, blues, jazz and hard rock all make distinctive cameos somewhere inside the mix. - Country Music Marathon Magazine

"Indie Community Testimonials"

I booked Leaving Shiloh [and others] for our Foundry Back 2 School Bash. All of the bands were incredible to work with and had great attitudes. - Indie Community

"Birmingham Weekly"

The members of this Birmingham trio bring influences from classic rock to modern metal, and meld them together into a funky brew that sometimes bubbles with a theat to grab at your throat. The vocals are very '80s-college rock at times, with often raw guitar and drum sounds, making the band sound like a throwback to a time before they were even walking. - The Birmingham News


Road Somewhere (2004), the singles "That's How I Feel" and "Road Somewhere" have received airplay in the Southeast.

Bad Directions and Non-Existant Laundromats (2006) is the new release from Leaving Shiloh, already outselling "Road Somewhere" in the first months of availability.



O-rig-i-nal (adj.) - Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual; Showing a marked departure from previous practice; new. What does it mean to be original? This meaning most certainly loses its place in modern music. In a thick and murky swamp filled with cookie-cutter emo/punk and no-talent ballad bands, many believe that Rock itself died a horrible, merciless death. Leaving Shiloh begs to differ. With their brand of fresh, energetic, fun-induced rock, Leaving Shiloh breathes a breath of life into modern music and rises above its muddy depths.

Leaving Shiloh started with Matt Godfrey and Michael Johnson and a love for music. The group gigged around in its early phases, but came alive with the addition of Kendrick Wallace on drums. Each individual comes from a different musical background, but all view rock the same way. Leaving Shiloh believes that rock itself is a tradition. Bands such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Queen got it right and played rock the way it should be played. Leaving Shiloh hopes to carry on that tradition.

The power trio now plays with increasing frequency while their sound grows even bigger and more unbridled. Leaving Shiloh continues to reveal their “face-rocking� sets to the masses while surprising them with their mix of classic roots and untarnished originality. Do you remember when rock was powerful? When music was great and made you feel like dancing? Do you remember having fun at a concert that delivered in every single aspect and left you breathless? If so, you remember Leaving Shiloh.