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Excellent alt.country twang-rock! An incredible live band that is very much on the rise. "Compared favorably to Drive By Truckers, Reckless Kelly and Steve Earle ... and not without good cause."- Maverick Magazine.


"One of the strongest contenders to emerge on the alt.country scene in years"ONTAP MAGAZINE

Gripping vocals, intelligent lyrics, and songs filled with memorable hooks are what you will find with the LEAVING, TX.  This original alt.country outfit delivers a clever blend of cutting edge “twang-rock” mixed with a healthy dose of country.

Songs about life, love, and the bottle…  Intelligent lyrics, strong instrumentation, raw whiskey-soaked alt.country…  This DC-based quartet has come on strong over the past year gaining regional, national, and international attention.  Their debut CD "100 Miles to Sunday" was released in 2006.  The disc reached #8 on the Euro-Americana Charts.  The bands 2nd CD, “Anywhere on Good Roads”, released on Lucky Range Records in 2007 soared to #8 on the FAR (Freeform American Roots) Charts and #11 on the Euro-Americana Charts.  The band’s 3rd CD, “Late Gettin’ Started” had similar success landing at #6 on the Euro-Americana charts and #5 on the FAR charts in the US.

The band is driven by songwriter Chris Patterson’s rugged, in your face, vocal style, ripping telecasters and sweet pedal steel all anchored by a tight, driving rhythm section. This powerful group of musicians allow Patterson’s songs to really shine.

Patterson made the move to Austin, TX in 2010 but kept a long-distance love affair with LEAVING, TX; continuing to play festivals and occasional venue shows with the band.  In late 2017 he returned to the east coast and LEAVING, TX is now working full time on their 4th CD and playing live music.


Chris Patterson – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars.  The bands songwriter is a native of Iowa although he has called sixteen cities home.  Patterson received his first guitar at the age of 8 but claims he didn’t learn to play it until he was 30.  He carries with him very strong Irish roots and spends a couple weeks each year in Ireland seeking out music and his ancestry.  His songwriting is strongly influenced by Jon Dee Graham, Steve Earle, and Alejandro Escovedo.  Patterson has performed abroad in both Ireland and Scotland, played a solo showcase during the SXSW Music Conference in Austin, TX and performed as a featured artist at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Garry Cecil - bass and backing vocals.  Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Cecil was raised in the “wee” village of Corstorphine.  He was raised on British music but when he arrived in America he soon became schooled by Hendrix, Zappa, and Capt. Beefheart.  This eventually led Cecil to the country rock movement and later to bluegrass.  It was a trip back to Scotland that had him dive head first into the punk/new wave scene.  He has played in numerous bands over the years, “Non- Dairy Creamers”, “Gunpoint Affection”, and “The Swinging Richards”, and most recently the highly regarded “Primitive Mind”, opening for such greats as BB King, Lunasa, Junior Brown, and Doc Watson.

Thor Smith- drums.  Smith is a native of Halden, Norway.  He started drum lessons in the first grade and played his first professional gig at twelve years old.  After a few years in a Hawaiian show band, Smith moved to New York in the early eighties with an original new wave outfit called “Ice Nine”.  He then spent almost six years with the DC group “The Smash Band”.  Semi-retired from music he was coaxed back into the scene after meeting Chris Patterson and getting hooked on his original tunes.

Andrew Buhler - electric and pedal steel guitars. Buhler is a proud native of Miami, Florida.  He started fooling around with the guitar after his father bought him an LP of Hendrix’s “Smash Hits” at age 10.  Buhler’s guitar work is “Massive”.  From Miami to Japan to Cuba, he’s been tormenting his family and friends with the instrument ever since.


 LEAVING, TX comes to play…   Their setlist varies with each show but would include mostly originals which the band can choose from over 75 Chris Patterson penned tunes along with a handful of covers that the band has reinvented to become “Leaving Texified”.  The band is engaging and entertaining and highly energetic.  With the amount of songs in the groups repertoire they can easily adjust their setlist during a show to fit the audience that is watching it.  


Bottle Doesn't Kill Me

Written By: Chris Patterson

Woke up Sunday mornin’ wearin’ Saturday Nights Clothes
Found an empty fifth of whiskey but saw no tag upon my toe
So I staggered to the kitchen, prayed to god I’d find a beer
I know this drinkin’s killing me but it gets me out of here

And I’m down on my luck
And headed straight to hell
And if the bottle doesn’t kill me there’s a woman here who will

Yeah I met her down in Houston in a club outside of town
I’d seen her dancing once before and I just kept comin’ round
She said her name was Dusty and would I buy her a drink
So the liquor started flowin’ and I did not have time to think


Yeah Dusty liked my money and she knew how to get it all
She’d smile and I’d forget my life but I was headed for a fall
You know I thought she loved me but she never took me in
So set me up with another ‘round cause I’ll be comin’ back again


Lost and Lonely I would stumble out each night.
But I had that Bottle by my side.

It’s been six months since I met her and each night I still return
And each night she takes my money like I have money to burn
And each day I think of Dusty when the morning sun arrives
And curse her for the pain I feel cause I’m more dead than alive.




Be My Guide
CP… 02.06.06

Is this the path that will take me to heaven
Heard the one on the left will take me straight to hell
How will I know if I start to stumble
Will I recognize will I find it hard to tell

Will I be allright
Do you understand
Will you be my guide through the burning fires again?

Spent half my life avoiding that good book
I gotta believe the truth offers so much more
Read what it says, just don’t stand to reason
It don’t hold the key to unlock all them doors


Don’t get me wrong I believe that your out there
But I think we both know I won’t get down on my knees
See you in rocks and the trees on that mountain
If you don’t mind, I’ll just do as I please

Chorus x2

Next of Kin

Written By: Chris Patterson


Won't you notify my next of kin
I’ll soon be travelin headed home to them
I seek forgiveness for the things I’ve done
Notify them that I’m comin’ home

If you stay here by my side tonight you’ll find...
I'm almost out of time

Won't you notify my next of kin
Time is short seein' the state I'm In
Next time they see me They’ll be dressed in Black
Notify them that I’ll soon be back


Won't you notify my next of kin
Time I tell em' of just where I've been
I'm pretty sure they can start diggin ground
Notify them ‘fore I get to Town


Can you send them this wire
As I’ll only make one plea
See I’m sure they’ll want to know
Though I know they’ll hate to see
Please try to make this clear
For this is all that I request
Tell them not to shed a tear
Tonight they’ll walk me to my death

Won't you notify my next of kin
the time has come for me to face my sins
just send the number of that eastbound train
It holds the coffin filled with my remains



Late Gettin' Started - 2009
Anywhere on Good Roads - 2007
Live at Paddy's Pub EP - 2006
100 Miles to Sunday - 2006
"Live on Spotlight" DVD - 2006

Currently recording disc #4.

LEAVING, TX CD's have each appeared in the top 15 Euro Americana charts and American Roots charts.

Several live tracks were recently added to http://www.myspace.com/leavingtx

Set List

Leaving,TX is an original band featuring the songs of Chris Patterson. They will sneak in a few obscure covers during their set. The band prefers one or two 45-60 minute sets although they have about 4 hours worth of material with over 40 original songs and another dozen covers.