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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Coming Soon!"

We'll have some reviews up shortly touting the majesty of our superior quality in all things. - patience please


Wave of The Future Part 1 Ep.


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are world class, by far the best at what we do, won't even put an exclamation point after that because it's such common knowledge that it's no longer an exciting statement.

Unparalleled showmanship through the fusion of throwback digital new wave era dance symbiotically coupled with the raw power of a darker yet moody and melodic basement punk rock. Our front man is disco star powered fire, ever on time and never hesitating to take the debauchery to brave new heights from start to finish. The music itself has been honed to a fine razors edge, fronted by an assortment of synth style keyboards played to perfection by hands crafted in honor of the robot devil himself. Underlying beneath the brooding surface, interwoven amongst the internal widows web is the unfettered power of melody based staccato studded strings working in tandem with a gritty bass that will shake the soul from your chest. All this while being steadily marched forward toward the light by drums metered like hammers of thunder rallying us to a war so stylish and sexy that you might not last the whole of a song.

Compared to the likes of Duran Duran, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The Faint, and Bloc Party, but yet again with overwhelming roots in both 80's New Wave and early Punk Rock. Our tastes are influenced by the entire world of sound with each of our 5 members drawing on our favorites from a broad spectrum of available influences.

Our live show has been heralded as some of the most energetic fun and debauchery to be witnessed in the area. When LeBaron manifests itself before peoples eyes, we bring the experience of a rock spectacle with smoke mirrors and flashing lights right into their minds. People don't want to pay money to see a show they have seen a thousand times before by every band in town, or to see a stiff boring show that any one off the street can perform. We have crafted our own particular high fashion and style to add to our outlandish live performance so that we gain a steady fan base and develop a devoted following because people experience our live energy and continue to want to be present when we tear up the club. The live show, although displayed as an idea that has been planned for an optimum experience that is chock full of glittery eye catching jazz, also has more than its share of improv and unprecedented anarchy built in on the spot so that the mood is always lively, the likes of which only come from tapping into the energy and excitement of wanting to steal the show every single performance. That's what LeBaron is about, stealing the show and taking it up a notch and making every move count so that people go home happy and excited that local music can be more than they ever thought it could be before. As well as having our fair share of original songs we have been known to add or own particular blend of spice to covers of The Misfits, The Pixies, Joy Division, and the Electric Six.

As far as accolades and triumphs throughout our show history we would recall that we have taped an episode of the music program Two on the Aisle for the Blue Ridge Cable Network in which we performed 4 songs from our upcoming EP and gave an interview as the featured guest for the entire half hour program. Currently LeBaron has earned a position as a regular staple at the largest local club in the area, The Chameleon Club playing both their main stage as well as their 21+ Lizard Lounge. We have played various charity events in the form of hurricane benefits, as well as at PITT University as the headliner for Jamnesty which was an Amnesty International event and a benefit battle of the bands at Immaculata University for the Sara Hanna Foundation which featured Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel. We have played two shows for Indy Lounge Productions opening up for Houston Calls, previous to that was the Historic Blue Star opening for Ris Paul Ric aka Chris Paul Richards formerly of Q and Not U. So far this summer we have coordinated efforts with the local White Hot Productions to play shows throughout the Lancaster area and the outlying countryside which was kicked off by playing an hour long set at Clipper Magazine Stadium prior to the Barnstormers game on Friday night July 7th. All of this has culminated recently in us making our presence known in the Philadelphia metropolitan area by rocking The Barbary.

LeBaron has a insidiously checkered past so sordid that it does not lend itself particularly well to discussions of exacting chronology, allegiance, or direct lineage. The earliest incarnations, beginning many years ago, spider outward from a seed of 3 novice members that would later evolve over time and swell its ranks as well as its dissension through the lives of numerous musicians to as many as 6 full time band associates at one particular point, before imploding in upon itself as in the last days of Rome and splintering into various factions and rivalries which eventually were forged together again and hammered