A new style of new wave, electro-rock dance punk, ala depeche mode mixed with the cure, and the audacity of mick jagger. this group is hot, makes you want to party and dance, while rebel for some sort of reason. Theatrical and catchy songs you chant to after hearing their concerts or songs.


LE BARON 5 Creative sparks flew when lead singer Julien and drummer Laurent first played together an after party in Brussels city. The duo then collaborated with bassist Bertand to create the electro new wave sounds that are flowing through the music scene in europe today - LE BARON 5. Both haunting and powerful, LE BARON 5's music has elements of rock, electro, new wave, and special ingredient of modern melancholic glam. their music propels you to your feet as the drummer thumps out the tempo setting off loops/samples and the bassist drives the sounds of the wild keyboard forwards. Like a well dressed tsunami, LE BARON 5 has arisen from the depth of the sea with music that can best be described as newest new wave. With their 3 song EP available for the price of an email, you too can enjoy their sound and dance to their electrified tsunami. The band has universal appeal and style, a promising future. Be sure to catch the next wave... live! www.lebaron5.com www.myspace.com/lebaron5


RADIO SINGLES "Jumpin" - Out November 2008 "Asleep" - Out november 2008 ALBUM EP - TV Show out on IN-Grooves Sept 2009.

Set List

1 hour set, no covers all originals, never the same set.