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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Halo 17 'This Is Me' Review"

"Mandi LeBlanc has served up surprises on her EP, 'This Is Me'. The first cut on this six-song EP hit me with a hefty dose of fuzz, reverb, and distortion, very much a texture piece, and it had me preparing for an EP full of fuzzy, furry shoegaze. That's when LeBlanc surprised me again by switching gears and genre, and hitting me with the title track. Gone was the fuzzy cacophony, replaced by an interesting folk-rock sound that was equal parts Americana and chic New York pop. Mandi LeBlanc's vocal range is quite impressive, and she also displays some quite well-developed songwriting ability. What should be a very jarring transition between the more reverberating shoegaze material that the band has and the more rootsy material is surprisingly smooth. LeBlanc could be a very interesting band to watch in the future."

- Lauren Harding-Healy
- Lauren Harding-Healy

"Delusions of Adequacy Review of 'This Is Me'"

"LeBlanc is lead by Austin, Texas native Mandi LeBlanc and even though she now calls Brooklyn her home, she can't escape her Texan roots. Her indie pop influences blend with country to create the smoky blend of music heard on her 6-track debut EP, 'This Is Me'.

'This Is Me' reveals LeBlanc's true pipes. She displays an interesting combination of southern whininess and upbeat New York-style pop. She slides from high-pitched squealing down to low whispers and the mood of the song fits perfectly with the line "I'm on a rampage".

As the tracks progress, LeBlanc's sound begins to reveal itself with the highs, the lows and the secret softness in between. From relatable to noisy, the element that pulls it all together is the voice. In "Be With You" it feels as though the band has really hit its stride in terms of a perfect blend of east coast style and southern rock." - Lisa Town

- Lisa Town

"ITunes Customer Review"

"LeBlanc is a spectacular group. I have seen them live several times and their energy is always high and the vibe is always one that causes any music lover much excitement. LeBlanc is a musical tapestry combining many influences. Funk, Rock, Ambience, Folk... LeBlanc has got it all! This EP is a must have!" - anonymous on ITunes - online

"Austin Chronicle Review of 'This Is Me'"

"Mandi LeBlanc left the comfortable confines of Austin for Brooklyn two years ago, but her blend of riot grrrl and folk rock has River City written all over it. Don't be fooled by opener "Cute Boyfriend" as the fourpiece LeBlanc is more Ani than Liz, and more roots than rock." - Darcie Stevens
- Darcie Stevens

"Urban Folk 'This Is Me' Review"

"Texas born Mandi LeBlanc masterminded this group's first EP, which features 6 cuts of indie rock flavored with pop, funk and country tastes. The strongest track is 'Met A Boy', which is pretty much pure smart pop straight out of the late 70's new wave. There is nothing better on this CD, or many CD's I've heard lately, though the title track, with it's sweet, breathy line, "This is me on a rampage / don't fuck with me" that's damned good, too. The band is clearly very strong, trading styles song by song but maintaining a clear identity. Another issue: the standout song, 'Met A Boy', is pretty near perfect, with lots of hooks in all the right places, and is well worth the price of admission." - Urban Folk - Urban Folk

"Oneil Records"

"LeBlanc has an alternative indie rock sound. If Weezer and Sheryl Crow ever had a child together, LeBlanc would be it's offspring. With catchy poppy hooks and melodic vocals by lead singer Mandi LeBlanc, this band is one to watch out for! Be sure to check out a live show!" - Oneil Records - online

"Brian King"

"This supergirl has some supersongs!" - Brian King-singer/songwriter - online

"Unsigned Magazine CD Review"

CD Review of *THIS IS ME* EP:

"The tracks "Be with You" and "Subway Love" are really hot. I would give Mandi a chance, she's
got a great sound." - Unsigned Magazine
- Unsigned Magazine

"Hitch Your Star Productions"

"Mandi LeBlanc has really opened up her heart to give us what I think is her soul and what she truly believes on this CD. She really is the mastermind behind it all. Her voice is incredible and I love especially when she plays the keyboard solos she has written. They are catchy and I find myself singing the melodies as soon as I walk out. This born and raised Texan has infused her Texas roots into a NYC style that is bold, current and damn good." - Hitch Your Star Productions - Online


"LeBlanc is the brainchild of one brave and talented girl!" - cdbaby.com - Online


This Is Me EP

Tracks from This Is Me EP broadcast on DirecTV Music Channels
Adult Alternative Channel 832
Singer Songwriter Channel 836

Tracks from This Is Me EP broadcast on DMX Music Services
Adult Alternative Channel
Singer Songwriter Channel

Upcoming full length album "When I'm Empty Please Dispose Of Me Properly" to be released in 2011.



Mandi LeBlanc, singer/songwriter from Austin, TX, plays indie rock music with her band LeBlanc. Texas born and raised, Mandi moved to New York City in January of 2001 where she started writing music with the influences of Spoon, Weezer, Beck, Ben Kweller, Feist, Jenny Lewis, Liz Phair, Rilo Kiley and The Beatles. After 8 years of living in NYC and tackling the music scene there, Mandi decided to go back to her roots and hometown of Austin, TX. Joined by Jeremiah Seeley on bass, Ross Roenigk on drums, Chris Mosley on guitar and Dustin LeBlanc on backing vocals, LeBlanc blends their indie sound with poppy hooks and melodic vocals that give you equal parts Americana and chic New York pop.