Le Blorr

Le Blorr

 Satellite Beach, Florida, USA

Le Blorr spawned from the sass of divas past and the acid trips of rock n' roll ghosts. Combining booty shakin psychedelic rock n' roll with a sense of grit and beauty that captures the hearts of their listeners.


Le Blorr is the music of Chris Hess and Adam Winn. They play a hybrid of indie rock n' roll and psychedelic dance music with strong pop elements. This Florida based duo is moving towards an expansive sound, more experimental scenarios for live experiences and are now recording their first full length album in LA and NYC.

"Frankly, Bim Bom kills, and tops the list of albums missed because we were too busy with Arcade Fire." (Consequence of Sound)

"Le Blorr is the dynamic duo fresh out of Florida with sing-along tracks and a high voltage live performance that has the girls ripping off their clothes and the walls dripping sweat." (Z!NK Magazine)

"Le Blorr is a gritty, raunchy, psychedelic (and oh-so-satisfying) dose of rock ‘n roll." (OCMD music Blog)

"Imagine an EP that makes you think of Led Zeppelin, Joao Gilberto, the biggest dance club tracks you’ve ever heard, and the Black Keys." (LE CHOIX french music blog)

"There’s so much going on with this band it’s hard to believe that a) they’re so new, and b) the rest of the world isn’t raving about them yet." (Pop Stache music blog)


Bim Bom EP

Set List

Our typical Set List is about 7 to 9 Songs. The last show we played in Brooklyn NY was around 45 minutes and went like this:
1. A Baby is Born
2. Sweet But A Lil Sassy
3. Hallelujah I 've been BLORR'n Again
4. Booty Makin Baby Shakin
5. Seven Sisters
6. Sky Thief
7. My Terrific Tushhh
8. Boy You Need Jesus
We try to establish a set full of peaks and sudden troughs to bring the audience closer and right when they're coming closer to see sweetness we love slap em across the tailfeathers with some sassy rock n roll. The set usually ends with me on my knees and a huddle of sweaty bodies falling with me.