Santiago, Santiago, CHL

One of the newest electronica experiences from Latin America, originating from Santiago, Chile. Their music is rich, dark, and moody with trip-hop/downtempo's signature heavy, percussion and bassline.


Originating from Santiago, Chile, Leche is the work of musician/producer Leandro Muñoz.

On their early days, Leche was discovered and selected by the creators of the record company Brownpunk Records, a label created by the British musician and producer Tricky and Chris Blackwell (who founded Island Records and introduced the world to Bob Marley), as winners for an exclusive competition whose prize was recording time in the label studio.

Their debut album, Hogar (Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2013), has received excellent reviews in Chile and abroad gfathering compliments from music media and radio in places such as diverses from their native Chile as Spain, Estonia, Hungary, México, United States, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Russia and United Kingdom including BBC and make it many times in the chart in Amazing Radio (UK) and Sochi Radio (Russia). Sometimes classified as the Portisheads of Latin America, and their sound being compared to Massive Attack or Sneakers Pimps with a modern twist; MTV Iggy defined Leche's sound as 'rich, dark and moddy with trip-hop's signature heavy, chugging percussion and bassline'. Leche is also recognized for their stage presence during live shows, which includes the finest concert halls and clubs in Chile as well as performed at Fashion Week - Chile, were the supporting act for Tricky and two european summer tour in 2012 and 2015 with performances at Noise Off Festival in Spain, Kukemuru Ambient Festival in Estonia and Sziget Festival, in addition to were named as Sziget Artistic Ambassador, which pave the way to one of the newest music experiences from Latin America.


- 'Piedra Angular' (Spanish electronica label 3.14 compilation album, 2008)

- 'Austral' (EP / Spanish Electronica label 3.14, 2008)

- 'Bajo La Piel (feat. Celeste Shaw)' (Single Box Set. Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2012)

- 'Hogar' ( Debut Album. Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2013)

- 'Awakening (feat. Celeste Shaw) / Exhale'  (EP. Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2014)

- 'Constelación (feat. javiera Benavente)' (Single BoxSet. Sounds of Mass distraction, 2015)

- 'Take A Trip' (Compilation album made by russian label Cuntroll, with artist from Russia, Belarus, England, France, Argentina and Colombia)

Remixes for:
"Council Estate" - Tricky
"Nude" - Radiohead
"Space Atlantic Satellite" - Surrounded
"Maps In Transition" - Surrounded
"Fool For Love" - Hideka (Japan)

With radio airplays in places such as diverses as England, Northamerica, Mexico, Honduras, Spain and Chile.
- Codigo DF Radio (Mexico), song "Amanecer" + interview for "Vibraciones" radio show.
- Kbit Radio (uk, usa, egypt), constantly programed "De Siempre" from "Hogar" album and "With Your Sigh" on "12 Random Tracks" show.
- In the USA the national radios Kut Radio, KCRW, Emmis Radio in addition with ruKus (Ohio), Soulul Tears (Delaware) with the single "Between My Sores" and Soma Lush FM (San Francisco) who have programmed all songs from the album "Hogar" + "Awakening", "With Your Sigh", "Constellation" and "Between My Sores".
- Radio 1 (Chile), Señores Pasajeros (Ladies & Gentlemens Passengers) Radio Show programmed the whole album "Hogar" + interview.

Set List

Set List 1 (30 Min)
- Intro
- Bajo La Piel / Under The Skin
- Amanecer / Awakening
- Entre Mis Llagas / Between My Sores
- En Paz / In Peace
- Con Tu Suspiro / With Your Sigh
- Fragil Como El Comienzo / Fragile As The Beginning

Set List 2 (45 Min - 1 Hr)
- Intro
- Bajo La Piel / Under The Skin
- Amanecer / Awakening
- Entre Mis Llagas / Between My Sores
- Constelacion / Constellation
- Terrestrial
- Te Agradezco / I Thank You For
- With Your Sigh / Con Tu Suspiro
- Donde Estes / Where Ever You Are
- En Paz / In Peace
- Tu Flor / Your Flower
- Fragil Como El Cominezo / Fragile As The Beginning

Extra Songs:
- De Siempre / Since Ever
- Hogar / Home
- Imposible / Impossible