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Santiago, Chile | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Santiago, Chile | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Electronic




"Leche in BBC Introducing"

Selected by host and producer Tom Robinson for his radio show at BBC, BBC Introducing by Tom Robinson. In addition to get an artist microsite on BBC website. - BBC

"Leche in BBC Tom Robinson's Fresh On The Net"

Featured in website, radioshow and selection made by BBC's Tom Robinson's and FOTN crew.

'Leche has a hypnotic sound and hard to find, well done' (Robjn. FOTN 2015). - BBC Tom Robinson's Fresh On The Net (United Kingdom)

"The New Breed of Trip-hop"

Marked as pioneer of a new generation of electronica/trip-hop, in addition to have +20 special appearances in shows Amazing Beats, Amazing Afternoon and Shell Zenner Show. 3 songs into the Top20 Chart.

'Is one of the finest artists from all around the world making something really new'. (Mark Ryan, Amazing Beats. Feb. 2015). - Amazing Radio (United Kingdom)

"Interview + concert broadcasting in Kossuth Rádió"

Interview and concert broadcasting to Hungary and around. First national Hungarian radio with over 1.38 millions of listeners average per day. - Kossuth Rádió (Hungary and Central Europe region)

"Leche airplayed in Klassika Raadio"

Airplay and special appearance in show Fantaasia featuring 2 hours of music from Chile including a selection of folklore, native music, jazz, pop and electronica. Most important radio in Estonia, also covering part of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. - Klassika Raadio (Estonia and Baltic region countries)

"Leche in Cökxpön Ambient Society"

Leche is present in Cökxpön Ambient Society, the main event promoter in Hungary. Also airplayed in Cökxpön radio-show at Tilos Radio. - Cökxpön Ambient (Hungary)

"Introducing Band Leche"

Even though their song wasn't in english it has this haunting effect on you. Like it could easily have been a song used for London's Fashion Week. - Meade Magazine (United Kingdom)

"Leche's artist profile in Croydon Radio"

- Awakening feat. Celeste Shaw song of the month, April 2014 (+110 airplays)
- Exhale song of the month of June 2014 (+1020 airplays). - Croydon Radio (England and the rest of the UK)

"Leche's microsite at City Beat FM"

Leche's artist profile on City Beat Radio website. - City Beat FM (Ireland, United Kingdom)

"Leche's single Awakening featured in Through The Wire Music"

Leche was premiered by Amazing Radio, featuring soul/r&b singer Celeste Shaw and you can listen it here! - Through The Wire Music (Scotland)

"Leche featured in Lost On Radio"

Lost On Radio episode 84, featuring Leche's single Awakening feat. Celeste Shaw. In addition to be featured in Lost On Radio webcast and website also broadcasted on Lost On Radio show in Audio-Graffiti Radio (Leeds), Radio Goolerri (Australia) and WYAP-LC Clay (West Virginia, United States). - Lost On Radio (United Kingdom)

"Leche's Hogar album review on From B to Zee"

Leche's music is unique, like an oppressive though strigh-to-heart sea of tranquility flowing in a world made of smoke. - From B to Zee Magazine (France, United Kingdom)

"Leche performance review at Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2015"

Perhaps one of the most exciting region of the world, Chile, travelled to our land with the band called Leche. Their performance felt in Latin America and the peculiar shade of spicy pleasent trip-hop rhythms. - Rada 7" Magazine (Estonia and Baltic region countries)

"Leche in Ekpress (Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2015 review)"

Leche performance review in estonian newspaper Ekpress as act of Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2015. - Ekpress Newspaper (Estonia)

"Leche in Müürileht Magazine"

In the two days festival in the Järvamaa's forest you can enjoy the deep and exotic electronica from Chile. - Müürileht Magazine (Estonia)

"Leche in Evensi as act of Kukemuru Festival 2015"

Listen the exotic approach to trip-hop codes through deep electronica from Chile. - Evensi (Estonia and Baltic region countries)

"Leche in Kukemuru Ambient Festival Official Website"

On the trip-hop community in Chile, the main leader is the name of muti-instrumentalist Leandro Muñoz. - Kukemuru Ambient Festival official Website (Estonia)

"Leche announced in the Kukemuru 2015 Festival at Kultuur Info Magazine"

The KUKEMURU AMBIENT 2015 programme offers artists from the United Kingdom, India, Chile, Germany, Finland and Estonia. In the wild forest grasp of the festival, one can listen to an exotic approach to sound that is soaked with trip-hop accencion through deep electronica from Chile. - Kultuur Info Magazine (Estonia and Baltic region countries)

"About Leche tour 2015 dates in Hungary."

Leche's performance in Sziget Festival includes hungarian singer Zsófia Szigeti as well as other guest musicians like guitarrist Pablo Slam or british Michael Kentish on stage!. - Embassy of Chile in Hungary

"Leche in Art News (As release act of exhibition Harmat at TOBE Gallery)"

Sziget Festival acts are visiting TOBE Gallery, the chilean band Leche with their mix of alternative and electronica, described by themselfs 'as you feel, at the end of the day is music' and Berlin's one and only Empire State Dj Gloria Viagra, unfathomably, but a perfect match to the exhibition. - Art News (Hungary)

"Promotion by Sziget Festival Spain Official"

Travelling to distant stars with the dreamy trip-hop of Leche at the TDK Sziget Beach Cokxpon Chill Garden Stage. - Sziget Spain Official (Hungary, Spain and Latin America)

"Leche in Plan Musical Magazine"

Leche has become synonymous with Chile in such as distant and diverse places as Hungary, Estonia, Mexico, Russia and the UK. - Plan Musical (Spain)

"Leche in Kedin Spain"

Its popularity has led them to be headlining of major european festivals as well as being the opening act for british musician-producer Tricky. - Kedin Madrid (Spain)

"Leche in Indyrock Music Magazine"

IndyRock shows you 'Bajo La Piel' music video, selected as one of the 25 best music videos of 2013 in Latin America. - IndyRock Music Magazine (Spain)

"Leche's review on Manes Desidia Magazine"

Is not only a musical discovery after enjoy their live performance. - Manes Desidia Magazine (Spain)

"Special broadcasting by national radio in Mexico"

Airplay and special of radio show Codigo Indie boradcasting 1 hour of music and interview of Leche. - Codigo CDMX (Mexico)

"Leche's music video in the countdown of Best Videos of 2013"

Bajo La Piel feat. Celeste Shaw music video is selected among 25 Best Music Videos of 2013 of Latin America by specialized colombian music magazine El Parlante Amarillo. - El Parlante Amarillo (Colombia)

"Introducing by Radio Macondo in Colombia"

Racdio Macondo from Colombia introducing song and music video 'Bajo La Piel'. - Radio Macondo (Colombia)

"Leche close their European Tour of this year in the Sziget Festival 2015"

Leche's european tour includes performances in Spain, Estonia and Hungary, the latter being on a visit with two additional performances to Sziget, the first at Akvarium Klub in Elizabeth Square opened the photo exhibition of artist Gabor Deutsch, HEAT, and another one at TOBE gallery, a gallery located in the center of Budapest being the release event's act again, on this time for the exhibition of the artist from Madrid, Rocio Montoya, an occasion that had the distinguished presence of the Ambassador of Chile in Hungary Veronica Chahin and consul of Chile in Hungary Carlos Gajardo, who attended the event to see the performance of the band. - Chile Foreign Ministry

"Leche European Tour 2015"

Leche is currently running an European tour by Spain, Estonia and Hungary with outstanding performances as the Noise Off Festival in Madrid, Kukemuru Ambient Festival in Estonia and Sziget Festival in Hungary, the latter known as the colossus of international festivals where the chilean band in addition to leading one of the most emblematic and distinctive stages of the festival for the second time attending as artistic ambassadors, appointed by the festival itself to represent the spirit of it beyond the borders of Europe. - Chile Foreign Ministry

"Leche in special broadcasting for Estonia and Baltic region"

Leche has been included in a finest selection of chilean music as part of a special radio show of 2 hours of exclusively music from Chile broadcasted by Klassika Raadio to Estonia, Finland, Latvia and the west of Russia. - Chile Foreign Ministry

"Leche wins as Best Electronica Song 2014, SACH Awards"

Leche song Awakening (feat. Celeste Shaw) wins as Best Electronica Song 2014 in SACH Awards (Solely Chilean Artists Awards). - SACH (Chile)

"The song of the day: Leche with 'Bajo La Piel'"

Premiere of the music video for the song 'Bajo La Piel' in website of newspaper The Clinic, who said about the song: 'with an unique sound!'. - The Clinic (Chile)

"Leche prepare their bags for Sziget 2015"

Sziget is probably one of the strongest festivals not only in Europe, of the whole world. On several occasions it has been awarded prizes in categories such as 'Best Major Festival' and every year brings together more than 300 thousand people, with a record 415,000 last year.

So, in a few lines we can measure the importance of the Sziget Festival, an event that in its line-up includes Leche, band who for a second time will be participating in this instance involves not only music, but also art in general, culture and entertainment. - Twitsessions (Chile)

"Leche, the band which will open Tricky's concert"

"One of the most innovative of the local scene" - rocknvivo.com (Chile)

"Leche in Balcony TV"

Leche performing Bajo La Piel for Balcony TV music serie. Republished in Daily motion and Orange TV. - Balcony TV

"Leche chosen as winners in remix contest for indie Swedish band Surrounded."

Leche chosen as winners in indie Swedish band Surrounded's remix contest! - Surrounded's Tracks Fields Site

"Awakening, the new single of Leche"

Our Leche premiered in England's Amazing Radio their single 'Awakening'. - Radio Musica Chilena (Chilean Music Radio)

"Leche premire new single Awakening"

'Awakening', the second single taken from the acclaimed 'Hogar' was introduced by british Amazing Radio in London, Dublin and South East England becoming the favourite song of the week. - Musica de Color (Chile)

"Absenta Musical Magazine"

'Awakening' was premiered by the renowed Amazing Radio along with become the song of the week it also remains more than 7 weeks in the Top20 Amazing Chart. - Absenta Musical (Chile)

"Yo Tomo Leche! / I drink Milk!"

"Does not happend very often that ones finds a band that really surprise you with their work. Fortunally there are exceptions for that rule and Leche is one of them." - POTQ Music Site (Chile)

"Bands We Like: Chilean Trip-Hoppers Leche!."

Leche, or “milk,” is a trip hop, downtempo creepy electro project between hot model/singer Marcela Thais and musician Leandro Muñoz.

Their music is rich, dark and moody with trip hop’s signature heavy, chugging percussion and bassline. But a few tracks, including “Suspira En Mi” (“longing in me”) veer more toward showing off Thais’s capable, folky vocal chords. One of their tracks, “Council Estate,” is a trip hop remix of a track by UK alternative musician Tricky…with whom they share the record label BrownPunk. - MTV Iggy

"Review of EP "Austral""

(Extract review of EP Austral)
"It is an album with a strong trip-hop feeling, a buzz of darkness, with an incredible sound!" - Perlssdj Music Blog (Spain)

"The flavor of chilean band Leche"

sometimes their sound gives the impression that is a living organism as if breathing and their music sounds as somebody founds a place, a precious sound like it was a mineral, devoted to transform it in different ways. - Oscuro Magazine (Spain)

"Leche (Review)"

"Leche is an excellent trip-hop band, honestly as very few exists in spanish. Their debut album "Hogar" (Home) is 100% recomended, 11 tracks and each is a great song!" - Indoor Music Blog (Costa Rica)

"Sello de Tricky ficha a banda Chilena / Tricky's record label sign Chilean band."

"Tricky's label sign Chilean band Leche!" - EMOL, El Mercurio Newspaper (Chile)

"El descubrimiento Chileno de Tricky / The Chileans discovered by Tricky"

(Leandro interview extract)
"Brownpunk is the new label set by Tricky and producer Chris Blackwell, who found Island and responsible to introduced Bob Marley the world. After the show Tricky comes to Leandro and confirm the signed of his band to Brownpunk."

(About Leandro's work as producer and engineer for other Chilean bands, he says...). "Although all these years working with other bands, all this is new, but I see as a part of a complete process with different roles but each as important as the other." - EMOL, El Mercurio Newspaper (Chile)

"Leche Materna / Breast Milk"

(About Leche debut album, Hogar)
"An entire hour of music that, if finds you in the place and right time, it becomes in a very short time. Highly recomended!" - Front Row entertainment suplement from Las Ultimas Noticias Newspaper (Chile)

"Ya esta disponible "Constelacion" primer single de Leche / Constellation is released, first Leche's single."

"Praised by the foreign audience" - POTQ Music Site (Chile)

"Review of the song "Con Tu Suspiro" included in the compilation "Piedra Angular""

The whole song revolves around a charming female voice floating on an ocean of atmospheric sounds and some small minimalist rhythms playing in the background. Wonderful and deep as a beautiful youth reminder"
Vote: 5 of 5 - Eldino (Italy)


- 'Piedra Angular' (Spanish electronica label 3.14 compilation album, 2008)

- 'Austral' (EP / Spanish Electronica label 3.14, 2008)

- 'Bajo La Piel (feat. Celeste Shaw)' (Single Box Set. Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2012)

- 'Hogar' ( Debut Album. Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2013)

- 'Awakening (feat. Celeste Shaw) / Exhale'  (EP. Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2014)

- 'Constelación (feat. javiera Benavente)' (Single BoxSet. Sounds of Mass distraction, 2015)

- 'Take A Trip' (Compilation album made by russian label Cuntroll, with artist from Russia, Belarus, England, France, Argentina and Colombia)

Remixes for:
"Council Estate" - Tricky
"Nude" - Radiohead
"Space Atlantic Satellite" - Surrounded
"Maps In Transition" - Surrounded
"Fool For Love" - Hideka (Japan)

With radio airplays in places such as diverses as England, Northamerica, Mexico, Honduras, Spain and Chile.
- Codigo DF Radio (Mexico), song "Amanecer" + interview for "Vibraciones" radio show.
- Kbit Radio (uk, usa, egypt), constantly programed "De Siempre" from "Hogar" album and "With Your Sigh" on "12 Random Tracks" show.
- In the USA the national radios Kut Radio, KCRW, Emmis Radio in addition with ruKus (Ohio), Soulul Tears (Delaware) with the single "Between My Sores" and Soma Lush FM (San Francisco) who have programmed all songs from the album "Hogar" + "Awakening", "With Your Sigh", "Constellation" and "Between My Sores".
- Radio 1 (Chile), Señores Pasajeros (Ladies & Gentlemens Passengers) Radio Show programmed the whole album "Hogar" + interview.



Originating from Santiago, Chile, Leche is the work of musician/producer Leandro Muñoz.

On their early days, Leche was discovered and selected by the creators of the record company Brownpunk Records, a label created by the British musician and producer Tricky and Chris Blackwell (who founded Island Records and introduced the world to Bob Marley), as winners for an exclusive competition whose prize was recording time in the label studio.

Their debut album, Hogar (Sounds of Mass Distraction, 2013), has received excellent reviews in Chile and abroad gfathering compliments from music media and radio in places such as diverses from their native Chile as Spain, Estonia, Hungary, México, United States, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Russia and United Kingdom including BBC and make it many times in the chart in Amazing Radio (UK) and Sochi Radio (Russia). Sometimes classified as the Portisheads of Latin America, and their sound being compared to Massive Attack or Sneakers Pimps with a modern twist; MTV Iggy defined Leche's sound as 'rich, dark and moddy with trip-hop's signature heavy, chugging percussion and bassline'. Leche is also recognized for their stage presence during live shows, which includes the finest concert halls and clubs in Chile as well as performed at Fashion Week - Chile, were the supporting act for Tricky and two european summer tour in 2012 and 2015 with performances at Noise Off Festival in Spain, Kukemuru Ambient Festival in Estonia and Sziget Festival, in addition to were named as Sziget Artistic Ambassador, which pave the way to one of the newest music experiences from Latin America.

Band Members