Leche De Hombre

Leche De Hombre


A punchy unit in the wake of Fugazi and Sonic Youth that offers listeners a firm handshake as the electric and eclectic cousin of noise rock. Keeps one foot in the door of pop structures and one in the door of free-spirited progressive. Comes wrapped in a piping hot layer of energy. BAM!


The core of Leche De Hombre came together in the summer of 2004. The band relies on the solid rythym section of Jon Czerniak and Erick Shack, while flanked by Marc Bourdon and Pablo Lopez who share vocal and guitar responsibilities. The lyrics and song structures are meant to be felt rather than thought about, and with the high energy performances of Leche De Hombre, that is easy to do.


Leche De Hombre Demo

Set List

intro/war paint
Upset the Apple Cart
Monday morning: midle of the week
London (cant rock past ten thirty)
Cut Your Eyes
Po' folks
Juan Minute/Snail Trail