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"Album Review : Lechuguillas - LONG LIVE THE CHUPACABRA"

I hope this doesn't suck. What is this, 1994? What the fuck...ok, whatever. here we go.

Track 1 - HOLY SHIT these bass lines make me want to fuck something up! it's so loud! like i'm being given ice cream and being jerked off at the same time! ohhh god the guitar isn't stopping! it just keeps going! scream for a purpose! kill your family!

Track 2 - WHAT THE FUCK this shit is even faster! jesus. aneurism! aneurism! oh my god it's only noon! what have i been doing with my life! damn this is good, who cares. i guess i could shotgun this beer.

Track 3- DAMN. my roomate woke up! he shotgunned a beer and he's throwing shit everywhere! He can't handle it! Broken glass everywhere! Lechuguillas....what have you done? We're headbanging like stupid 13 year old metal kids at a Puddle of Mudd show!

Track 4 - I JUST punched my roomate in the face! we shotgunned more beers! we accidentally hit the repeat button so we listened to this one 5 times because we're too busy blowing shit up with m80s! the neighbors came over and complained, so we punched them in the face, too!

Track 5 - MY ROOMATE IS CRYING! sludgy metal type shit! chug chug! we just burned our plants! this is amazing! the noise and smoke give the morning a nice smell! people are concerned and gathering outside! oh my god....they're nodding their heads! one of them has backpack beers!

Track 6 - THEY'RE GETTING WASTED and beating up by-passers! They want me to play it again! I can't turn it up any louder! My roomate went downstairs....wha......HE'S MAKING OUT WITH A GIRL!


Thanks, Lechuguillas!

Listen to it loud. - Gonzo Chicago

"Hate Basement, Lechuguillas, DJ Akhkhazu"

When two members of Lechuguillas, drummer Jason Camacho and guitarist Mike Hart, appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro, it had to have been the first time daytime television viewers heard a TV judge ask, "What's a noise-rock band?" Local musicians, students, bloggers, and journalists know Lechuguillas as the guys who helped expose them to underground noise and punk—the band moved here from Texas in 2008 and opened the Mopery, an infamous and now defunct DIY space where they lived, performed, and hosted shows. Though their music was often overshadowed by their onstage antics (nary a gig ended with the drum set intact), Lechuguillas recently teamed up with all-things-heavy engineer Sanford Parker at Engine Studios for Insurrection of an Erection (on Hart's own Eat Meat Records), an impressive albeit childishly titled combo of Rapeman's hate-dirge and Lightning Bolt's rhythmic assault. Camacho and bassist Bill Satek relentlessly push, pull, swing, and grind while Hart covers them in shrieks, guttural moans, and guitar squall. Hart told Judge Pirro that noise rock is about "being as loud as we can and screaming a lot," but there's clearly more skill and precision involved here. Tonight's show is the first installment of Harsh, Heavy & Weird, a new series by Neon Marshmallow cocurator Matt Kimmel; it's the band's second to last in town. Their Chicago finale is Sat 10/8 at an unlicensed space that you'll probably be able to find if you're good at the Internet, and after that they leave on tour for Texas, where Hart and Camacho will stay. —Luca Cimarusti Hate Basement headlines; Lechuguillas open and DJ Akhkhazu spins. - The Chicago Reader

"Terminator 2, Lechuguillas, Bludded Head - Rubber Gloves - 4/10/12"

Denton label and all-around art/music enthusiasts Gutterth put together a furiously energetic noise show last night at Rubber Gloves. Brent Best of Slobberbone fame and Batey Ray of popular Denton punk trio The Swedish Teens were drink-slinging behind the bar, handling the packed house with an antithetical calm, given the fare presented one room over.

Around 11 p.m., Nevada Hill's newest project, Bludded Head, graced the stage for only the second time since their inception. They started slow, guitarist Hill and cellist Darcy Neal slinging whole-note-power-chord-death-fuzz reminiscent of when Greg Ginn decided to slow Black Flag the fuck down in the mid-'80s. Drummer Mike Forbes waited achingly long between beats and sat Zen-like, staring at the air, while Hill and Neal drew out minutes of feedback between the first and second song, steadily building speed through their 30-minute set.

Lechuguillas, a Chicago band that moved to Austin four months ago, were slated to headline but went on next, playing to a crowd of five. This changed quickly as wave after wave of noise consumers filed into the show room, the crowd expanding to 80 in a matter of 30 seconds. Lead singer Mike Hart, dressed as though he was either going to play a thrash show or a pick-up basketball game, sports goggles clenched tight to his head, convulsed on stage, screaming into the side of the microphone.

"We used to take music way seriously and try to spend a long time writing songs," Hart said. "Then we finally decided to say 'fuck it' and just get as drunk as we can and play as loud as we can." He also had some choice vitriol for the scene in his new hometown.

"Chicago fuckin' blows Austin out of the water," he said. "I thought I was coming down to Austin to this music capital ... whatever. It's bullshit. I hear more covers of Stone Temple Pilots than I do anything else."

As they rounded into their second-to-last song, "Eat the Earth," off new album Insurrection of an Erection, the air grew electric. Someone had to start throwing down. A dude in the front row spit PBR on bassist David Sailor, also lead singer of Terminator 2, and flicked his lit cigarette into the bass drum cavity. Then it was time to mingle, as females slammed around with larger males, and empty cans of Miller High Life were fast-pitched at the band, which, in turn, did not give a fuck.

Terminator 2 closed out the night to a dwindling crowd around 1 a.m. Despite playing to eight die-hards, they rocked until the end, finishing strong with signature song "No Teeth." On the way out, Ryan Williams of the Baptist Generals leaned down to illuminate Dust Congress frontman Nick Foreman's foot with his cell phone. A gaping, bloody gash careened down the side of his foot.

"Someone broke a bottle when I started a mosh pit," Foreman explained.

Williams got a good look at the cut, and simply said, "Eh, I don't think that's stitch-worthy." - Dallas Observer

"Show review: Paper Mice, Lechuguillas, Snacks at Treasure Town, 8/20"

Lechuguillas is a band that I've been hearing buzz about for a while, mostly centered on how damn impressive they are live. The brash metal outfit is gearing up for a tour to promote the release of a new album, Insurrection of an Erection, in October. Lechuguillas' was full of winding, nail-on-chalkboard swells and throbbing drums. The kind of stuff that's great for headbanging, or pissing off your upstairs neighbor, The jerking guitars would occasionally lean on something near a hook before spiraling off into beer can howls. The singer is obviously pissed about something, that much comes through in his yawps, but damned if I could figure out what it was. Stronger numbers featured Lechuguillas' bass player furiously noodling beneath the molten wall the rest of his band was erecting, driving the songs past angsty noise and into something tumultuously digestible. - Windy City Rock

"In Rotation: A Reader staffer shares three musical obsessions—then two others take a turn"

Lechuguillas live at Mortville, June 17: I've seen few bands over the years that can get an entire shitty basement full of jaded kids jumping around like this band. Ear-piercing noise so effortlessly looping into manic drumming. Frighteningly talented, but sloppy enough live to appease lovers of drunken debauchery. Screaming that would make Rick Froberg raise an eyebrow. They're moving to Austin soon, so catch them live while you can. - The Chicago Reader


Lechuguillas – Long Live The Chupacabra
Not On Label – none
Cassette, Limited Edition, Digital
13 Nov 2009
Tiger Hatchery / Lechuguillas – Split 7"
Not On Label – 00
Vinyl, 7"
01 May 2010
Lechuguillas – Insurrection Of An Erection
Eat Meat Records – EMV01
Vinyl, LP, CD, Digital
08 October 2011



Lechuguillas is the result of Michael Hart's and Jason Camacho's drunken nights of treating their instruments as if they needed to be beaten into submission. While allowing the grime and smog of Chicago to seep into their consciousness, these guys will throw it right back in your face leaving you with nowhere to hide.

Their first album, Long Live The Chupacabra, was released in November of 2009, finally giving them something to sell or trade in the grungy basements they had been playing for the year prior. The bass player for this album was Josh McWhirter, who was in the band for about a year before leaving town to join the well known group Neon Indian.

The second album, released in the beginning of 2010, is an untitled 7" split with the noise/free jazz band Tiger Hatchery.With these two releases Lechuguillas started touring the midwest and east coast any chance they got. The bass player for this album was Bill, which is also the bass player for the third release, Insurrection of an Erection.

This third release was a full length 12" LP released in October of 2011 just before Hart and Camacho decided to bring the band down to Austin, TX for a good while. Currently the bass player for Lechuguillas is Jesse Pollock, and from the sound of these guys together it seems as if Pollock is going to stick around. A new album has been recorded with the new bass player, but a release date has yet to be mentioned.

Lechuguillas has been described as noise/punk/rock/sludge/metal/screamo/hardcore and many other sub-genres of music that are circling around. Whatever they are, these guys seem to fit in on a wide variety of shows. Ear plugs could be necessary, and also probably a couple shots of whiskey.