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Written By: Lecirke

We are both survivors -said the moon to the sun-
We lived many things as we sailed through the dark
Oooooooh Oooooooh
We´ve been together for so long
Oooooooh Oooooooooh
But never really got along well

We hid our true faces with an old disguise
And happened to forget who we are
Oooooooh Oooooooh
We´ve been behaving for so long
Oooooooh Oooooooooh
I think it´s time to be reborn
Oooooooh Oooooooooh
The revolution has begun

Supernova Fun

Written By: Lecirke

I´ll tell you a story that will freeze your hair
I bet that my words will bounce in your head
It talks about a man who went down to the fields
But the night fell upon him before he was aware of it
Suddenly a moonbeam
And the world turned upside down!

And he started falling like a meteorite
Towards the big! sky
And the stars were closer than his home
He realized he would be there for too long
Looking down he could see
That the earth was smaller than a little pea
-Please call 911
I´m not used to inverse gravity!-

Falling Falling among constellations
Falling Falling no more prayers for salvation
-Here at the gates of creation I say Hi! to Major Tom-
Supernova Fun!

Take the Money

Written By: Lecirke

Shuffling my feet on this world made of concrete
Figures of steel inhabit office departments
The city attracts many freaks from the darkness
of nice city banks with conjurer assignments
Businessmen great white sharks sailing through
The masses destruction demand
Take the money take the money
Yeah! They're coming right after you

Profusion of lies this corruption expands
Is there any place where we can actually hide?
Are we gonna be together at the end of the line?
Are we gonna have any chance to survive?
Businessmen great white sharks sailing through
Tourists of the hearts in grey suits
Blow their money on their honeys
Where have you been laying down your shoes?

Look up in the sky
isn't that sunset nice?
It seems as if those buildings are the skyline on fire
The dust and smoke floating are the clouds wandering high
Windows shine sparkling late shows at night
Windows shine sparkling late shows at night
TV news dripping off dirty lines
Take me out cause this is burning
Don't look back and just start running through...

Take the money
Take the money

A Lucky Ride

Written By: Lecirke

Roads of silence behind our wheels
We´ve forgotten where they lead to.
Lucky ride
Lucky ride
City madness behind our wheels
We´ll find out where are we heading to.
Lucky ride
Lucky ride

Flowers in the Bin

Written By: Lecirke

No sleep since yesterday
She´s torn apart but awake
Broken flowers in the bin
Stories end and then begin
Step by step she´s gone away
(I´m gone away, she said)
Dusty old road of despair
“Time never dies” is a mistake
Those faded words turned into verse

Surf Gitano

Written By: Lecirke

We've been to so many places
don't even know where we belong
What if I draw those traces
perhaps that'll give a shape like home
Been dragging heavy stuffed old bags and pockets full of stones

Our voice in black and white
so dark and raw so stark
makes my heart wither
Remembrance of your silhouette
so sharp that cuts the air
then fades away... Away..
Don't take me to that promised land where nothing ends and there's no shiver

What are the consequences...
will you forgive me when I'm
old enough to crawl and starve
And if I ask forgiveness
then we´ll forget the places and the names and songs
Yes I know
Don't take me to that place we know
If you leave me alone we're never gonna make it

When I was a child I would play all time
When I was a child I would play all time

From to /the sky

Written By: Lecirke

There´s a place you can go with the flow of your breathing
You can fly high and low let me know when you are sleepy
I would like to be diving in the sea
Playing cards with shells and jellyfish
Dancing with the lobsters feeding them with candybars
Jellyfish Lobsters Candybars
It´s the moment to dive and forget all your troubles
It´s the moment for life and forget all your troubles


-Lecirke , 2012