People will say a lot of things about their music, but most of it is just hype. Lecivius is a band dedicated to abandoning hype and convention to create truly original music that can't be easily classified. No matter what kind of music you're into you will find something to like about Lecivius.


Lecivius consists of five young musicians who share a desire to create a musical structure which transcends the parts. Kyle Bronson (guitar, born 4/21/83) and Tim Wright (drums, born 1/29/82), formerly of the Asheville, NC band Redshift, decided to form a new, stronger band from the ashes of their former project. From Elkin, NC came bassist Darrell Hawks (born 1/26/83), who played with Tim in the Elkin band Blindsight from '97-'00. Lead Vocalist Myers Gilmer (born 1/28/80) was a friend of Blindsight who would occasionally perform with the group. He also sang for a number of Southwest VA bands, including Chapter 11 and Lowlight. This lineup of Lecivius formed in April of 2003, and despite months of various setbacks by mid 2004 they had nearly 80 minutes of original material. Lecivius entered the studio in late July of 2004. Out of those sessions came the live Solaris EP, as well as raw tracks for the debut LP, Microbes. During the recording of Microbes, Myers's brother and friend of Lecivius, Nigel Gilmer (born 10/26/82) offered keyboard services for the album. After a few practices and recording sessions, Nigel was invited into the band as a permanent member in January of 2005.


Vegetative Force

Written By: Kyle Bronson/Myers Gilmer

We know, we think
We don't know
We only think
My bedrock was lined
with idols

Falling every thought, I knew that they were real
Constantly lying
I am driftwood, constantly an illusion that
We should think and not be
A catalyst of a perfect light I would surely edify

In the waves of my sea
I won't live to be
to capsize on creation
to fulfill your process of perfection
I will meet my own
death throes with
my own perception

(chorus repeat)

To be a catalyst of a perfect light
I would surely edify
Perfection and memory
Something I don't think we know so well
We are driftwood
Constantly an illusion that
we are tied to
Words, subjects to our refraction
I won't nod
I won't recycle the air of the dead
to be a catalyst of a perfect light
In my refraction

(chorus repeat)

Its not one way or the other
I am you, you are me
We are one eye, we cannot see
I will not recycle the air of the dead
Brings me back to
Catalyst of a perfect light that we are surely
refracting imperfect
my god loves me anyway
I don't need to be saved
In the waves of my sea
I would surely refract
I am driftwood
I will capsize creation

The Death Fighter

Written By: Myers Gilmer

You're cheap and falling for
this waiting and not being
my own vibration
I laugh at those
judging from their own
ego towers

But to focus on that means
I have my own vantage so
we follow

truth in this hive
you're the subterranean
Spending time
living through the aging portals

I want to eclipse
at this sundering
reinventing not cross referencing
fleets of mundane dead
static energy
this waveform accost these shallow hideaways
Intake dreams, not your fading castaways

Escaped time, I want to eclipse
at this sundering
reinventing not cross referencing

(chorus repeat)

What is left
was has been
all these stepping stones
that turn to ice
seems so logical at this action
always answering, murdering
my true breath exhaling
I slip when passing to glimpse at air that is dead and nothing
killing part of me I
let my presence slip
into a vacuum boundless

Where are you I can't find you in the fading daylight

Massacre the Guinea Pigs, Part II

Written By: Kyle Bronson/Myers Gilmer

The setting sun, it told me
don't go there again
but the ground inside my shoes
a seperate terrain

Infectious, it came
a thousands armies shouting myself
not my name
that I should dive at this hope
like no other the shame

Because I balance on this liquid surface
the real world glaring above from the ocean floor I saw
the dead in their eyes
circumventing, collapsing ties
Worshipping cold things that killed
a pindrop on the surface will



Lecivius - The Magic Bullet EP
Tablebeast Records cat # 0416
1. Solaris
2. Masks of the Fearful
3. The Magic Bullet

Lecivius - The Solaris EP
Tablebeast Records cat # 1006
1. 1
2. Solaris
3. At the Bottom
4. Tiny Waves
5. A Mourning
6. Not the End

Lecivius - Microbes LP
Tablebeast Records - COMING SOON!
1. Microbes A
2. Massacre the Guinea Pigs
3. ...And the Mad Dog
4. The Death Fighter
5. Vegetative Force
6. Microbes B

Set List

A typical Lecivius set can run from 30 minutes at an absolute minimum to well over two hours.


Microbes A+B - 28 to 35 minutes
Massacre the Guinea Pigs - 10 minutes
... And the Mad Dog - 8 minutes
The Death Fighter - 4 minutes
Solaris - 7 to 20 minutes
Vegetative Force - 6 minutes
Masks of the Fearful - 6 minutes
The Magic Bullet - 7 to 10 minutes

A Set would consist of pretty much any combination of these songs with the only limitation being time. Lecivius also has a whole new album of material in the works that will pop up in peices at shows as well.