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Lectric Liz & LiveWire

 Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA

According to King Biscuit Time magazine, Liz's performances "update 'hot mama' blues of the '30s in a vocal delivery that slips over the edge of civility and technical 'accuracy' with the regularity of an anorexic on Ex-Lax." She's, well, "lectric."


Over a 35-year career, Liz Lottmann’s brassy, sassy, high-energy blues performances have earned her the respect of musicians and audiences alike. She has performed in blues and jazz clubs in the U.S., Europe, Japan, South and Central America and Canada. While touring with her own bands, she also frequently sang with Donn McMinn’s Memphis Blues Review, whose players included Jeff Davis and Billy Earheart of Amazing Rhythm Aces, and Willie Hall of The Blues Brothers. She has shared the stage and jammed with artists such as Taj Mahal, the Nighthawks, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson, and Spyro Gyra.

Liz is proud to be born-and-raised in Northeast Arkansas. While still in high school there, she began composing and performing her own special brand of “barbed-wire” folk. She was a solo artist at Memphis coffeehouses and soon attracted the attention of Jud Phillips, who produced an album of her original songs at Sun Studios in midtown Memphis (as Liz Greene). When Jerry Lee Lewis heard rough mixes of her songs, he encouraged her to reach out toward the blues. At that time, Furry Lewis, the legendary “country bluesman,” was working the Memphis area, and each time they’d run into each other, Liz pestered him to show her a few licks on guitar. Furry’s brief lessons allowed her to glimpse the backbone of the blues, and she’s never lost sight of it.


She Do (What She Want)

Written By: Liz Lottmann(Lyrics)/David Johnson(Music)

Women give, women take
Women bend, women break
Women will, women won’t
She do -- sometime she don’t

She do what she want
No matter what people say
Yeah she do what she want
Why be afraid of a woman’s way

Women lie, women leave
Women cry, whoa yes, they grieve
Women live, women die
She forgive -- don’t you dare ask why

Women tease, women score
Women please, women whore
Women talk, women shy
She walk – better say goodbye

You Don't Know Me

Written By: Liz Lottmann

You're gettin' close, too close for me
Why don't you go away, just let me be

You don't know me
You don't know me
Can't you feel it's not real and I'll bet it's cause
You don't know me

For all you know I've got a false left eye
For all you know I'm Wonder Woman in disguise
For all you know I've got your wife's address
For all you know I'm with the IRS

I don't know what your game is
But you're gettin' way outta line
You don't know what my name is
But you say you are a friend of mine

You've shown your money and the way you dance
Next thing you'll show me is what's in your pants

[spoken in rhythm, accents on capitalized words]
I been sittin' here all night long on this bar stool, baby, I ain't had NO amount of trouble til you came over here & flashed your BIG FAT WALLET on me, handin' me all kinds o' BULLstuff, baby, well you can HAVE IT, take it HOME with ya -- you don't KNOW ME!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Written By: Liz Lottmann & Alex Disjlenkovic

Listen here baby, have you heard the news
Get yourself some culture, you got nothin' to lose
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
You wanna get along with me

Three strikes you're out
That's the rule
I know you don't know it
Things look bad for you
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
You wanna get along with me
(You ought-a know the rules by now!)

Wash your face and get you a shave
Get yourself a job and work it every day
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
You wanna get along with me

(And while you're at it, baby, get up and shine your shoes!)

Big Booger Boogie

Written By: David Johnson

Instrumental - no lyrics

After the Show

Written By: Liz Lottmann

After the show
I'm still hot to go
And I'm lookin' for a way to unwind

I want you there
Cuz I know that you care
About the ways to let it go that I could find

Bring me down slow, daddy
Slow and easy
You're the only one who takes his own sweet time
Bring me down slow, daddy
Soft and sleazy
Make me happy that I'm leavin' things behind

Now there's times when you're gone
I don't have to sleep alone
But I feel the way you're always lovin' me
And there's times when I need you so
My heart just turns to stone
It's hard to promise I won't need some company

After the show
I need someplace to go
And someone to fill these spaces in my head
But since I'm lovin' you, there's no one else will do
And it's so hard to fill these spaces in my bed


"Bridgin' the Blues" -- CD released in May 2003. Tracks can be heard at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lectricliz

Set List

Sets vary from 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours, composed of half-and-half originals and covers. Cover tunes range from 30s hot-mama blues such as Bessie Mae Smith's "Evil Gal Blues" to more contemporary rock/blues. Examples of cover tunes are: Ain't That a Lotta Love - Taj Mahal; Someone Else is Steppin' In - Ernestine Johnson; Fannie Mae - traditional; Never Make Your Move Too Soon - BB King; Further on Down the Road - traditional.