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Leda Atomica

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"Rock Alternative Artist of The Year"

In a blind judging competition against a few thousand international bands, Leda Atomica came out on top. Voted #1! - L.A. Music Awards

"Leda Atomica’s first full CD is definitely a must..."

Reviewed by Georgia Moncrief:
Leda Atomica’s new cd, “Take It Back”, sports the kind of music you want to listen to loudly. Track #4, “wasted” will definitely get you moving and singing to the words…even on the first listen....definitely a must... - GoGirlsMusic

"CD Review/Interview"

Deep in the bowls of Los Angeles California, there lives a band which raises their own brand of hell. They are called Leda Atomica. Songs like “Pure” and “Get It On” take you on divergent paths to the same destination. “Get It on” is straight up rock and roll, while ”Pure” brings in some darker elements you might have heard in Concrete Blond some years ago. Both tracks are incredibly executed with hooks that simply don’t stop.

We are keeping our eye on this band - they’re climbing fast and we predict their CD - released TODAY - is going to be well received.

IRM: How about introducing the band to everyone? How long have you been together?

LA: Marika Tjelios - bass, Janel Jones - guitar, Angela Ueber - vox/guitar, Stephen Riddle - drums. Marika and Angela started the band in early 2005, Janel joined in 2006, and Stephen joined this June.

IRM: I see you have many influences in your music. Who within the group writes the music and lyrics? What inspires you the most?

LA: Angela mainly writes the lyrics….sometimes she comes up with a guitar riff and the band builds the song from there. Most recently though, its mainly group collaborations on the music part.

Inspirations come from a lot of experiences Angela has had…whether its relationships, loved ones dying, positive outlooks, that kind of stuff.

IRM: It’s good to see a mix of gender in a group. Does this help with the creativity of your music?

LA: We were all female a couple of times…just kind of happened that way. Gender didn’t seem to be too much of an issue with us. Mainly just how the chemistry of the person and their playing will compliment the creativity.

IRM: Your music exudes a unique style. How do you want your fans to perceive you as a group?

LA: We just hope everyone that hears our music, whether live or not, enjoys it in some respect. It makes what I’m doing all the better. I have also been influenced so much by females who can Rock the f out. But, there never seems to be that genre on radio anymore! Its always guy bands. When they FINALLY play a female fronted band or whatever, its always so nicey/cutesy voice…not too aggressive or powerful…it all sounds the same & bores me. Not something that I could relate to if I was a little girl growing up. So maybe if people like our style & sound, they’ll start requesting more of that type music to be played to the general public?

IRM: You are releasing your CD very soon; I bet you are all excited about it. What was the inspiration behind it?

LA: The main inspiration was getting it DONE & in our hands :) I took a lot longer than we expected. We really just had new music that we wanted to get out there and accessible to people. Two of the songs, “Pure” & “Without You” were written for Angela’s father who passed away 2 years ago.

IRM: What are your ultimate aims as a group?

LA: To keep creating & writing music. We want to start travelling more & touring. Just trying to get bigger and better as we go & have people come in along the way that want to join the ride and help us go places.

IRM: You love to perform live, so what are your tour plans?

LA: We’re starting with smaller tours in the Southwest area, but next Spring we would like to do an extend tour and hit the Southeast where Stephen is from & the Midwest area where Angela is from.

IRM: The Internet is a wonderful place for promoting music. As an independent group what have you found useful?

LA: Most definitely…of course so have millions of others! So, being able to stick out of the pack is always challenging. But yes, unless we were constantly on the road, I don’t know how we would have reached all the people we have so far without the internet. Although, Angela is trying to get a new website going for us, which is now in Internet limbo…hopefully the switching servers thing clears soon so we can start being a force out there again! But otherwise, the internet is great!

IRM: What challenge posed by the internet would you select as the most important to solve for musicians?

LA: Hmmm…good question. I suppose music pirating, but I think that affects more bands that are on a global scale….not sure about that one…

IRM: What message would you like to send out to your fans?

LA: We SOOOOOO appreciate all the love & support you have given us & continue to give us! Can’t wait to get the new music to you (whether live or internet) & hear the feedback.

Website - www.ledaatomica.com

Album Sales - www.cdbaby.com/cd/LedaAtomica - Internet Radio Magazine


Leda Atomica is currently recording a new EP with the amazing Toshi Kasai! With credits to his name like; Foo Fighters, Helmet, Danzig, Willie Nelson, The Melvins, and Tool (just to name a few), Leda is welcomed into the ranks of his brilliant resume. Release date still pending, so hold tight until then...if you can...

The band's much anticipated follow up CD titled, "Leda Atomica" was released early 2009. With singles like, "PURE" and "WITHOUT YOU", this record really thrusts it up a few notches and shows the power and rawness that this band can exude. Recorded at the famous Swinghouse Recording Studios, this is simply solid L.A. Rock and Roll!

Their first full length CD, "Take It Back", was released Spring of 2006. The CD offers the same intimacy, confidence, and power that has come be expected from the band. It has received extensive radio airplay nationwide as well as accumulating the most requests for an Unsigned Indie Band. The first track, "Too Dark For You", proved to be the winner at the L.A. Music Award's "Rock Alternative Artist of the Year".

In 2005, Leda Atomica surfaced with their first EP which first gave them limited Regional exposure, but soon turned International with 2 tracks from the EP appearing in the Feature Film, April's Shower.



In a technological age where anyone can be in a band and record a CD (and virtually everyone does), Leda Atomica holds tightly to the roots of music and creates organic Rock and Roll...like it should be.

How do you describe a sound that is unique? Many different elements come to mind, but it is still something all it's own...that is what Leda Atomica is all about. They can be as strong and dynamic as Jefferson Airplane, yet sultry and hypnotic as The Pretenders...WITH vocals to match. Their sound is as full-bodied as The Deftones but can also pull off eloquent space Rock like Silversun Pickups. Unique...like the Dali painting they were named after.

Currently, they are focused on recording their 4th CD since forming as a band in late 2005. Through the years, their music has been in demand for numerous Short and Feature Films, TV series and Webisodes. Most recently, in multiple episodes of a new sporting event on the Versus Channel called, 3 Gun Nation, and in a Feature Film, B4, due out early 2011 - in which they also represent themselves.

Leda Atomica is not a stranger to the main stage either. As a band and as individuals, they have opened for or played with DeeDee Ramone, Linkin Park, Men Without Hats, Dilana, and Our Lady Peace just to name a few. They Rock the small stage just as well playing top clubs throughout the U.S. like The Roxy, Knitting Factory, Key Club, and anything in-between. 2009 ended with a performance at the Austin City Limits kick-off party as well as being named one of the Top 100 Unsigned Bands.

Consisting of original members, Angela Ueber (vox & guitar) and Marika Tjelios (bass), Leda picked up a force on lead guitar in 2006 with Janel Jones. Finally in Summer of 2009, they found the last piece of their perfect puzzle with drummer, Stephen Riddle.

No gimmicks, no frills, just solid Rock and Roll.