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Ledbetter Heights @ Alibi's

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Ledbetter Heights @ Market Cross Pub

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Ledbetter Heights @ Blinkin Lincoln

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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The Professor by Jim Price - December 2006 http://skinnyrinkus.com/professor1206.htm

“I journeyed south of the Mason-Dixon line to Hagerstown, Maryland to take in that city's first-ever Downtown Live outdoor concert on Oct. 21, 2006.
…I then caught my first look at Shippensburg’s Ledbetter Heights. Lead singer/guitarist Nick Staver, bassist Matt Franzoni, drummer Tim Carr and new guitarist Brian Stoner received rousing response for their brand of melody-based, hard-edged modern rock; as they showcased original songs from their debut CD The Light That Burns… and several newer songs. Ledbetter Heights rode each song to a charged and passionate crescendo; you could tell this band was feeling it!”
- Jim Price

MzMona's CD Review Roundup:
Featured Artist Reviewed: Ledbetter Heights:
Name Of CD Being Reviewed Is: Evolve:

CD Reviewed By Ramona Payne/RSP Promotions,LLC
Entertainment Journalist/CD Reviews/Artist Interviews
On Air Personality/Emcee Shows For Liveonlineconcerts.com:

I hear elements of "Creed". No. Wait. I hear a bit of "Darrius Rucker" from "Hootie, and the Blowfish". Gosh Dang!!! I'm at a loss for words here! Unheard of for an Entertainment Journalist. However, I truly was at a loss when I first put "Ledbetter Heights" CD in my player. This group of musicians are the combination of all the great bands over the last fifteen years which in essence, has allowed them to come across with a wonderfully fresh, and unique style that can only be deemed their own. They have set the bar a notch higher for all those who dare to follow after them in the new rock genre of the twenty first century.

LBH is a band that will have you on your feet from the first note of their opening song, to the last note of their closing song during their concerts. As a music journalist I cover every genre of music. So, when I had the time to listen to all of the songs on their latest CD I was completely blown away with their real, honest, and soul wrenching lyrics that so flawlessly melded into their haunting guitar riffs on each song. As par for the coarse for most of us; when we buy a CD we always buy it for the one song that is getting the most radio airplay at the time. I can say with all honesty that is not the case with LBH's project, and you certainly will not be disappointed with one single song on this CD. I don't believe this band could perform a song badly even if they wanted to.

And, a perfect example of this being true to form for this band can be heard throughout track number five titled; "Strangers". One can almost feel the total loss of self this young man is singing about. It's as though; if by some chance he can find the salvation he is seeking through the looking glass of strangers. You believe he will find himself once again made whole by the reappearance of someone he lost so long ago. In all this structured chaos is a very moving song that touches the recesses of ones inner self to finally make their way back to whom they once were.

The next song I want to focus on here is track number eight titled; "17 Days". The music alone in this song is more than enough to carry this song all the way through without one vocal being sung. Fortunately, the lyrics are just as powerful, and heart rendering to keep your ears glued to that song right up to the end, and leaves you wishing there were at least two or, three more verses left to be sung. From the opening riff of the guitar to the first word of the chorus you feel like you are the person in that song. LBH is certainly in tune with their audience when it comes to them being on the same playing field with everyone they are up on that stage singing for. It is my opinion only that all of us can identify with whatever demons lie buried deep within these awesome young entertainers, that has instilled some deep rooted fear that can only manifest itself through their music. I believe it is that musical fear that has allowed each of them to write such prolific lyrics that gives creedence to who they are as a band up on that stage.

And, finally, the last song on LBH's CD I want to focus on is the number nine track titled; "Daybreak". This song tells about the dilema we all find ourselves in from time to time. It is a trap we've set up for ourselves through our own sins, and lies until it's too late, and we've finally run out of time. We can't seem to find any redemption for our lonely souls, that we've willingly let our webs of deceipt open the door to that hell, we have lived a lifetime creating with a small glimmer of hope, that in the end, we can somehow escape ourselves. Alas, at daybreak we still wake up with the same person we went to bed with, and nothing has changed at all. We still arise believing that we can take anything the world has to throw at us. And, so we do my very fine young men, and so we do:

LBH has written one very fine story about love, life, loss, angst, and the fear of living in the unknown one day at a time. If I were still giving out stars on my CD Reviews; I would have to give LBH's newest project a twelve indeed. Good job my friends. I hope to hear more from you in the future. Your band is a new star on the horizon, and I do believe that you will all continue to burn very brightly for a very long time to come.

To all of you who wants to buy this groups CD just go to their myspace page, and purchase it from there or, you can buy it directly from their own website as well. So, don't miss out if you like some seriously great rock music.

Thank You , Until My Next Review:


Originally posted at:
http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=310896209&blogID=454118573 - CD Reviewed By Ramona Payne/RSP Promotions,LLC

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. — On April 21, the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation is teaming up with Ledbetter Heights to "Rock 4 Drew."
"Rock 4 Drew," an all-ages, multi-band show, will be held in the parking lot at the Market Cross Pub in Shippensburg. Ledbetter Heights will perform at 8 p.m. and bands Marsiglia, Rivers Monroe, Prone 2 Panic and Josa Step will perform beginning at 4 p.m.
The event, hosted by Hooligan of Indie 415, is being held to support the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation by raising money to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth in Drew's memory.
Drew Michael Taylor, the son of Randy and Marcie Taylor, lost his life in a tragic traffic accident on June 13, 2006 at the age of 3 and a half. Since the accident, the foundation has been committed to providing educational and recreational opportunities for children by funding established organizations and existing programs in need of assistance while looking to create new opportunities to enhance a child's mind, body and soul.
The entire community is invited to attend "Rock 4 Drew." There will be a $5 admission and all proceeds will go to the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation. "Rock 4 Drew" T-shirts will be on sale at the event.
- PRESS RELEASE taken from the Shippensburg University Slate newspaper
- Shippensburg University Slate

Boy's memory honored by helping other children
By Liz Vargo The Record Herald
Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 10:28 AM CDT

GREENCASTLE - The darkness that shrouded the death of 3-year-old Drew Michael Taylor last June is being lit with a bit of hope for other area children nearly a year later.

The Drew Michael Taylor Foundation has raised almost $100,000 just 10 months after the accident that claimed the life of Randy and Marcie Taylor's son.

Created shortly after Drew Michael's death, the foundation aims “to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth in Drew Michael's memory.”

Over the weekend, the Shippensburg area band Ledbetter Heights organized and performed at an all-ages benefit concert with other area bands at Market Cross Pub. “Rock 4 Drew” also included music from Marsiglia, Rivers Monroe, Prone 2 Panic and Josa Step and raised $1,500.
- The Record Herald - Waynesboro

The Herald-Mail ONLINE
Tuesday April 17, 2007
Downtown Live! rocks and rolls in Hagerstown
They were rockin’ and rollin’ on South Potomac Street Saturday as Downtown Live!, an outdoor music festival, brought 10 bands and a young, hip crowd to downtown Hagerstown.
What began as a moderate crowd grew as the day progressed, drawing music fans both from Hagerstown and surrounding areas.
“I loved the last band,” Kate Maher said shortly after Ledbetter Heights completed its set…
Tony Diehl of Shippensburg, Pa., who manages Ledbetter Heights, said the band — which appeared to be a crowd favorite — planned to make repeat visits to Hagers-
town. He stood in the street chatting with Paul Chiacchierini and Jennifer Eastman, both of Gettysburg, Pa.
Chiacchierini, a recording engineer, had worked with Ledbetter Heights, but said he found out about Saturday’s event through the Internet. Eastman was thrilled that the city had offered the street to the musicians.
“I always love a downtown area that features local bands,” Eastman said. “I’m all for it — I’d definitely come again.” …
Organizer Mike Deming, who has been busy developing a number of properties in downtown Hagerstown, said he was “extremely excited” about the event, and the amount of support other businesses had given it.
“It brings energy downtown,” Deming said.
- The Herald-Mail ONLINE - Hagerstown, Md

Ever since Ledbetter Heights’ debut effort was the feature album on the “Vocals from the Locals” show on WSYC’s rock show Rockin the Ship, the band has become a mainstay on the show’s playlists. During that time, the band has also become a mainstay at music venues across the region.
LBH’s sound is structured by many influences, but the band’s soul and fearless talent allow its own sound to bloom. At first listen, the group’s sound resembles an upbeat mix of Hootie and Better than Ezra, but if you listen closer the band’s groove stretches further into a blend of country-rock twang and thick funky basslines.
Potential shines from each song from the group’s debut independent album, The Light that Burns. Styles and tempos change often throughout the 10-track LP and each instrument enjoys spotlight time as the production places each musician in the forefront making it difficult to miss even the subtlest note.
There is no denying the masterful musicality of the band. They are not in the business of writing 3-minute pop-rock tunes. On most songs each musician showcases their talents, smoothly trading off solos and riffs forming a cohesive rock experience that resembles a modern day Led Zeppelin.
Chief songwriter and lead vocalist Nick Staver roars his throaty vocals over the burly ensemble. Lyrics tackle descriptive situations that revolve around love, regret and the storylines of an array of rhythmic characters. On the band’s powerful epic closer “Thru n Thru,” Staver’s voice soars over heavy power chords and rolling percussion with lines like “We all want to be angels when we die.” The potent opus is the perfect closer and has the romping energy to be the staple rocker to close out LBH concerts.
The band’s songs are crafted to be played in a live setting and the tunes translate well to the stage. The band is able to rock out through a setlist, seamlessly weaving though its young catalog. The band has a drive and attitude that has already made them stars in the region and may perhaps bring them more acclaim in the future.
When LBH is on stage, it is hard not to picture a college rock revival; a restoration of the days when R.E.M. and Jane’s Addiction were bouncing around bars and clubs near their hometowns. Twenty years later LBH is carrying the torch, a light that burns out of Shippensburg and is getting brighter everyday.
- Jonathan F. McVerry (Rockin the Ship, WSYC Shippensburg University)

My first stop this time was at Gullifty’s to see Ledbetter Heights. They are definitely doing a great job at bringing you their very own, original form, of Modern Rock. Their drummer is a crazy lunatic. His cymbals were so high in the air, I couldn’t believe he could hit them, but he sure knew what he was doing. Ledbetter Heights are getting ready to release a new CD, which I’m sure is eagerly awaited by their fans. All in all it was another great original band performance in the Harrisburg area. - Racheal Rocks, PA Muscian www.pamusician.net

"I recently obtained a copy of their debut album, "The Light That Burns..." and after listening to the disc many times, I can finally see why so many people have been talking about Ledbetter Heights.
The band wastes no time unleashing the sound. Kevin Shannon's electric guitar screams through the speakers during the first few notes of "Your Secret's Out" before lead vocalist Nick Staver cuts in with the first verse.
The four muscians combine their respective talents to create an amazing display of instrumentation, and the album's powerful opening track serves it's purpose of introducing new listeners to what Ledbetter Heights has to offer and leaves them wanting more.
After the heavy beginning, the guys slow things down a bit with "Home." Shannon's electric guitar makes way for the gentler sound of Staver's acoustic as Tim Carr's drumbeats pulsate in the background.
The storybook chorus reads, "So let me take you/as far as far can go/to the end of the world, we'll call it home/let the pictures fall and crash down to the floor/and the memories leave us like we don't need them anymore."
"There She Goes" sounds a bit different from the rest of the songs on "The Light That Burns...," showing off Ledbetter Heights' more soulful side.
The low-key ballad tells the tale of a girl struggling through life while rejecting the forms of charity offered by others. Many listeners can probably relate to the song's chorus, which reads, "She wont let me in/into her heart where nobody's been/and she wont let me through, no/even though there's so much that I can do/and all that I can take from this/is something you'll never see."
"Forgive Me" deals with the always popular theme of relationships gone bad. The funk-flavored track allows Staver to mockingly address the one who has him "trippin" and "runnin blind."
It doesn't take long for the singer to reach his breaking point, informing the heartbreaker that he "ain't takin' no more." "Forgive Me" gives the members of Ledbetter Heights a chance to show off their feisty side while demonstrating their ability to succeed at a variety of different musical styles.
The 10-song CD comes to an end much like it began. "Thru n Thru" is another in-your-face, hard-hitting rock anthem and is arguably the darkest track featured on the disc. Matt Franzoni's throbbing bass serves as the glue that holds the rhythm together while Staver screams haunting lyrics such as "We all want to be angles when we die." The guys really let loose during the final two minutes, displaying an impressive interlude before the CD reaches the end.
Well...now I can finally say that I have "experienced" Ledbetter Heights...and what a fine experience it was. These guys share an obvious passion for making good music, and they display their talents on this debut CD.
Years of writing and recording have paid off as music fans are now able to own a portion of "The Light That Burns.." inside Ledbetter Heights." - Shippensburg Slate

Band set to release 2nd album
By NATALIE WILLIS Staff writer

A group of four local musicians will release their second album next month, providing evidence on how the band has grown and unfolded throughout the past five years.

Ledbetter Heights is a local rock band based in Shippensburg and the members feel that the title of the upcoming album, "Evolve" signifies months worth of tweaking their songs.

"I think the song-writing is more mature on this album," said Nick Staver, 23, on lead vocals and guitar in LBH. "The album title is very fitting because when we write a song, it's constantly changing."

Brian Stoner, 23, lead guitarist, added that the band took a lot more time developing the songs they've been recording since October 2007. He said the "polished" CD will show how much the songs have changed in the past year.

LBH drummer, Tim Carr, Jr., 22, feels the production of this album is much better than their debut album, "The Light that Burns," which the band self-released in September 2006. He said an album is something the band can use to promote local music and familiarize listeners with not only the music, but the song lyrics.

"When we start selling the CDs, people get more familiar with our songs and at the shows, they can sing along," Carr said. "The whole thing is all about putting our music out there."

The album is also something the band can archive and leads to more performance opportunities, said Matt Franzoni, 23, LBH bass player.

Building toward the final project has not been an easy
task for the band, often consisting of a vicious cycle of criticism.

"Recording makes you concentrate a little bit more on your craft," Staver said. "If something doesn't sound right, you adjust it."

Stoner agreed, adding that he has an endless battle with himself in the recording studio, always pondering, "Should I do this again?" or wondering, "I think I could do better than that."

Each member steps into the studio with his own demeanor and takes full advantage of the recording process, which is a chance for the musicians to connect with one another, listen to their separate parts and make any changes to their own sound.

"In the studio, the chemistry is very isolated," Carr said. "It's a serious moment since we're all listening to make sure everything is right."

The support and honest relationship between band mates is carried beyond the recording experience and the openness with one another makes it easier to connect with the crowd during performances, Stoner said. He said the guys don't have layers on stage and display nothing more than raw emotion.

"We look like regular people," Stoner said. "Some other bands come out with a bravado rock star attitude but it's just us -- Ledbetter Heights -- when we play, putting all our effort into making music."

The young men don't feel the need to "trick people into liking them" and their humbleness, not showmanship, works well in involving audiences.

Still, Staver feels one of the hardest tasks is incorporating and connecting to fans when playing at new places. Ultimately, the album helps works toward the goal of making people aware of LBH music and even after a performance, fans have the chance to become familiar with their favorite LBH tunes.

"Our goal is to develop a fan base strong enough to carry into the future," Franzoni said. "We want to use our music as a vehicle to take us all over the country."

The four bluecollar guys said they would rather not be working their current jobs and like to pursue their passion -- music -- as a full-time career.

"When I fill out my W2, I want to put down "Musician,"" Carr said.

CD release party

Ledbetter Heights will hold two CD release parties in February. On Thursday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. LBH will take the stage at Arlene's Grocery in New York City. The next night, Feb. 29, they will play at Market Cross Pub in Shippensburg. The show begins at 8 p.m., in which three other bands will be performing -- Josa Step, The Marching Order and Shadetree Mechanics.

"Evolve" will be on sale for $10 during the performances and there will be CD and other LBH merchandise giveaways throughout the night. The album will also be available for purchase online at http://www.ledbetterheights.com.

Natalie Willis can be reached at 262-4747 or nwillis@publicopinionnews.com.

Where to see him

9:30 p.m. Feb. 9- Knute's Pub & Grill, 15 W. King St., Shippensburg

8 p.m. Feb. 15- Millennium Music Conference- Main Stage at the Penn Harris Radisson Hotel, 1150 Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill

9 p.m. Feb. 28- Arlene's Grocery, 95 Stanton St., New York City

10 p.m. Feb. 29- Market Cross, 105 W. King St., Shippensburg - Public Opinion Newpaper - Chambersburg, PA

Link: http://www.cumberlink.com/articles/2009/10/03/a_e/arts/doc4ac4adc69b643406016766.txt

By Patrick Bloodsworth, Sentinel Correspondent, October 1, 2009

Ledbetter Heights will promote the release of its third album, “Beyond Familiar,” with a series of concerts. Submitted photo

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Local rock quartet Ledbetter Heights will soon add a new album to its repertoire. The band is releasing “Beyond Familiar” in October and plans to perform a series of concerts over the next few weeks to promote its third album, including a show in Shippensburg.

“We refused to rush this time around. You can tell we have come a long way with this album,” said drummer Tim Carr. “We put months of thought into the professionalism and specific technical attention to make sure it is the best it can be.”

The band has been together for seven years with the exception of lead guitarist, Brian Stoner, who joined the band three years ago. They feel the upcoming albumis their most powerful album yet and have been working on it for 1 1/2 years to perfect the recordings.

Band members said the songs are not only professionally refined, but also very heartfelt.

“People will find themselves singing a long right away,” said bassist Matt Franzoni.

Band members agreed that “Beyond Familiar” is a more collective project. All four members attributed to the song writing. They also emphasized the influence that bands they have shared the stage with had in the song writing.

“We’re like a sponge soaking up all of the great music we hear from playing with numerous bands over the years,” said Stoner.

“This musical absorption has improved our sound, and changed our entire approach. It hasn’t just changed what we listen to in our free time,” added Franzoni.

Local support

Ledbetter Heights expects its performance at Market Cross in Shippensburg on Oct. 17 to be one of their personal bests because of a combination of new material, the presence of family and friends and the venue.

“Market Cross has been really supportive of the band since its opening,” said lead vocalist/guitarist Nick Staver. “Plus there is a certain level of comfort when performing for people who are so close to you.”

If you are unable to attend the Oct. 17 concert, the band will also be performing in Philadelphia on Oct.11 and Frederick, Md., on Oct. 23.

For more information on “Beyond Familiar,” concert details or the band, check Ledbetter Heights out online at www.ledbetterheights.com or www.facebook.com/ledbetterheights. - The Sentinel - October 1, 2009


Ledbetter Heights will be releasing their 3rd studio album in October 2009. Listen to tracks from the new album in the music player, "Tidal Wave" "All Our Eyes" and "C-Song"



*October 27th, 2008 - Ledbetter Heights named Manhattan LAMN Jam Artist of the Year www.LAMN.com

"This group of musicians are the combination of all the great bands over the last fifteen years which in essence, has allowed them to come across with a wonderfully fresh, and unique style that can only be deemed their own... ...don't miss out if you want to see some seriously great rock music!" - Ramona Payne/RSP Promotions,LLC

"Ledbetter Heights comes from a college town, but it's
far more than a college band. They're young men,
but old souls. They were toddlers when
"Joshua Tree" was released, but one can hear echoes
of 70s funk and 60s soul threaded through a rock sound all
their own. And best of all, they're not playing for escapism
or ephemeral pleasures. They're slinging their grooves
and melodies because they know moving people to jump,
shout, laugh and cry is a serious and noble business,
far more important than any day job.

Based in Shippensburg, PA., the band - Tim Carr Jr. on
drums, Matt Franzoni on bass, Nick Staver on lead
vocals and guitar, and Brian Stoner on lead guitar -
has spent the last four years playing shows and
building a following throughout central Pennsylvania
and western Maryland. The band self-released
its sophomore album "Evolve" in February 2008 and
has already gained radio air play for several tracks
from the album.

Meanwhile, they continue writing, honing their
live show and getting acquainted with the road.
They're easily one of the biggest draws in a region
boasting a surprising number of talented bands,
yet they're easy to work with, willing to offer
an opening slot, or set the stage for someone else.
They play and hang with a large number of friends and
fellow musicians because they love music, thrive on
challenges, and live to connect with listeners.

Rock n' Roll is alive and kicking in these four guys.
They invite you to turn off the television, forget
your idols, and experience some independent,
organic, homegrown, live music!"
- Matthew Major, journalist/musician