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le divan


listen and make your own opinion, in that way its always right :)


After 5 years, the members of Le DIVAN separated. The Lead-singer; Peter De Cuyper is now checking out new musicians to continue the band. He has already found two guys to work with; João Apell (Audialize,Kompulse) and Francisco Almeida(Kompulse) www.myspace.com/kompulse, but is still looking for a female guitar player. She doesnt have to be very good but she has to be completely crazy and cuckoo and ready to party 24/7 :) . On Monday the 7th of May 2007 two new songs will be available for download/listening on www.myspace.com/ledivan. One of these songs, Your Time, was released the 30st of April on a compilation CD “Novo rock Português”. The song “Your Time” was composed and produced by Marc Requilé (vive la fête, evil superstars) and played by the ex-members of Le Divan. The Other song “Analyze” was also produced by Marc. All lyrics written by Peter.



Written By: Peter De Cuyper

never wrote about love,
is that sick is , is that corny ?
never wrote about you,
is that special is that fony ?

mainstream words arent mine,
i feel them in my fingers,
(not on paper)
on the tip of my tongue,
they dont cross my lipps in a song

in my eyes, on my mind
one-eye is king,
in the land of the blind

backseat sex in my head,
i'm not a good singer
(or i would go ahead)
take what i can get,
i scream and i linger
in my eyes, on my mind
one-eye is king,
in the land of the blind


for now available, "analyze" @ www.myspace.com/ledivan

Set List

no covers , sets depend on situation and time available , max 1hour