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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Hip Hop


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"2000 Best Of Miami Best New Rap Artist"

"(Lee) is evolving into an original."

"With his new multiculti live outfit, the Square Egg, churning out the music behind him, he looks fully primed to head off in whatever unique direction he wants." - Miami New Times

"2003 Best Of Miami Best Rap Artist and Best Male Vocalist"

Miami New Times Reader's Poll - 2003 Best Of Miami Best Rap Artist and Best Male Vocalist - Miami New Times



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Swimming in a Fishtank (Straight Coffee For George)




Lee from The Square Egg returns with his new CD Naked.

Voted “Best” of just about everything by The Miami New Times, Lee who describes himself as a Singer, Rhymesmith, Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Storyteller and Musician is set to release his sophomore album Naked replete with his signature thought provoking prose tackling issues like Religion, HIV, Racial Contemplation and Love

"Lee, an MC with one foot in the hip hop world and the other in a laid back old school soul....alternately rapping and crooning his way through the daily trials of life and love with literally torrents of verse spilling out over the grooves. It's heady stuff, although on the CD you miss the sight of Lee flashing a killer smile as his band snaps into place behind him" Ocean Drive Magazine

“Every now and then, an original voice comes along . . . a mixture of rap, funk, jazz and the essential, intangible appeal that has every critic scrambling.” The Miami Herald

“a collective of sounds and musical genres that meld together in an experience that must be witnessed to be believed. “ Allhiphop.com

“As hip-hop continues down its path toward world domination, cash registers ringing loudly all the way, it seems in increasing danger of calcifying. For more and more up-and-coming rappers, pursuing their art often appears simply to be a matter of choosing a role: Gangsta thug? Macked-out pimp? Or smooth balladeer? Pick your category, don its stereotypical wardrobe -- and often its just-as-formalized set of musical rules -- and voilà! Instant
rap star! All of which makes the aesthetic flowering of Lee such a welcome breath of fresh air.” Miami New Times

“The band, led by frontman Lee, has hatched their own unique sound; a crossbreed of hip-hop, R&B and funk. Lee doesn’t sound like a singer trying to emcee or an emcee trying to sing; his vocal style seems to naturally fall somewhere in between. His melodies are informed by a hip-hop rhythm and sensibility. As their name implies, the Square Egg is one-of-a-kind, not a dime-a-dozen.” Okayplayer

“From his hysterically surreal choice of tattoos to his inventive, humor-laced, and honey-voiced flow (one that draws equally upon Q-Tip and Gil Scott Heron.) Lee is evolving into an original. And with his new multiculti live outfit, the Square Egg, churning out the music behind him he looks fully primed to head off in whatever unique direction he wants. We'll most definitely be along for the ride.” Miami New Times

“Imagine if P-Funk was fronted by Common and you have The Square Egg sound.” Rap Reviews

“People sometimes wonder just how New Times selects "Best of Miami" winners. It’s a highly scientific process devised long ago by a select committee of experts and requires the participation of more than 100 judges from around the world who take up residence in the Magic City for the entire year. What's not to love about a man (Lee) who can deliver a rap smoother than his pate, celebrating the virtues of womanhood while slinking low on the down beat in just the way your mama warned you about.” Miami New Times

“Lee's "flow" reminds me of "old school rap" (ex: De La Soul), however the music itself is truly diverse. Some of it sounds enough like “neo-soul” to suck those people in. Some of it’s “straight no chaser jazz.” Some of it has Stax/EWF/TOP style horns that sound like the Uptown/Regal/Apollo circa 1968. Some of it sounds like some kinda of industrial/punk. Some of it even sounds like Robin Williams.” Soul Patrol

(Los Angeles, California) - His incomparable musical panache has gained him accolades and successes far and wide. The Miami New Times dubbed Lee “best rap artist” (2000 & 2003), “best we got the funk collective” (2002), “best male vocalist,” (2003) and “best local musician to leave town” (2005) while also awarded by the Miami Herald as “best local musician” (2002) and receiving a nomination from City Search for “best local music act” (2001).
This Winter 2010, Lee brazenly plans to further actualize that growth by peeling back the complex layers of himself and baring his soul on his forthcoming sophomore album Naked. The
result is a fantastical opus replete with thought provoking prose (“Undressed”), string-laden odes (“A Song For Parris”), and Hip-Hop (“Gimme That (Rap #13)”) seasoned with hints of acid jazz
(“Save The World”) and funk rock (“Anticipation”).

Eschewing the substance over style ethos of contemporary music, Lee imbues his lyricism with a profound sense of purpose. “I think it’s impossible to go through life and not be a part of it. No
matter how crunk we get in the club, you can’t escape the economic situation that this country’s in,” he chides. “So if I write a song about my dope car or my big house, I’m not connecting to the reality that people are experiencing in their daily lives.” Insistent on injecting a message in his music, on Naked Lee dauntlessly a