Lee Ann Noel
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Lee Ann Noel

Leesburg, Florida, United States

Leesburg, Florida, United States
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Drummer Finds Her Rhythm"

Noel loves playing, singing on stage for audiences


FRUITLAND PARK — It is easy to see that Lee Ann Noel of Leesburg feels at home on-stage.

Between singing and drum playing, she jokes with the audience and other members of The Lee Ann Noel Band during Monday Music at the Old Casino Building in Fruitland Park. In fact, Noel said she feels more comfortable performing on-stage than she does as a member of an audience.

“It’s awesome; it’s wonderful,” she said of performing.

Noel started singing and playing drums and guitar when she was a child of 12 back in Texas, but she gave up performing when she got married and started a family. When she moved to Florida a few years ago, a visit to the Florida Sunshine Opry led to a musical rebirth for Noel.

“They have jams there, which means you can get up and sing, so I decided to get up one night just to see if I still could,” she said.

It had been 13 years since Noel last performed, but everything quickly came back to her with the applause of the audience that night.

“Once I got up there, it felt really good,” she said. “I thought, ‘This is where I belong.’”

Even though Noel didn’t know many people in the area, wherever she went she started to pass out business cards offering her services as a drummer, guitarist and singer. It only took two months for Noel to find her schedule booked up. A year later, she started her own band with herself on drums and vocals, John Dixon on rhythm guitar and vocals, David Peddicord on vocals, steel guitar, banjo and fiddle, Jimmy Walker on vocals and lead guitar and Phil Minnich on base guitar and vocals.

The band plays mostly old and new country songs with a little old rock ‘n’ roll mixed in, and the crowds keep turning out to see them perform.

“We have a great fan base, and it’s a mix of age groups (of about) 25 to 85,” she said.

Many Villagers make the trip to Fruitland Park and beyond to see Noel perform, including Laurie Duquette, from the Village of Bonnybrook, who said she is one of Noel’s most loyal fans. Every Monday finds Duquette and her husband at the Monday Music concert.

“My husband and I are both big fans of country music,” Duquette said. “These guys are extremely talented. The musicians themselves are so talented, so when they get together, they’re something else.”

For Village of Santiago resident Elaine Gerber, being a good fan of Noel’s means feeling like she’s part of a family.

“I’ve gotten to know them over the years. They’re very nice, and we have a lot of fun,” Gerber said. “It’s gotten to be like a large family.”

Aside from the great musical talent of The Lee Ann Noel Band, Gerber said they all have a great sense of humor and fun.

“They make us laugh,” she said.

For Noel, making a living doing what she loves is a great way to live, and she projects that feeling to the audience when she performs.

“The goal is doing what you love and having fun while you’re doing it,” she said.

Caroline Klapper is a reporter with the Daily Sun. She can be reached at 753-1119, ext. 9018, or caroline.klapper@thevillages media.com.

- The Villages Daily Sun


Debut CD: Lee Ann Noel (Feb. 06)
Walkin' Away A Winner (Sep. 06)
Merry Christmas from John & Lee Ann (Nov. 06)
Duet CD w/John Dixon...

Miss Rhythm (Dec. 07)



LEE ANN NOEL... is the female vocalist and drummer in her band. She has been performing since the age of 12... In her home state of Texas she started performing professionally as a female vocalist and drummer and backed many big names in the biz while still in her younger years.

Being a Texan, Lee Ann has roots in an assortment of styles within her music. Texas Swing & dance hall music.....rock'n roll....and plenty of rhythm & blues.....comes together in Lee Ann making her a very versatile musician...as well as a great singer/songwriter. Lee Ann has her own style with a bluesy, sultry contralto voice. That voice coupled with her dynamic drumming ability makes The LEE ANN NOEL Band different and stylish!

Lee Ann recently won several contests for Hot Country Music Magazine via Digital Rodeo. She won the #1 Single for 2008 with her original song...."I Ain't Waitin' For The Fall. But she also earned the #2 spot with another original..."Miss Rhythm"....#4 with "Better Off Alone" (orig) and #5 "If You're Lookin' For A Fool" .....all songs from her latest CD...."Miss Rhythm".

Lee Ann also won #1 Country Female Vocalist AND
the #1 and #2 Christmas songs....."Rockin' Little Christmas" and the bluesy "Mama Clause"
JOHN DIXON...plays rhythm guitar in the group and is the lead male singer. John is originally from upstate New York and also has been performing since he was a child.

Lee Ann & John team up as an amazing vocal duo! Their voices blend together as smoothly as milk and honey.....
PAUL PAWLICKI....is on bass guitar and vocals and hails from Buffalo, NY. Now residing in central Florida, Paul has been with the band for more than 2 yrs. but seems like he's always been part of us says Lee Ann. Paul has an amazing personality and that mixed with his musical talents brings a unique spark to The LEE ANN NOEL Band.....
FRED SARGEANT.....is a veteran musician on lead guitar and vocals. Fred now resides in central Florida but comes to us from Oil City, PA. Fred has performed with many bands over the years... playing country, southern rock and rock'n roll. Compared to the others in the group....Fred is the quiet one. He doesn't say much, but whatever he says is VERY effective!
The LEE ANN NOEL Band is known for filling the dance floor and keeping it full.