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Remonition Blonde

Written By: Lee Barton

I keep painting your face until
I never saw it before;
The tall thin blonde
In the golden dress in the empty jewelry store.

The shelves are all empty
Except two sheets of a song;
I can’t hear the music
And the diamonds are gone.

Then we’re stuck like wet leaves
And then an autobahn kiss;
I can hear the music
From pianos with fists.

The shelves are still empty
And the next day you’re gone
The grass is too green
With your dress on the lawn

My right’s gone missing
And the crowds walk by and stare
They can’t see me crying
And nobody cares.

I keep painting your face;
I know I saw it before;
Haunted by the tall thin blonde
In the golden dress in the empty jewelry store.

Percussionarious Bridge
You tell me please
What drew me here?
Like a pregnant slave
Like a beating grain
Like an apple stain
Like a foster child
Like a man who has money to spend on nothing worthwhile?

Where are the diamonds, the bracelets, the clues?
Quartz watches built from precision nightmares?
Are these all stuck inside you?
If I swing through the dark will I find you there?

Putting on your face
And our diamonds
To the beat of a song brought home
By the tall thin blonde with the golden dress
In the empty jewelry store.

Workman's Comp #56

Written By: Lee Barton

(The sounds of breath interweaving rhythmically with a mallet banging on hot iron.)

I get fired for a living,
But I walk out on jobs a part time.
I get fired for a living
But I waltz out on jobs a-part time.
Baby, I’ve served twelve consecutive life sentences,
Now let’s you and me go commit the crimes!

Wily Verse
My anthem’s wrapped round a flagpole eight hours high
Stickin out of a manhole full of American pie!
When you’re makin ends meet and they just don’t get along
That mayberry door swings (note: here we hear the Andy Griffith theme song in the background!) open

When your paycheck begins to feel like a bribe
And there ain’t no place left for your life to survive.
All I do is keep paying for food to put bills on the table!
But I pray to you god, I’m ready and able…

To break free…cause at the end of the day it’s just you and me!


Now Helen the lifer winked at me in morse code one saltwater day
Her SOS was such a mess man I thought she said she was okay.
But she said “Frank! A rose is a rose til you need a raise!”
But Shakespeare here’s still done the same ole way;
Whispered-spoken: Cause all of the parts are still played by men!

Marty the boss with the mail order bride, he got six combover strands
They all pick up AM stations while he’s swimming inside a Campbells soup can
He hates your hair and your brain ‘cause you’re smarter than him
And he holds himself hostage with novels and lies lonely as Original Sin.


Janet’s alive somewhere inside but she walks fast enough for a man’s appetite;
Her sexuality’s wrapped like cheap Christmas lights around the pole of her spine;
Dusty old orgasms fill up the air so thick we all pick up this working man’s cough;
‘Hey I got it from Jim’, ‘No you couldn’t a got it from him’, I gotta take 6 years off;

As the rich get too rich
Minimum wage
Getting double gage
As they try to cut and paste us away;
Waste us away;
But god and the lighthouse will have their say….