Lee Bronze/Black Phoenix Productions

Lee Bronze/Black Phoenix Productions

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Jack of all trades "Lee Bronze" A.K.A. "The Voice" is an artits/writer/poducer bringing back RAW styles, innovative production and lyrics with substance from street gravel to the V.I.P. and everywhere in between. YOU ARE NOW ROCKIN WITH THE BEST!


Lee Bronze was born in Washington D.C. growing up in the 80's hip-hop era studying his craft listening to artist such as Doug E. Fresh/Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, EPMD etc. The ability to hit the music store, purchase a cassette tape and listen to it as much as you wanted was priceless! This Hip-Hop music put him in a zone with a feeling that could never be duplicated!

He began perfecting his style with the golden rule of originality in mind. As a child studying piano by his late grand mother he knew he did not want to play other peoples songs but in fact create his own. So with a ear for music, writing talent, drive for success and many ups and downs "Lee Bronze A.K.A. "The Voice" was born!


Black Phoenix Productions makes music that touches all your senses. Established by Lee Bronze working with clientele ranging from instrumentals for gospel plays, local hip-hop & r&b artists as well.

The best choice for action sequences, victory moments, grand entrances and V.I.P. in the club just to name a few.



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