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Lee Brown


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Travelling Man

Written By: Lee Brown

Walking down a long and lonesome road,
My whole world's in my bag it's not a heavy load,
Another day,another town,they're all the same to me;
Faceless people pass me by,
I wonder what they see.

Met a New York banker on the road just yesterday,
Fear was in his eyes he was runnin' away;
He had the world but wanted more,
Greed was his disease,
The markets crashed and hit the floor,
Now the road is his release.

Sometimes I think it's time I settled down,
'Cos I'm sure I've covered every inch of ground,
From Seattle to Miami, San Jose to Bangor Maine and Denver Colorado's where they threw me off'v that train.
I got itchy feet and a restless frame of mind,
Gotta keep movin' never know just what I'll find,
All that Wall street stuff don't mean a thing to me,
I'm a travellin' man and it's all I'll ever be.

When I hear a lonesome whistle blow and a guard shout all aboard,
Or on a desert highway when a beaten up old Ford,
Pulls up for me an' the driver sez,You know where this road goes,
I say,yeah it goes to where I'm goin',
Where the green grass grows, Where the green grass grows.

I can't explain the feeling of a Rocky Mountain night,
A million stars so close that you can touch and steal their light;
The fall up in New England or a snowfall in St Paul,
Sights and sound to lift your heart an' man I've seen them all, man I've seen them all.
CH. then repeat.