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"Music Remedy Interview w/ Lee Carr"

Lee Carr to release Stilettos
Jermy Leeuwis, Editor on November 4, 2008 | genre: rnb

In 2009 Jive Records' artist Lee Carr will release his first major album featuring his great single "Breathe". MusicRemedy had the opportunity to talk with Lee Carr about the album, his childhood, USA economy, etc...

Jermy Leeuwis (MusicRemedy) asks a question [Q 1]: For people who may not have heard some music from you yet... what can someone who's never heard of you expect from your music?

Lee Carr answers [A 1]: What people can expect from my music is substance, real emotion as well as a overall feel good vibe. For example my new single "BREATHE" its written & produced by me. When I originally wrote the song I felt this way for the girl I was with at the time. Of course being young we broke up like 3 weeks later, lol but it was from my life experience.

[Q 2]: Your upcoming album is your first major album release. Tell us about it.

[A 2]: My Debut album is "My Baby", it took almost 3 years to complete, I was signed previously to another label, however, I continued to record to get to the point I'm at now, which is to put it out in 2009. The album consists of a bunch of different emotions, and vibes, just overall GREAT MUSIC U CAN ENJOY. I have pop songs like 'King & Queen", contemporary songs like "Wonderful" and R&b songs like "Baggage & All", I made up my own genre, I call it Ghetto Euro Pop, 1 of my favorite songs "Lost it all" where I compare losing my girl to losing everything. My favorite line is : I'm like a man wit no job I'm layin on the street and it dont even matter cuz I dont wanna eat lol. I just thought that was so dope..

Lee Carr interview - continued

[Q 3]: Which song on the album took the longest to complete? Why?

[A 3]: I gotta say "Whats it gonna be" took the longest because of all the additions I did to the music, & the way I kept changing the arrangement of the song. It went through at least 13 different versions, so yeah that is hands down the longest song completed.

[Q 4]: In what way has your personal live affected your music? And what about the other way around?

[A 4]: My life has affected my music in a lot of different ways. My music inspired me to write songs whether I'm feelin down or excited, I just sing about it so I'm never lost for words. Also being raised in foster care made me a stronger person, and helped me deal with the ups & downs of the music industry and life. Music has affected my life in the fact that I'm way more busy than I used to be. People are much more critcal of me now, than when I wasn't making music. It has also given me an outlet to set my self up financially so it all works hand in hand I guess.

[Q 5]: "...waiting in the shadows." is a quote from your biography. In what way has this given you the opportunity to take a better/closer look (helicopter-view) at the music-scene and your position in it?

[A 5]: I don't know which line that is your talking about, I got so many drafts of my bio out there Lol. I would say it helped me get my game plan together for the future. I look at the music scene now, there's such a wide open lane for a new artist. You gotta believe the world is waiting for something new it's just human nature. It's so evident, 3 out of the last 4yrs a new male artist has broke in the 4th quarter JOHN LEGEND, NEYO & J HOLIDAY. I just gotta get the proper push to break Lee Carr & push me thru. The 1 thing I know about this industry is that there is always room for TALENTED ARTIST simple as that. As a singer/songwriter/producer & performer, I look at the dreams, John legends & Neyo's of the world, there's always an opening.

[Q 6]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A 6]: I never go in the studio with an idea of what I'm gonna make, I just play around & vibe. I havenot written a song on paper since being signed to Def Jam, I usually come up wit a drum pattern and music melody, then immediately go in the booth & sing whatever comes to mind. Thats how 90% of my songs come about, it's very rare I do it any other way. There have been acouple of cases I have had an idea went into the studio & completed it tho.

[Q 7]: You have had a rocky childhood, yet you have managed to be signed to Russell Simmons Label Group when you were just 19-years-old. To what extent has your childhood affected your personal drive for success (credibility)?

[A 7]: I mean it just gave me the strength to push on, my lawyer told me Lee anybody else would have given up. To me music is music, the industry is tough but bouncing around from home to home getting into fights & not knowing where you're gonna live month to month was worse than this. So it - www.musicremedy.com

"Major Playaz Radio - Lee Carr Interview"

DJ Ms Drama

I interview independent hip-hop heavy weights (aka Major Playaz) who have been making a name for themselves and have a local/international buzz. - BTR Radio


Aspiring artists who have spent years on the grind often find that big breaks come at times when they are least expected. Take R&B rising star Lee Carr, for example; though signing with the now-defunct Russel Simmons Music Group didn’t give him the momentum he needed to quit his day job at LensCrafters, the singer/songwriter’s true ticket to success arrived when a Jive Records limo pulled into the parking lot of the eyeglasses retailer where he worked. Lee signed his new deal on the hood of the vehicle and, as they say, the rest is history.

Now that Carr has the right major label backing behind him, he’s preparing for the 2009 release of his self-titled debut album. After introducing himself on buzz track “Never Let U Go” and expanding his following with “Stilettos,” he scored big in the Booth and cemented his position as an up-and-coming R&B phenomenon with “Breathe,” a crazy-in-love ballad that had many of our female members head over heels.

In an exclusive interview with our very own DJ “Z,” Lee Carr steps inside the DJ Booth to discuss his songwriting and production idols, the many benefits of his label switch, and how a breakup nearly resulted in “Breathe” being sold to Usher.


2006 - w/ RSMG/Def Jam Music Group
Act Like That

2008 - 2009 w/ JIVE Records
Song for the Broken Hearted
Patron (Feat. Yung Joc)
Talk To Me
The Way We Used To Be

2011 - Present - (Independent) Music Is Life LLC.

Never Let You Go
Somebody Help Me
Do Over
I Want Her
Lost It All
King & Queen
Miss You
Never Meant 2 Fall
Cameras Don't Lie
Me Against The World
The Way We Used To Be (Produced by Bryan M. Cox)
Shes A Keeper
Breathe (Remix)
Rock With You (Michael Jackson Cover)
Where Can She Be Found
Never Meant To Fall
What Kind Of Man
Right Back
What's It Gonna Be (Feat. Cory Gunz)
Best Friend
Song for the Broken Hearted (Prod. by Mental Instruments)
She's A Keeper
Talk To Me (Prod. by Stargate)
We Gettin' Money
Cameras Don't Lie (Prod. By Mental Instruments)
Sticky Situations

2012/2013 - Lee Carr presents Leron Young project



“This is about evolution and progress. Take a ride with me on this journey.”

Singer, songwriter, producer and performer Leron Young was born and raised in New York. From a young age he was introduced to music through his Mom & Aunt who played popular 80’s and 90’s music like Micheal Jackson, Bobby Brown, The Boyz , Guy, Tevin Campbell to name a few. As a youngster, Leron would impersonate his favorite entertainers in front of family and friends. To them, what seemed to be fun and playful laughs, turned out to be more than that for Leron. He was actually honing in on his skills and developing his talents, ultimately building the foundation of who he is today.

Leron’s child hood was a tough one. Raised by a teenage mother and being put in the foster care system at the age of 3 years old, he bounced in and out of foster homes and group homes until he was 11 years old. Still yet, he pushed forward to achieve his dreams. These hardships would shape the fabric of this talented young man; determined, strong willed, outspoken and full of confidence. As a result, Leron pours his life experiences into his music; rich in the depths of human emotion.

Fast forward to 2012 he’s now performing songs from his debut project American Heartbreak for BET’S Music Matters campaign alongside some of today’s brightest future stars. Some past Music Matters performers have been J.Cole, Big Sean, Jesse J, Melanie Fiona and Miguel to name a few.

His upcoming release AMERICAN HEARTBREAK is due MAY, 14th 2012. This album captures the essence of love, pain & infidelity, triumph over circumstances and joy & success. With songs like “What I Gotta Do”, a late 80’s hip-hop bass drum & bass driven track, “Perfect Girl”, a silky smooth melodic dreamy record reminiscent of a young Stevie Wonder and “Is she Cheating” gives you that nostalgic feel while portraying Leron’s life stories like a movie so vivid you’ll feel like you’re in it!