Lee Carr (Leron Young)

Lee Carr (Leron Young)


As a Singer, Dancer, SongWriter, Producer over all entertainer i try to give the best show possible i stress SHOW My goal is to continue Putting smiles on fans faces around the globe. Me, my band and dancers want to always give the world great recorded & live music



“This is about evolution and progress. Take a ride with me on this journey.”


Singer, songwriter, producer and performer Leron Young was born and raised in New York. From a young age he was introduced to music through his Mom & Aunt who played popular 80’s and 90’s music like Micheal Jackson, Bobby Brown, The Boyz , Guy, Tevin Campbell to name a few. As a youngster, Leron would impersonate his favorite entertainers in front of family and friends. To them, what seemed to be fun and playful laughs, turned out to be more than that for Leron. He was actually honing in on his skills and developing his talents, ultimately building the foundation of who he is today.

Leron’s child hood was a tough one. Raised by a teenage mother and being put in the foster care system at the age of 3 years old, he bounced in and out of foster homes and group homes until he was 11 years old. Still yet, he pushed forward to achieve his dreams. These hardships would shape the fabric of this talented young man; determined, strong willed, outspoken and full of confidence. As a result, Leron pours his life experiences into his music; rich in the depths of human emotion.

Fast forward to 2012 he’s now performing songs from his debut project American Heartbreak for BET’S Music Matters campaign alongside some of today’s brightest future stars. Some past Music Matters performers have been J.Cole, Big Sean, Jesse J,

Melanie Fiona and Miguel to name a few. His upcoming release AMERICAN HEARTBREAK is due JUNE, 2012. This album captures the essence of love, pain & infidelity, triumph over circumstances and joy & success. With songs like “What I Gotta Do”, a late 80’s hip-hop bass drum & bass driven track, “Perfect Girl”, a silky smooth melodic dreamy record reminiscent of a young Stevie Wonder and “Is she Cheating” gives you that nostalgic feel while portraying Leron’s life stories like a movie so vivid you’ll feel like you’re in it!

Set List

1."Perfect Girl" (Half)
2. Is she cheating (Full)
3. Intoxicated (Half)
4. What i gotta do (Full)
So cold (When allotted the time)
Time 12mins with so cold 14mins