Lee Charm

Lee Charm


Crazy, Different, Hot, Dope and CHARMING


Lee Charm— this charming, young, sensational artist lifts his name with his R&B vocals that linger the ears of fans world wide. With charming and tender vocals he plans to take the industry by storm by creating a style of his own. Growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey, he acquired his mannerism and love for music from his parents who were ministers. He was musically influenced in church where he learned how to play the piano and other musical instruments which led him to love music with a passion. Joining the choir helped him gear up for an audition for Falcon Song Arts Program that changed his life completely. It was then when he realized that he was born for music and to change the game with his own unique style of singing which became an addiction. His ability to write his own songs came from his own personal experiences and thoughts that he has experienced. Lee Charm performed at the well known MGM studios with Sean Paul, Ciara, T.I and many others venues, and continues to take the industry by storm. Many artists are blessed with talents, but Lee Charm is a one of a kind artist that has cultivated the hearts of many fans with fine vocals and electrifying performances. He plans to combine his talent with artist such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Neyo. He is currently working on his anticipated self titled album to be released next year and is on a promotional campaign to support his release. A package ready to be delivered to the world, Lee Charm is ready to mark history and change the game with an eclectic style that prepares him to demonstrate to the world the true significance of an artist.


Set List

Typical set is two songs