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Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Indie Music Album Reviews (Review of LEEDS - EP)"

Warning: Do not listen to Leeds’ self-titled EP Leeds if you don’t intend on starting a mosh pit wherever you are – or if you’re averse to air guitar and violent head banging. I’m kidding. Averse or not, don’t deny your eardrums or your neck muscles the delight.

I just thought awwww yeeaaahhhhh as soon as the beginning of “It’s Alright” started. This is classic hard rock all the way, from the vocals to the infectious guitar riffs to the crashing cymbals. The solo, with the energetic vocals, and the supremely uplifting lyrics, were the perfect way to kick the door down to the rest of the album.

“Wine, Women and Song” seemed initially to follow along the same path as the preceding song, as far as general layout, but the solo and brief break of action were quite different. I couldn’t help but laugh at the lyrics that told the all too familiar story of getting drunk and needing help remembering the night you had. I mean this is what rock is about, right? The song comes to a close with an energetic sign off though it doesn’t quite seem to end on the note I expected.

“Too Late To Turn Back” seems like the slower song on the EP, with less raucous drumming and guitars and even more focus on the reflective, almost sad lyrics. I could see this song playing a very important part after a big breakup as a consolatory song. There was a real nice run on the guitar that I hadn’t heard before on the album, and it was nice to hear that technical acumen.

“Let’s Raise Hell” starts with the sound of falling water and a beautifully heavy (and deceptively soft) guitar riff that literally just breaks into a frenzy without too much warning. I love that kind of build up and it really added a little something special to the song versus just jumping into the mud. The harmonious voices in the background give a hellish sound, an effect that overall just works perfectly with the song and theme. If you were somehow able to restrain yourself during the first three songs, this would be the one that makes you break the shackles and start breaking things. The ending of this song is perfect, just perfect – please, consider adding a few songs with just those kinds of guitar riffs. Please.

The EP ends with “Get Myself Back Home.” The first few seconds sound very much like an outlaw anthem, and the rest of the song kind of follows along that theme (but with far more energy). The lyrics are super catchy too. You can hear each part letting loose in this song, putting all kinds of heart into the sounds, and it made for a fantastic end to a really fun listen.

Anyone who is a fan of the old school metal and hard rock bands, that were all fun and fast riffs and lyrics about drinking and having fun and women will greatly enjoy this album. I had a blast bouncing around to the tunes, which greatly heightened the experience. I think that the energy would be even more powerful if there were more of the “Let’s Raise Hell” groove moments scattered about, but that’s just me. Regardless, this was incredibly fun to listen to and I highly recommend giving it a try. - The Equal Ground

"Review of LEEDS EP"

The Aquarian Weekly,
Maria Mar’s Local Radar: LEEDS
—by Maria Mar, May 22, 2013

First, I’d like to bring a brand new breed of rebel rock from Old Bridge into the limelight, LEEDS. Whether they are named after a school of business or a city of England I’m not sure, but they have just released their new self-titled EP and are playing shows all over the area. They formed back in 2011, playing bars and some small venues, and are ready to take it up a notch. After dedicating countless hours in the studio, they explain on their website that their true passion is their live show. I must admit, I have yet to experience it, but with their tour schedule for the summer of 2013, I am sure there will be more than enough opportunities to witness their set. In fact, their email even stated, “We cannot wait to play in front of as many people as we can.” I’m not 100 percent familiar with this band yet, and I will not sit here and proclaim to be their biggest fan, but I can tell you one thing: they have a strong drive and determination that is going to get them places.

LEEDS’ music is really growing on me. As odd as it may sound, one thing that really attracted me to LEEDS when they reached out to me was that they didn’t cite a single influence. I checked their bio, website, and everything I could find on them, but nothing appeared in that category of “who do you sound like.” The fact of the matter is, although I know they have groups that they look up to, they are not out to mimic but to build their fanbase through their own style and sound. From what I have witnessed throughout my somewhat short time in the scene, it’s not a good idea to copy everything from only one band or artist, as it will make the audience feel bored. Create your own signature moves and unique expressions, for listeners and concertgoers love “unique.” A song that really grabbed my ear was “Let’s Raise Hell,” as it’s a perfect soundtrack to their lives from what I’ve read so far. “Wine, Women & Song” is another entertaining track, but to switch the mood a little, also check out “Too Late To Turn Back,” as the lyrics on that one are pretty in-depth and evocative. They’re not deficient in attitude, but they do sound like a commercially flourishing band, in a positive way. Basically, they have some pretty likable songs, and aren’t afraid of saying whatever they feel like saying. Even though LEEDS are still in the early stages of their modest beginnings, you can still hear the groundwork being laid for their future success with this collection of impactful music.
 - Aquarian Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



          LEEDS is a band that was formed in
2011 in their hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey. While playing small bars and
parties, LEEDS established a small but rabid fan base.

           Connor Bracken plays lead guitar ,
sings and is  the primary songwriter for
LEEDS. The mission for LEEDS has always been to play hard, uncompromising and
honest rock. The current lineup is delivering on that promise.

          With Jimmy McKee on rhythm guitar and
Steve Gjelsvik on bass, the band's sound took shape. The newest member of the
band is drummer Bryan Stager and LEEDS' sound is now complete.

          LEEDS has released one well received
self-titled EP and has just finished recording  their second collection of original
hard rock songs. They continue to grow as a band, and the new recordings are
certain to be worth the wait.

          LEEDS took every opportunity in the
past year to get back on the stage to let loose their brand of rock. The band
has a multitude of influences but their style is all their own. They dont try
to be anything other than themselves and the purpose of their show is to entertain.
When they take the stage you can tell that they love being there, and you'll
hear it in the music. As they have said, they play every show like it's their
last. Their energy is infectious and their songs are pure rock and roll.

           The Aquarian Weekly referred to
their music as "rebel rock" and LEEDS has shown in their recordings
and performances that they are willing and able to set themselves apart from
their contemporaries.

           If you're not sure if you saw LEEDS
before, it means you haven't. And then you have to answer the question,
"What are you waiting for?"

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