Lee Earl

Lee Earl

 Watsonville, California, USA
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Networking to bridge the gap. As we are all one.I love sounds and love to network and spread good sounds either musically or in conversations. I help spread music. It is my job while I am on this earth. Unconditional Love and family. That is Lee Earl


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A star is born
Not in the usual sense, but in the sense that Stan White II (a.k.a. Lee Earl) had a keen ear for all varieties of music. And being born in the South gave him a prime location to soak up all sounds coming from the East Coast and West Coast while also being directly above Texas and their unique style of music. This combination would allow him shine no matter what situation or circumstances surrounded him not just musically but in life. He would later say that having a black dad and white mom would lay the foundation for a wide variety of sounds and styles that would later become “Lee Earl”. Being raised in Oklahoma was a blessing and a curse for Lee Earl. The blessing came in the form of confidence and the knowledge that you do not have to conform or be like others to be accepted. The curse came simply because Oklahoma was and still is limited when it comes to opportunities in life and music. Earl states he is inspired mainly by other artists wordplay, lyrics, delivery/cadence of vocals and consistency………he also states there are way to many artists to name that have influenced him, but quotes, “if you can start the verse, 90% chance I can finish the song!!” Many people agree that Lee Earl has an uncanny ability to recite and remember others verses, hooks ideas, skits, whatever…..if he liked it, or heard it…..it is stored in his memory!

Setting a new standard for sound, musician Lee Earl can not only be considered a prolific lyricist, but a musical jack of all trades, as well. He writes for himself and other artists and has also begun to make a name for himself in the technical side of the business. When asked what type of musician he could be classified as, Lee Earl coyly cites a line from his song, “Competition” stating, “I’m not a rapper, my conversations just happen to rhyme…” This intriguing “non-rapper”, wants to set the bar much higher for what characterizes music as a whole. He believes that good music should contain more than just a decent beat; it should also contain lyrics that actually mean something.

Lee Earl is looking to make it in the industry. By “making it”, he doesn’t mean with only with a single or one or two hits, but rather be a source that people look to for good music, that mood music. The type of music you can put in and have it almost be the soundtrack to the listeners of life! His latest project is surely one that will set him apart from “Rappers” and solidify his status as a versatile MC who still cares about the history of Hip Hop.

Stay Tuned !!!


Can I smoke

Written By: Lee Earl

Up early in the morning hop my ass out of bed
(hold-up hold-up- hold up) Swisher straight to tha head
(exhale-aaahhhhhh) now ya boy is feeling right
No stress-no worries-bright smile- eyes tight
Got blunts, got keys, got bomb, got phone
Right before I leave I take one more to the dome
(you look twisted!!) nope, I’m only sorta high
And since that is the case then I’m looking for the guy
Who’s got the frosted leaves of the good Cali Chron-Chron
For MaryJane mayne I got my uniform and pom pon’s
Dammit I am on one- a bad boy like puffy
When it comes to la mota- mira- Earl fucks with fluffy
I’m saying you can trust me hot-boxed and stuffy
Is where you find Lee-or Zo Feez-with some pussy
never do they rush me cause they know that I mean this
need to breathe this Bomb Cali Seedless

Can I smoke- Smoke my weed……..You wanna smoke with Lee??
Can I smoke- Smoke with Lee…….You wanna smoke my weed??

Between this weed and the beat mayne ya boy is fucked up
Where the beat come from- Mayne- the homeboy Mugz
Ghetto Ballin Entertainment/Zo-Funk I know you hate it
Like ya boy in the barber chair- I’m bout to get faded
If you puff puff grass….Then puff, puff pass
(high voice) fuck with my stash- I will bust bust ass!!
Fa sho I really ain’t that gangsta
But when daddys home and shit goes wrong then daddy gotta spankya
Shit…you know I’d rather stay blowed
Seeing everything that happens with my eyes wide close
Beats and blunts used for rapping- then I fill it with my flow
Or that sticky icky icky here in the central coast
Some Friends’ll rush me cause they wanna get high
Saying Pass the dutchie pon the left hand side
I never do cause their flapping their lips
Bout how I’m wrong for not getting them lit, aint that some shit?

Can I smoke- Smoke my weed……..You wanna smoke with Lee??
Can I smoke- Smoke with Lee…….You wanna smoke my weed??

Not everybody likes to smoka weed (smoka Weed)
Other folks like to pop them P’s
Others sniff (sniff)--- that china
Some will sell they damn soul just to peep at yo vagina
Some’ll have habits worse than that-
Even if you try to front-shit- I got your back
cause to me it ain’t no thang
West Coast All Stars said we all in the same gang
Watson to that Ville- is the place where I chill
With my Homie Zo blazing up kill
Matta fact- sack 4 sack- back to back with them sweets
Or many cigars in the garage mixing tracks with the beats
I hear em speak asking can they smoke with Lee
Hopefully, most’ll see they only wanna smoke for free
So you can miss me with that he say- she say
I’m Kool like the son from the one whose my DJ!!!!!!

Can I smoke- Smoke my weed……..You wanna smoke with Lee??
Can I smoke- Smoke with Lee…….You wanna smoke my weed??

Jenny Craig

Written By: Lee Earl

For 23 yrs and some months it was illegal
I was still glass housing, twisting blunts up in a Regal
I move to the west where any form of weed is legal
When I called back home, had to tell all my people
We got 2 different styles, when it comes to tha tweed
I ask them to roll it up, or maybe they ask me
Depends on whose bag ya see or whose pad it be
I roll Jenny Craig blunts, friends be nagging me
Just cause it’s small, I still call it a blunt
When your chance comes to roll, can do whatever you want
But this here is my chronic and dammit that’s how I roll
Jenny craiging all blunts from the git to the go
My blunts look like coffee stirrers- one word anorexic
Friends be sucking too hard- I can almost see they head split
And when they roll there shit up, they try to tell me there the bestest
If you don’t like my L’s, go to hell, theres’ the exit

I-Start ripping the wrapper; the stick’s what I’m after
Philly-Swisher-Vega-white owl-optimo or Dutch master
And if you want a shotgun-I know some folk’s who’ll blast ya
Weed doesn’t slow me down If anything I move faster
Still smoking like Mystikal- Getting high like Styles
Shiny eyes, clothes stink with the Ear to ear smiles
For the reefer I’m a peeper, hit you up on your beeper
Fat sack is a keeper, sticks and seeds make it cheaper
Me and Ms Craig we got a thing going on
When you roll your last one, me and her’s going strong
And you can hit it out the bong, or you roll up a fatty
Will I match ?_nope- will I smoke on it- gladly
I’ll be damned if I roll all my shit in just minutes
I know I need my greens, broccoli and some spinach
I chase weed like Yankees be chasing the pennant
When one blunt of yours is done, my 2 boxes ain’t finished

During all 4 seasons, I twist my shit up small
I’m a winner in the summer and in the spring I just fall
I smokes filter and all, convenient store or the mall
use my weed to get my needs, plus to tear out her walls
helps to feed the inner me- makes my soul not hungry
I’ve rolled Jenny all along, wrap em tight like a mummy
If theres’ weed in sight, and you feel just right
You get high for 30 minutes, me I smoke all night
You roll bats I roll twigs, I roll small you roll big
Too me it doesn’t really matter, as long as I puff on some shit
I think I need intervention- hell I smoke too much chronic
And if you know where it’s potted then I’m trying to get on it
I’m a real heavy smoker, and a real light sipper
Three’s company and dammit I’m a play Jack tripper
Which one of ya’ll is Janet, which one is Chrissy
I’d even bang Ms. Roper if she’s smoking the sticky


Written By: Lee Earl

Yessir!!! It’s time to TEA-BAG America
Hairy bean bag meant for allll my competitors
I’ll tell you right now this is not for the main stream
Kids in the hall trying out for the A-TEAM
Shade tree mechanic, they come when they want they shit fixed
When the beat was like Vrrrrooommm, but the flow was like “Click, Click”
Dig this and get it right from the gate, I am not a damn hater but I will retali-HATE (WHAT?) Some claim that they are pimping and I see it with my vision, and the shit it really blows my mind (my mind)
Some claim that they are pimping, all I see are tears dripping, my response is clean up on aisle 9 (Aisle 9)
This shit is like a sport to me, but see we need more referees, sometimes I think this game is fixed (You think I’m lying)
In the league you only get 6 fouls, most of the shit you spit is foul, tight beats- lyrics lame as shit…I call it……
Hook---COMPETITION (repeat)

Call me Mr Bic-O-Matic, in fact, pen game is passionate
Pencil pushing precision, VOCAB?, it be fantabulous!!
Macho man I’m the savagest, I know I’m not the best
But what I spit is the truth, so that makes me better than the rest
And in my mind that’s what I’m thinking and that’s what these beats be speaking
Imported to the state, OK the GATE and started linking, like
Round and round and round I go, anywhere I stopped I smoked, I flowed
I repped my folks both fans and critics
Even if they shit was “ehhhh” and they needed to come with it
And if it was better than mine, I had to step my game up
Heated competition had to prep this flame up
An addict for the lyrics and a fiend for the wordplay
Words are water and ya boy here is thirsty, sooooo
Rappers…..please hook a brother up
Since words equal water I need you filling up my cup with….

Hook---COMPETITION (repeat)
Let me get this straight one more time
I’m not a rapper, my conversations just happen to rhyme
Not a trapper, but educated and versed in the game
It’s B.O.B in the sky, that is I, you seeing me mayne?
And I’m seeing the game and yes it’s all fucked up
It ain’t about whose got skills…it’s about whose got bucks
And some of the dudes really suck, I ain’t afraid to say it
Even if it featured me I probably STILL wouldn’t play it (WHY)
Cuz photoshop has turned a bunch of boys to Mr’s
Taking little flicks of a bunch of peoples little sisters
And it’s just to hide the issue that they talent soft as tissue
I want the same effects on your lyrics that’s on your pictures
3rd person from a 1st persons point of view
They say when one is pointing then the other 4 are pointing back at you
And back at you is that man in the mirror
And where I stand that message couldn’t be clearer…..COMPETITION

Round N Round

Written By: Lee Earl

Some of my people don’t listen to me they listen to beats
And most of these dudes is just into music just for the bitches and freaks
Some of my people don’t listen, to beats they listen to me
I’m breakin’ my neck, gainin’ respect perfecting my shit to a T
Some say that’s just how it be, I say that’s just how it is
These dudes don’t got no love for the music- they just want the glamour and glitz
They just wanna get hammered with chics- longevity’s not in their plans
Just happy with pressing their discs now watch em get pissed when locals ain’t dappin they hands
I can’t say that I blame- I can say that I ain’t them
They flippin the tongue and when they get done they say they the shit if they are I’m the runs
Their skillz seem to be lacking, reality not in their rapping
I say what I mean and I mean what I say you mentirosa’s pinche de wey
My minds already made up, the games used and been played up
They say that they stuntin, ok then it’s nothin you placing your bet and I’m calling your bluff and
It’s round and round we go, the stop I don’t even know, but what I do know is that I know this, the faster it goes the slower I spin

Round and Round and Round we goooooooo
Where it stops, I don’t know……..(times 2)

Now tell me who can I trust, it’ me versus us
The voices in my head begin to spread and I feel a rush and I can’t explain
The sensation that’s in my veins
Ain’t made it all the way up to my brain, I’m losing control and feeling it mayne
Ain’t feeling deranged but still in the same I know I’m not my the usual
Articulated prick who gets a chubby when confusing you
Lost, feeling left out, my reality’s starting to check out
It’s damage control, I’m slamming the do, I don’t wanna let none of the rest out
Chest out to the world mayne, this is mr earl mayne
I’m a do Earl or I’m a do Lee, or do unto them as they do unto me
I’m not here for no BS, the victim or the culprit
I am who I am cause I let go of Stan, that’s part of the reason that I am a man
I take care of my kids mayne, raise em and clean up they shit mayne
It’s family, family, family bills and beats- when it comes to the kill my swisher is sweet
It’s round and round we go, the stop I don’t even know, but what I do know is that I know this, the faster it goes the slower I spin

Round and Round and Round we goooooooo
Where it stops, I don’t know……..(times 2)

I've Learned

Written By: Lee Earl

I’ve Learned to listen to your words
Respect for your wordplay from me it gets earned
I’ve learned- not to trust every hustle
If you lift weights for broads then I can’t trust your muscle
I’ve learned same goes for your grind
I need real time to match with what I’m seeing online
I’ve learned that it’s all about image
You don’t gotta have substance if you got the right gimmick
I’ve learned not to mix business with friends
I expect too much and I don’t get it in the end
I’ve learned- I got a lot to learn
Learning when to force my hand and when to wait my turn
Learning when to run my mouth and when to button it up
Learning who has my back and the ones that like to front
I’m learning- that I’m built a bit different
Different make, different model, different engine and suspension
I’ve learned when to pump my brakes
And I’ve learned when it’s time to win the race
Gotta do what it takes and apply what I know
And I bet in the end that I win place or show, that
I’ve learned how to deal with the BS
Learned when and where and who not to fool with
I’m learning how to find middle ground
How to get my point across without making a sound
I’ve learned- That it’s never too late
Learned a hungry appetite needs more than 1 plate
You Got 3 more mouths-learn to keep 4 plans
Learned I gotta be humble if I wanna overstand
Learned where I stand that I gotta stand for something
Learned when to have debate and when where to have discussions
I’ve learned I don’t have to give respect
Learned with or w/out cash, we all get checked
Learned keep friends close and enemies closer
Plans tend to leak from a weak link soldier
I’ve learned- common sense ain’t common
They want the wishbone but don’t know how to run the option
I’ve Learned- Most are in the game for fitness
Don’t wanna bear fruit-they just wanna bear witness
I’ve Learned- agree to disagree
I won’t change them if they accept this is me
I’ve Learned- How to deal w/ the world
And I think the world can learn how to deal with Mr. Earl
I’ve learned – I am who I am
My mamas pride and joy and my daddy’s lil stan


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