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Lee Earl

Watsonville, California, United States

Watsonville, California, United States
Band Hip Hop Comedy


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Smoklahoma Part2: Still Smokin'- Smoklahoma Group

Loyalty- Lee Earl

The Double Box: Starring "Mr. Moody" 2 Disc Set

Central Coasting Mixtape Vol 1. - July 2011

The Man-Gyna-Logues- July 2011


Timeless by Cutty Sinclair



Let me know your thoughts…..reads as my Bio

A star is born
Not in the usual sense, but in the sense that Stan White II (a.k.a. Lee Earl) had a keen ear for all varieties of music. And being born in the South gave him a prime location to soak up all sounds coming from the East Coast and West Coast while also being directly above Texas and their unique style of music. This combination would allow him shine no matter what situation or circumstances surrounded him not just musically but in life. He would later say that having a black dad and white mom would lay the foundation for a wide variety of sounds and styles that would later become “Lee Earl”. Being raised in Oklahoma was a blessing and a curse for Lee Earl. The blessing came in the form of confidence and the knowledge that you do not have to conform or be like others to be accepted. The curse came simply because Oklahoma was and still is limited when it comes to opportunities in life and music. Earl states he is inspired mainly by other artists wordplay, lyrics, delivery/cadence of vocals and consistency………he also states there are way to many artists to name that have influenced him, but quotes, “if you can start the verse, 90% chance I can finish the song!!” Many people agree that Lee Earl has an uncanny ability to recite and remember others verses, hooks ideas, skits, whatever…..if he liked it, or heard it…..it is stored in his memory!

Setting a new standard for sound, musician Lee Earl can not only be considered a prolific lyricist, but a musical jack of all trades, as well. He writes for himself and other artists and has also begun to make a name for himself in the technical side of the business. When asked what type of musician he could be classified as, Lee Earl coyly cites a line from his song, “Competition” stating, “I’m not a rapper, my conversations just happen to rhyme…” This intriguing “non-rapper”, wants to set the bar much higher for what characterizes music as a whole. He believes that good music should contain more than just a decent beat; it should also contain lyrics that actually mean something.

Lee Earl is looking to make it in the industry. By “making it”, he doesn’t mean with only with a single or one or two hits, but rather be a source that people look to for good music, that mood music. The type of music you can put in and have it almost be the soundtrack to the listeners of life! His latest project is surely one that will set him apart from “Rappers” and solidify his status as a versatile MC who still cares about the history of Hip Hop.

Stay Tuned !!!