LeE HARVeY OsMOND is Tom Wilson, some of the Cowboy Junkies, a few Skydiggers, Ray Farrugia from Junkhouse, Brent Titcomb - and a lot of groove.


"Acid folk" was born in an old garage off Clinton Avenue in Toronto, concocted by Tom Wilson from Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, a few Cowboy Junkies, and some Skydiggers. Allowing bass, hypnotic rhythms and a lot of groove into their songwriting circle, the artist collective LeE HARVeY OsMOND created a sound that would creep out of the Northern woods and across the Great Lakes into the South, the same way The Band did forty years before them. Tom Wilson (guitar and vocals) struck Canadian rock gold in the '90s as the leader of the much- loved Junkhouse, and then found a whole new audience as a crucial component of roots-rock super-group Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, who have just released a compilation of some of their most loved songs entitled "Swingin' from The Chains of Love" on True North Records. He released solo albums in 2001 and 2006, and his 2005 collaboration with Bob Lanois, The Shack Recordings, was critically acclaimed. A Quiet Evil is the first release by LeE HARVeY OsMOND. The CD was released on Latent Records in July 2009, and the group toured with the Cowboy Junkies in the U.S. to support the release. Whether as a stripped-down solo show by Tom Wilson, or with a full five-piece band, LeE HARVeY OsMOND will take every audience member along on their "Trip"....


A Quiet Evil: July 7, 2009