Lee Hester

Lee Hester

 Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
BandAlternativeAdult Contemporary

ålege is a band that takes electronic, rock and ambient music and somehow seamlessly blends them into one. It's like the soundtrack to everyones life. From haunting melodies to driving guitars to Massive Attack like drum and bass. This band is crossing new and uncharted brilliance. Beautiful Music!


After tremendous Film/TV success with his solo rock records, Lee Hester took a step away from his regular approach to writing and recording to dig deep into his arsenal of creativity. He buried himself in his one room studio for a few months and birthed what is now known as ålege. Lee describes it as his alter ego but the reality is that it was a movement. An effort to take known and unknown risks for the sake of something new. Something worth more than a feature spot on a hit tv show, something that would create movement beyond what he had already experienced. The name ålege comes from the norwegean language and simply means "the healing". "This record was my first attempt to get some really deep emotions out" says hester. "It was the cleansing of the soul". Soon after the completion of the first recording titled The Radius Of Gravity EP, Lee started to notice the strong interest from industry friends and musical relationships for this new project. Many shared that it was his best collection of material. Some said that it was what he needed to put him on the national musical grid. With convincing conversations and too many industry peeps begging Lee to complete the push with this new music, he did just that. ålege is ready to launch nationally.
Over the last year, Lee has gathered up a band of brothers that has helped him take ålege to the stage. Implementing a unique approach to electronic, ambient and rock, ålege has developed into something incredibly unique and refreshing. Lee has the ability to write and perform some of the most amazing melodies and vocal performances and when you pour that over the sounds of Radiohead, Massive Attack, Portishead, Doves, Beck, Coldplay, Sigur Røs, Bjørk and many others, you get this this amazing thing called ålege. Believe me, this sound is new, forward thinking and can carry so many genre's.
ok, hi. This is Lee and now that we have passed the pump me up part of this bio, I want to put something personal and real in it. I have been influenced by so many great artists and bands. ålege is truly an attempt to be myself in the midst of my own influences. That is not always an easy thing to do but I do believe that I have accomplished just that. We are an electronic/rock band that can go from a heart tugging film score to a full on rock performance and still carry a strong pop sensibility and singable and memorable melodies. Like the bio says, I have had some awesome things happen for my music through popular media outlets (film/tv..:)...) , but I needed more. I needed something that moved me. Something that would last beyond the show. I think that is what sets us apart. We want a movement. We want to change something, I don't know what, but we want to change something about this world!!!


ålege - The Radius Of Gravity EP (2007)
Lee Hester - Under The Crashing Waves LP (2008)
Lee Hester - Exit The Ordinary (2004)
Lee Hester - I'm Ready (2001)
Lee Hester - A Quiet Christmas EP (2011)
Lee Hester - 30in30 Volume I (2011)
Lee Hester - 30in30 Volume II (2011)
Lee Hester - 30in30 Volume III (2012)

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Under The Crashing Waves
Losing Me