Leek & The War Wick Tragedy

Leek & The War Wick Tragedy

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Leek & The War Wick Tragedy are a unit that revolve intensely around the songwriting above all else. The music written covers a vast range of emotions experienced in the average human life, and is conveyed beautifully through the band's compelling live shows. Crowds relate well to the music.


Leek & The War Wick Tragedy hail from Melbourne. One half is Luke Humphries (known to some as 'Leek') - one of the relatively few 'darker' composers emerging from the youth of today. The other half of the project is producer Scott Blackman. Both met when studying their Diploma of Sound Engineering, and together they draw influences from great classic artists such as The Beatles and Leonard Cohen or psychedelic wonders the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Both have been heavily involved in various musical projects from a very young age, and have an array of musical knowledge to draw from. Since paving their own ways in the industry immediately after University, Luke and Scott have since found their way back together, with 'Leek & The War Wick Tragedy' taking centre stage in both of their lives.

Currently, when the boys take to the stage, the line up consists of:
Luke Humphries: Vocals + Guitar
Scott Blackman: Keyboard + Backing Vocals
James Donald: Guitar
Jack Shiels: Drums

Enjoying success from Leek’s earlier releases, Leek & The War Wick Tragedy have a steady platform from which to launch their debut album; Leek’s “Prophet In A Parking Lot” received airplay on Triple J and independent radio stations across Australia. His debut release “Live And Let Love” was well received and more recently “Take The World With Your Smile” achieved number 1 selling artist at Fist 2 Face in Melbourne on the first day of release. The release was also a trending topic on Twitter that day.
Leek has completed writing material for his debut release, due out in 2012.


Live and Let Love (EP)
Take The World With Your Smile (EP)
I Beg & I Plead (Single)
The One (Single)